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Boom Beach MOD APK


Boom Beach MOD APK

boom beach mod apk

You surely have heard about Boom Beach, but now you probably wonder what Boom Beach MOD APK can offer you. Well, you are in the right place. Luckily, you have found this article explaining the fuss about the modified version of this famous gaming app. 

As you may be familiar, Boom Beach was created for gamers who enjoy combats and strategies. Especially those who like something different, such as exploring waters and fighting bad pirates. 

All you have to do is prepare for a quick read which will take you on a more detailed description of Boom Beach MOD APK, so you will be eager to download it right here without hesitation. 

Genre                                  Strategy                                          
Require 4.0.3
Size 131 MB
MOD Features Unlimited Diamonds & Coins

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What is Boom Beach MOD APK?

If you have heard about Boom Beach, which you probably have, regarding the fact that you are reading this article, you may ask why we refer to it as Boom Beach MOD APK. And we are here to explain. 

Fortunately, a modified version of Boom Beach is known under Boom Beach MOD APK. This is the same game, however, with two perks. The first is the unlimited diamonds, the currency in the game, and the second is the ad-free version. 

Even though Boom Beach is completely free, once you download it, you will notice that there are ads in in-app purchases. These, too, can make your gaming experience imperfect, and you will surely be bothered by the ads which pop up out of nowhere. 

Though, if you download Boom Beach MOD APK on this link, you will get the modified version which will satisfy you greatly. Don’t worry because the download is completely free of charge, and this source is one of the safest on the web today. We assure you that you will install the game without issues, and you will be able to start your epic journey through the seas. 

More About Boom Beach MOD APK

Since Boom Beach was developed by Supercell and launched worldwide in 2014, this multiplayer strategy has won many gamers’ hearts. 

Boom Beach is special because the game mixes single-player campaign and multiplayer gameplay modes. Everything happens on the same map, expanding as the game progresses. Therefore, if you are up for an engaging game where you will have your base on an island and make strategic plans to protect it, this is the right pick. Moreover, you will also be able to attack, not just defend your built assets. 

Boom Beach is perfect if you want to explore the ocean and take the seas back from the bad guys. 

We can sincerely say that Supercell has made a huge success with their famous strategy Clash of Clans, and Boom Beach doesn’t stay much behind. Even though the game isn’t a sequel to Clash of Clans, it has other, tempting, and more interesting features and strategic opportunities to make your gaming experience enjoyable and memorable. 

If you are interested in Boom Beach MOD APK, you can download it safely and rapidly on this link, but first, let’s dive deep into its features and see what makes this game extraordinary. 

Boom Beach MOD APK Features

Build your island and army

As we mentioned earlier, the main goal of this strategy game is to build your base on your island and defend it from unwanted intruders, such as Blackguard and his pirates. 

However, that’s not your only mission. Your objectives are new territories that you can explore and claim. 

Once you control your territory, you can collect supplies, buy weapons, and build towers. Moreover, you must build your army, which will be your right hand during the battles. 

What we like about Boom Beach is that you are in charge of the battle outcomes, which often isn’t the case with other strategy games. In particular, you are the one who directs your soldiers and supplies them with the necessary tools. Each of your soldiers has its class, rich with different strengths and tactics, which will come in handy during gameplay. 

If you win a battle without damage or loss, you won’t need to go back to your base for support. Once your tactics and strategy are excellent, you won’t need more resources for the next battle, and thus you won’t spend additional diamonds. 

Boom Beach timers and upgrades

We shortly described what to expect once you download Boom Beach, but that’s not all. Even though the game is rich with battles, they won’t take much of your gaming time. In short, the battle encounters are briefer, and you will spend more time making decisions and perfecting your base and inventory. 

To be precise, Boom Beach works with timers. Luckily, when you download Boom Beach MOD APK, you will have unlimited money, and you can speed up the work of the timers and advance more rapidly throughout the game.

The timers work when you build, upgrade, and restock your soldiers. Every time you want to do an advancement, a timer will be present. And, to become the best, you will need a lot of upgrades. 

You already expect that you will need upgrades to make your towers stronger and your armies more robust. We can openly say that the upgrades available at Boom Beach are great, and they will give you enhancement. Once you win the resources available on the islands, you can use them and speed up the time with free diamonds. 

Single-player and multiplayer gameplay

Most of the features above are part of the single-player game. However, another aspect is the social side of Boom Beach MOD APK. 

In short, you can attack other players’ bases, and they can attack yours. Yet, remember that many of these players are AI, and you can’t communicate with friends who are playing nor decide who you will attack.

But, that doesn’t mean that the online multiplayer game at Boom Beach isn’t fascinating. Remember that thousands of players worldwide relish this game as much as you do. Therefore, you will be amazed once you dive deep into the battles and start the raids. 

Another thing you may find alluring is the Task Force co-op gameplay. In the Task Force, together with other online players, you will discover numerous exciting challenges. 

You will undoubtedly be hooked on these challenges because they are one of the most impressive parts of the game. You can play co-ops against the evil guys and enemies and protect your bases. 


What we didn’t discuss until now, a grand part of Boom Beach gameplay is the mischief of Blackguard and his pirates. 

In other words, during your game, you will have a chance to take different missions against Blackguard, which consist of various stages and levels.

Once you take a challenge and enter a battle, you will find yourself in an adventure against major bosses, and your win will bring peace to the seas. These battles are some of the most epic in the game, and we are sure you will be delighted by playing them often. 

So, now you know that besides challenging other players, you can always choose to fight against Blackguard and reclaim the territories from his evil forces. 

Weekly rewards and events

Your Boom Beach MOD APK experience wouldn’t be complete without the weekly events in which all gamers can compete. These events are made to give you the best rewards and help you come quickly and straightforwardly to your new upgrades. 

If you participate in the weekly happenings, you will build and reinforce your armies more easily and back up your bases with new and enhanced buildings. They can only help you in your gameplay and support your progress in the future. 

Visual and sound experience

From a technical point of view, we can go a little bit into the visual and sound quality of the game itself. 

We can honestly say that Boom Battle MOD APK is developed with a lot of attention and knowledge; thus, the visual and sound aspects of the game are top-notch. 

As we remarked, the map is huge and continues to expand. The game’s graphics are excellent, and you will enjoy beautifully arranged environments and fantastically created towers and buildings. The armies and epic heroes are made with adequate attention, and the battles are rich in visual effects. 

All in all, the game’s visual aspect is one of the finest, especially considering that it’s made for mobile game experiences. 

Additionally, the game is enriched with realistic sounds, which are there to make your adventure awesome. The sounds from the battles are so real that you might feel there is a real explosion somewhere.


We hope we told you everything we believe to be important about Boom Beach MOD APK. If you are a fan of strategies full of interesting missions and battles, you will fall in love with this incredible game. 

Now you know all the highlights that make this game special, and you can see why millions download it. Still, with the modified app version, you can have it all in your pocket without being bothered or spending additional money.

If you like what Supercell offers, we advise you to click this link and don’t waste time. Once you have the game on your Android device, you will understand what this article is about. 

We are certain that you will find this game worth your attention, and it will become one of your favorite pastimes.

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