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BlockerX Premium APK MOD


BlockerX Premium APK MOD

blockerx premium mod apk

Once we got introduced to the internet, entire humanity changed; there is no question about it. While the internet has plenty of benefits that one cannot describe in words, there is a dark side to the web that people should do everything in their power to avoid. The internet has helped many businesses, carriers, and relationships and has revolutionized the world. However, there are two sides to the same coin, and there is a downside to it all. There is a flow of unwanted information that is very difficult to control. Plus, they can be dangerous to the mind and ruin the perception and knowledge of every recipient. 

The year is 2022, and the development of technology and science is vigorous. The internet is a necessary tool for every child and adult. Contrary to every positive aspect of the internet, some hidden disadvantages must be blocked. The consequences of the dark web can be immeasurable, especially for kids. An app can block harmful content and give you peace of mind. BlockerX Premium APK is a powerful software that blocks access to websites containing violent and unhealthy content. You can use the app on Android devices. To learn more about this fantastic app, keep reading our article, where we will explain all of its extraordinary features. 

BlockerX Premium APK 

This third-party app blocks popups and in-app advertisements. You can also use BlockerX to prevent viruses and malware from entering the channels. The application’s developers introduced a new Premium APK version that includes Adblock Plus support, a YouTube ad blocker, and blocking URLs of any dangerous websites. BlockerX Premium APK is available on Androids, iPhones, and iPads. You can download the application by clicking the following link. 

Our article will try to cover as much information as possible regarding this software. Plus, we will explain the dangers of the dark web, especially if you are a parent, together with all the extraordinary features of BlockerX. In addition, at the end of our review, we will provide you with a guideline on downloading and installing the application. 

The new and Premium version of BlockerX is exciting and can be found on the Google Play Store. The app’s developers claim that BlockerX is an all-in-one blocker for spam notifications, unwanted ads, and other distractions. The app is a must-have for any Android device. BlockerX Premium APK can make your phone faster and fix any in-game bugs. 


The new BlockerX Pro APK has plenty of new features added. The developers constantly update the application; however, the premium version is their best work. The latest and added features can drastically improve the experience of each user. The main part that the new version of the app brings is a widget for fast access to options and settings. This allows people to change what they need without wasting time and going through all the menus. 

On top, the app allows notifications sound even when the phone goes out of range from the paired Bluetooth device. 

Users can also set their SMS notification sound. You can customize the audio for every notification or use the app’s default sounds. 

BlockerX can be a great solution for individuals who like to access blocked websites and get access despite their restrictions. The best part about it is that you can use Blocker X Premium APK from your phone, and it does not require any other programs or additional downloads. People with limited data can enjoy their favorite sites without worrying about their internet limit. 

Connection speed 

The one thing this app left in the past was slow internet speed. With the Pro version of BlockerX, you can maximize your connection speed and keep pace all day without worrying about lags or interruptive advertisements slowing down your system. The app can also protect you from the viruses and malware that dangerous sites tend to spread. People highly praise BlockerX for the ability to lock any website that may contain harmful information. With this software, you can protect yourself from any infecting content on the World Wide Web. 

Block violent, unhealthy, and adult content 

BlockerX is a great app that can block porn and black websites on any Android device. All you have to do is create an account and log into it. The app allows you to block any website with objectionable or harmful content that can affect people in many adverse ways. The targeted audience for malicious content are teenagers. Once you install the app, all the websites are blocked, and you can freely use the web without being affected by popups or adult content advertisements. 

The dark side of the web has shown its tale a lot more in recent years. There is porn content on popular platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. But, don’t worry, with the usage of this popular app, you can block any annoying sites. This feature may require a small fee, but it is nothing compared to the power you gain by effectively controlling the content you see on the internet. 

As the main feature of BlockerX, you can automatically block any harmful content in the network environment. You can manually add the name of the website you would like to block. The way that the app works is that it reports sources that have images and warnings. Later, it puts them on a “blacklist,” and they are blocked whenever a user tries to reach them. 

App uninstall prevention 

The majority of Android applications can be easily uninstalled by touching the screen. However, BlockerX works a little bit differently. In fact, what is the advantage of blocking bad information if the dark web blocking application can be extracted instantly from your phone? 

This application gives you the ability to block and uninstall any shady behavior. In general, a device that has installed BlockerX will never be able to delete the app manually. You must enter a plethora of passcodes only authorized personnel have. 

Safely search the network 

Accessing the web directly from a Bing, YouTube, or Google search can expose you to many potential risks. You can’t be aware of how much inappropriate information there is on the internet and on the results that appear on your screen. BlockerX can help with this. By using the Premium APK version of the app, you can rest assured that your device will not show any results on the Blacklist. 

Block apps and sensitive words 

With BlockerX, you can block the applications with malicious content and annoying ones that only distract you. You can manually add to the block list apps that interrupt your productivity and safely go on with your browsing journey. This software can even block popular social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. If you are a parent, this is an essential step to take if you are interested in keeping your kids more focused and protected. 

In addition, BlockerX can be used to block sensitive words. This feature will tighten your restriction even further. You can use the app to completely block all the content that contains adult videos or sensitive words. Regardless of the website’s primary content, you can use BlockerX to block sensitive keywords that you think are not okay and should not appear before your eyes. 

Why Block the Dark Web? 

This issue is more concerning for parents. Children have phones in their hands from a very young age and are pure and innocent. The internet can be a great way to learn shapes, colors, words, and more. Banning children from the entire web can be impossible, especially since everyone likes to enjoy cartoons. Because the internet is an excellent tool for learning many things, using an application to block sensitive content and diminish the risks can be a great tool.

There are many ways that you can prevent children from accessing unhealthy sources on the internet, like the dark web. For example, you can use BlockerX Premium APK to raise the security level of any applications on your device. By installing an app, you can let your children use the phone while you are working and doing chores. These methods seem a little more challenging when kids grow up. As years go by, the need for privacy is also higher. We recommend installing this app and protecting your children in the best possible way from harmful elements on the web. 

How to Download and Install BlockerX Premium Mod APK? 

This fantastic app has helped millions of social media users block their numbers on Facebook, Messenger, Skype, Telegram, Instagram, Whatsapp, and more. You can create a new contact with your blocked phone number regardless of where you are located in the world. You can hide your actual phone number so no one can reach you. The first step you need to do is to download the BlockerX Premium APK by clicking the following link. Before downloading, make sure you enable the Download From Unknown Sources feature in your phone’s settings. 

After downloading, install the APK file by following all the basic steps. Open the app and select the websites that you want to block. Enjoy the app’s features without any hassle or spending a single dime. 


Hopefully, our article has provided all the vital information about this incredible app. With BlockerX Premium APK, you can use the internet safely. The app is entirely free with a super light capacity. BlockerX allows you to enjoy your browsing experience without any harmful or interruptive content.

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