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CamScanner MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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CamScanner MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

camscanner mod apk

If you are someone that needs to scan documents regularly but you are not quite sure which app is the best, we got you. We know it can be quite difficult to decide on a scanning app as there are thousands upon thousands of scanning apps on offer.

That is why we wanted to do thorough research and find which scanning app offers the best user experience. And we have found the one, the ultimate winner. 

The app we are talking about is CamScanner mod apk. That’s why we have decided to write this article in the hope to help you and offer you the best text scanning app on the market.

So, let’s see what makes this application the greatest and most convenient app for all of its users.

MOD APK Version Of CamScanner

Name CamScanner
License Free
Version 1.1.3
Platforms Windows
Download 21k

Download Now

Why is the MOD version needed?

Although CamScanner offers many usable and powerful features, not everyone has the luxury to pay for them. 

If you want to use the premium version, you will have to pay $4.99 every month or $49.99 yearly to unlock every feature that this app offers.

As $49.99 is quite pricey for an application, you have the option to download the MOD version of APKMODY. By doing so, you will get to use all of the benefits and exclusive features of the CamScanner for free.

MOD features

If you are wondering what makes the MOD special and why you should download CamScanner Mod APK from its link, keep on reading.

  • Unlike the free version, here the PDF files will have no watermark
  • High-quality scanning results 
  • Unlocked all advanced features of the Premium version
  • No ads
  • Upload Skydrive and Evernote indefinitely
  • You can add a digital signature
  • You will be able to create an infinite number of folders

On which operating system can CamScanner Mod APK be downloaded?

This version of the app is supported by O.S. Android 5.0 and higher. So if you are an Android user, you can feel free to use this app.

What is the size of this application?

If you are worried about your storage space, you should not be as this application is less than 80 MB. Small but yet super powerful.

Who is the publisher of CamScanner?

The publisher of the CamScanner is CamSoft Information.

Benefits Of Using CamScanner Mod Apk

As there are many benefits and perks of using this application, we wanted to share with you a few positive things that we absolutely love about the CamScanner application.

You can use and organize documents on your computer easily

If you are someone that is more comfortable with computer work, or you simply need your computer to finish some tasks, either way, you will love this app. 

Let’s say, for example, you have many scanned documents on your phone and you really need them on your computer. With the sync option, that will not be any problem. All you need to do is just log in and sync the documents you need with only one click. 

Moreover, on your computer, you can organize and reorganize these digitized documents in every way you like.

Auto OCR recognition and search documents directly

If you need to maybe find a particular paragraph or section in your documents but can not go through all of them, thanks to the CamScanner app, that is an easy thing to do. 

With the auto OCR recognition and the option to search documents directly, you can just type the word you need. After doing this, the app will take you to the designated part of the text or document. Cool right?

So, now when you urgently need to find a part of a section of your documents, you just open the CamScanner, search for the keyword, and you are good to go.

Upload documents to the cloud and never lose them

We all know it can be scary to have important documents only in digitized form. One little mistake, and boom, they are gone.

That is why the CamScanner team made sure to give you the option to save all of your scanned documents on a cloud service.

This way, not only will your precious documents be safe and sound, but also you will be able to access them from anywhere and anytime you want.

In addition to that, if you need some of those documents immediately, you can simply just download them and have them with you.

Invite friends and add comments

When you need to share your documents with a larger group of people, such as your friends, colleagues, family, etc, you can do that with the simple share option that this app offers. You can choose to share the documents with one or with multiple people.

In addition to that, a very handy tool is the possibility of leaving comments or suggestions directly on your documents. This way, your communication or work efficiency is elevated to another level.

Share fax balance across multiple devices

If you need to fax documents by using different devices, with the CamScanner you will be able to do that work triple the fast. 

You will only need to log into your account and get that job done in no time.

Create an account and sync across all your devices

By having only one profile, you can sync all of your documents everywhere you want. 

All you need to do is just sign in to your CamScanner account and access your documents from wherever and on whatever you want. 

This feature is especially important for all those business people that need to have their documents with them all the time. 

But, without having to physically carry those documents with them, they can simply access them with one simple click. That is why we love advanced technology.

CamScanner Mod APK For Everyone 

The CamScanner team’s goal is to be beneficial for everyone. That’s why they work hard on improving their app every day. They listen to what their clients need and try to make those things come true. 

We can clearly see that this company is client-oriented, and its goals are as much as possible to satisfy application users. Students, doctors, lawyers, etc.; there is something for everyone. So let’s see what the potential benefits of using this app are.

Free advanced features to students and educators

After the positive reactions received between March and June 2020, CamScanner started offering educational accounts for educators and students. This decision was made after a successful trial period during which CamScanner gave temporary free access to educational institutions.

With the start of the pandemic and locked schools, this app’s team decided that they wanted to make something good for all the students and teachers.

By providing these few free features, education took a positive turn as the users were thrilled with how helpful this application was.

Free available features

  • Optical character recognition (OCR) technology – this technology is used in order to extract text; the limitation is 100 images per month
  • Create up to 1,000 free folders – these folders will come in very handy with the many different subjects that students have to learn and teachers have to teach
  • Usage of exclusive pendants for profile pictures
  • A very generous 1 GB of additional cloud space

Work from home with the help of CamScanner

More and more people decide to work from home as the professional environments can sometimes be too stressful. In addition, with the recent pandemic, working from home became the new normal.

So if your workplace is in the comfort of your home, you will definitely need to check out what benefits CamScanner mod apk holds for you.

How CamScanner improves your efficiency while working from home

In continuation, let’s take a look at some of the benefits that this application offers to make working from home easier and more efficient.

  • Pen tool – you can use the pen tool in order to create notes or highlight certain parts of a pre-existing document; this is one of the most beneficial features as you get the same feeling as working in the office with your colleagues
  • File sharing – you can share your files with your friends, family, and coworkers with just one click; you can share these documents remotely or in a group; also, you can share them as a link
  • Your phone as a scanner – you can use your phone as a professional scanner to scan the documents and then digitize them and turn them into PDFs
  • Signatures – you can add digital signatures or watermarks in order to digitally sign contracts
  • Lighting options- with the help of these options you can lighten and modify your scanned text to look like it was scanned with a professional scanner
  • Encrypting – as privacy is goal number one, you can very easily encrypt and protect all of your documents; by adding passwords you can be sure that you are the only one having an access to the documents

CamScanner – an essential app for doctors and clinical professors

Being a doctor is not always about physical checkups. After you do all that work, at the end of the day, you will need a digital platform to enter details in all those charts. 

As this profession is all about time and efficiency, you need a best friend in the form of an application that will help you manage your working day. That’s why, CamScanner mod apk has special features for efficient note-taking, editing, and scanning.

Also, in order to be able to save all those notes and files, you will need more than just a digital notepad. The thing you need is the cloud space that CamScanner mod apk offers.

In addition, let’s see what other features for medical doctors and clinical professors this application holds.

  • Scan medical records
  • Scan patient IDs
  • Save the scanned files like PDFs or images
  • Easy access to cloud spaces such as OneDrive, Dropbox, or GoogleDrive
  • Easy organization by using the quick search feature, tags, and watermark customizations
  • Optical character recognition (OCR) technology
  • Convert printed characters to text
  • Recognize handwriting
  • High security by setting up passwords
  • Edit, save, and scan PowerPoint presentations

Final Word – Download CamScanner APK For Free!

Now, when you’ve read so much about this application, we are sure that you also love it as much as we do. Suitable for everyone, effective for everyone, and created for everyone.

With the many features this app offers, each of your ideas can become reality. You can write notes, doodles, e-sign contracts, scan, and whatnot. You can also download hotstar mod apk download

So, if you want to enjoy all of these benefits but do not want to spend money, just click the download bar button in the App Store or Play Store, and the premium version of CamScanner mod apk will be yours.

All you need to do is let your creativity take over.

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