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Call Bomber – Download Latest Version APK

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Call Bomber – Download Latest Version APK

call bomber apk

Call Bomber APK is a joke that can make many calls at once. You can use it to irritate your friends. This application allows you to send an unlimited number of messages at the same time. Enter your friend’s phone number (the target) and press the “Start Boomers” button.

In the unlimited SMS bomber, enter the cell phone number you want to bomb, then hit the send button. Close the tab if you want to cease the bombardment. Make as many calls as you want with the Call/Miss Call Bomber app to make fun of your friends.

You can now download the latest version of Call Bomber APK from the link below and play a practical joke with your friends. There is much more to discover about this application. You can also try CCleaner Mod APK on this website.

Call Bomber APK


App Name  Call Bomber APK 
Genre Free Tools App
Mod Feature No Ads 
Developer  Nader Ahmed 
Price  Free

Download Now

It’s a lot of fun teasing your loved ones or other people with Call Bomber’s endless missed and simple calls. Many people are outraged as a result of the bomber hoax call. Now Call Bomber APK is available, so you can enjoy it with your friends, download it right away and upgrade it to the latest version.

With the Android app Call Bomber APK, you can prank your friends with unlimited calls and messages to any phone number with just one click. It also has characteristics comparable to international bombers, such as the option to set a maximum bombing speed. 

You cannot use this program to exact revenge; it is only for entertainment. The program, however, is not available in the Google Play Store since it can be used for illegal purposes. So, we would advise you to use this one cautiously. Let us also look at the app’s pros and cons.


  • It has missed call catcher visibility
  • It’s completely free, and it’s simple to set up and use
  • Unrestricted calling capabilities
  • Choosing a contact and calling is a breeze
  • Service that is lightning fast


  • Functionality is restricted

Call Bomber APK Features

The following are just some of the excellent capabilities that come with this call bomber app:

Unlimited Missed Call Bomber

If you’re looking for a simple way to reconnect with your ex, this Missed Call Bomber app is for you. The software is user-friendly. Due to Google’s rules, it is unavailable for download through the Google Play Store. As a result, you must use our website to get the latest version of the call bomber APK.

Easy call answering 

Call Bomber is a new addition to the app currently in beta. The Call Bomber feature allows you to respond to a call when it comes in swiftly.


What would happen if you were the victim of a call bomb? If you’ve ever been the victim of a phone bombing, you understandably want to take steps to keep your number and email address safe. 

So, if you want, you can put your phone number and email address on a “protected list,” which means no one can bomb it. Call bomber APK is only one of many apps they can use, and this will not stop them from doing so because it is just restricted to their app.

Free of cost

Anybody can use the Call Bomber APK without spending a dime, and they can use its capabilities to make fools of their acquaintances.

Lightweight and delay timer

Due to its modest size, this software takes up very little storage space on your device. Your phone will not become sluggish or jerky as a result. Missed calls can be sent automatically with a time delay using this capability.

Other features

Using the Call Bomber App, you may prank your friends and family members by sending unlimited text messages to their cell phone numbers without difficulty. Using this software won’t worry about being caught by your pals because this program doesn’t share your accurate information when sending text messages.

How To Download Call Bomber APK And Install It?

You can download Call Bomber by clicking on the download link in this article to get started. You’ll find the APK in your browser’s “Downloads” section when it’s been downloaded. Before downloading the software, which can be obtained virtually any place on the internet, ensure that third-party programs are permitted access to your phone. Depending on your browser settings, a confirmation window may appear.

The following stages are essentially the same. Unknown sources can be found in the phone’s menu, settings, and security settings so that you can install apps from sources other than Google Play Store and this page. 

You can press once on the downloaded file in your browser’s “Downloads” section to open it. Then, download and use the app on your mobile device. You’ll have to wait a while for the material to load there. Then, in the security settings of your Android smartphone, press the button to start it.

How to Use Call Bomber APK?

Use the given download link to download and install the app in your smartphone. To begin, launch the Bomber app. Then it would ask for your approval. After selecting a language, you will be presented with various languages. 

Start, Call Catcher, Tutorial, and Exit are all available from the home screen. To begin using Unlimited Missed Calls, select the Start menu item and then click it. Enter the person’s number to which you want to make a missed call. 

It’s possible to choose a mobile phone number from your contact list. Select the amount of time you’d like to miss on the next screen. Do something significant if you want to aggravate your guy even further. But make sure it doesn’t get in the way.

Setting the duration of the missed call is the final step. The call will ring for the time you specify, then cease. It will then ring again for the number you specified on the previous screen. You can specify several numbers. After pressing the Home button, the victim’s phone number will be scanned for missed calls within your predetermined period. Take a breather and enjoy the show.

How to Use the Call Pickup Feature?

You checked your phone’s Boomer app to see if any missed calls were waiting for you. Under the Start button on the home screen, you’ll discover the Call Bomber option. It’s just a matter of clicking on it. The auto-recovery feature can be enabled for a specific mobile number by selecting the active button and entering the phone number. Once you’ve done that, press the Accept button.

If the call comes in from any number, you should pick up the phone and answer it as soon as possible. Although you have closed the application, the call recording function continues to operate in the background. Unchecking “Active” on the Call Bomber APK option will halt the app. You’ll need to root your phone to take advantage of this feature.

Frequently Asked Questions – Call Bomber APK

Q: What advantages does using a call bomber offer?

You can save a great deal of time by using a call bomber. A call bomber can speed up making many phone calls, such as for sales or customer support. People who might not pick up the phone if you only phoned once can also benefit from this strategy.

Q: What advice can you give about employing a call bomber?

When employing a call bomber, there are a few things to remember. Before you begin, make sure you have a list of legitimate phone numbers. Remember that not everyone enjoys receiving many phone calls, so choose your contacts carefully. Avoid making too many phone calls at once, as this could block your number.

Q: How could you prevent missing calls the way you did?

People unfamiliar with Call Bomber might also benefit from the software. By banning the Great App, you can prevent unwanted calls from being made to your phone. You will no longer be able to receive pranks from third-party apps if this option is activated. 

Since the software filters all unsolicited calls and gives you free phone service, this is the case. The Call Bomber APK features can also set up call answering technologies on your device. Yes, you heard that 100 percent true. The phone will automatically answer incoming calls when this switch is turned on.

Q: Why use Call Bomber APK?

It’s no wonder that there are so many individuals looking for humor on the internet. So, look no further if you’re looking for an Android prank. Use Call Bomber, the best prank program, which allows you to send unlimited texts.

Q: Is it safe to use it?

You can use it if you’re performing a practical joke on someone. Don’t use it if you’re seeking a way to avenge someone. If you are not harming someone, then anything is safe. Be careful about who you play tricks on. For the time being, unless you intend to injure someone, it is preferable to avoid utilizing these instruments.

Conclusion – Download Call Bomber APK

We believe you have arrived at the correct location to discover more about Call Bomber APK. Hopefully, this review has answered all your questions about the app, so go ahead and get it for Android and PC right now! This is your best bet if you’re looking for a safe place to obtain APK files. If you have any queries or issues, please reread this article to clear all your thoughts about the Call Bomber app. 

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