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Crowd City MOD APK


Crowd City MOD APK

crowd city mod apk

Looking for a simple yet incredibly fun mobile game? Crowd City should be the next one on your list of games to try out. It is a multiplayer game that stands out from all major arcades because of its simplicity and unique gameplay.

Crowd City is one of the most popular arcade games in the Google Play Store. It has over 100 million downloads and incredible ratings from most players. The game was developed by Voodoo, an established game developer with many successful games behind it. If you’ve ever played their Hole.io, where you needed to eat the entire city using a black hole, in Crowd City, you’ll gather a comprehensive crowd of runners to follow you in battle.

The game’s main objective is to gather as many neutral non-player characters as possible, to make the biggest crowd on the map and outnumber all other groups. The essence of the game is to bring people closer. To get people to join your crowd, you’ll need to approach them randomly in the street. Crowd City will help you develop your skills if you’re passionate about being a leader.

If you’re interested in gathering your crowd, download the Crowd City MOD APK from this link, and get running.

More About Crowd City


Let’s start by laying out the gameplay. When you first enter the city, you’re a single person running across the streets, looking for other people to join you on the adventure. Your character has everything it needs to be a good leader, so people are easily convinced to join your party. The main goal is to create the largest crowd and outnumber all other groups on the map.

In the beginning, you’ll need to approach random strangers who walk alone and are colored in a neutral color. They’ll become the same color as you when they join your party. By running into more people, you’ll acquire an admirable army. However, there’s a catch – if you encounter a bigger crowd, they’ll consume your group entirely, so you’ll need to start all over again. However, when encountering a smaller crowd, you can do the same.


Typically, a match lasts for 2 minutes. But depending on how the events develop, some games can finish even when there’s more than a minute remaining on the clock. If you gather a crowd of over 500 runners, it is impossible for the second player to win, even if they absorb all the remaining crowds. If you’re that good, you’ll have to wait until the time runs out, as there’s nothing else to do when you’ve ensured yourself the winning spot.

Worldwide competition

With the increasing popularity of Crowd City, you’ll get an amazing opportunity to wage against players worldwide. You can even invite your friends to play along and develop some pretty interesting strategies together.


If you’ve ever played one of Voodoo’s games, you’re probably used to the simple controls. Playing the game is trouble-free, with elementary controls. The simple gameplay pairs very well with the undemanding controls, allowing you to guide the crowd without too much effort. All you need to do is manage the direction of your group in a way that will help you attract new crowd members while avoiding larger crowds.

The key to success here is to move as quickly as possible. The faster you move, the better chances you have at attracting more people before another party approaches them.

When you’re closing in on a smaller crowd, your best bet is to corner the mass so they cannot escape. That’s a well-proven tactic that’ll undoubtedly help you increase the size of your troop.


The graphics of the game follow the same logic as the gameplay and the controls – they’re incredibly simple. The simple graphics add to the game’s charm, as you’ll love your custom-colored little soldiers. While you navigate across the city streets, you’ll encounter interesting sites that make the game even more fun.

Accompanying the simple graphics is a jolly melody that’ll get you in the mood for running.


The largest crowds in the games always get the best rewards, but in Crowd City, every group left standing is rewarded for the effort. The largest crowd gets 20 starts, while second and third place gets 10 and 5 stars each. All surviving players get 2 stars, while defeated players get a single start as a reward for being part of the fun.

By collecting reward stars, you’ll advance your way up the leaderboard, and if you have what it takes to be a true leader, you’ll be featured in the top three.

Crowd City – The Modded Version

If you’re not quite sure whether such a simple game will be a good fit for you, the modded version is here to change your mind. With the Crowd City MOD APK, you’ll get a chance to unlock all skins. Therefore, if the human blobs and the environment seemed incredibly simple and plain, with the modded version, you’ll get to spice things up and bring the game up a notch if the original human blobs and the environment seemed incredibly simple and plain.

How to Download and Install Crowd City MOD?

If having all skins unlocked sounds like it would add a lot of fun on top of the game, then get in line to download it. To unlock the extra vibrance, you’ll need to install the Crowd City MOD APK. However, you should know that you won’t be able to find it in the official Google Play Store. If you want to enjoy the extra features of the modded game, you’ll need to download the APK file and manually run the installation.

For those who’ve never installed APK files before, we’ve prepared a ne