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Dead Target Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

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Dead Target Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Dead Target Mod APK

Many people, when they feel stressed out and need to relax, the first thing they turn to is video games. This is because video games make us feel like we are entering another world where another reality exists, and therefore our problems might seem distant and foreign. With the increasing number of people that play video games, we wanted to write this article and also provide you with a link to download one of the most loved games of all time – Dead Target Mod APK. 

If you are someone who loves shooting games, then you definitely need to check this one out. As more and more people are downloading it and enjoying it, we are sure that once you start playing Dead Target, you will not think of another game any time soon. Make sure to download the game from the link on this website because we are the reputable source to download the Dead Target Mod APK.

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About Dead Target Mod APK

App Name  Dead Target 
Genre Action
Mod  Unlimited Money
Price  Free

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As the name itself says, Dead Target is a super cool and very addictive game in which you need to shoot zombies and save the world. What’s the most interesting about this game is the plot, but we’ll get to that later in this article. Released by the VNG GAME STUDIOS and downloaded by more than 70 million players, Dead Target Mod APK is the number one game in the shooting category. 

When you download the game from the safe and virus-free link we have provided, you will encounter a handful of benefits such as unlimited cash and a variety of guns that will make you a pro at this game in no time, for sure. All you will need to do is master your shooting skills and defeat as many zombies as possible. 

Also, thanks to the realistic, sharp, and bold 3D design, you will undoubtedly feel like you are there, shooting all kinds of zombies, which makes the experience a thousand times better than the boring 2D games. In continuation, let’s check out what else makes this game a favorite to millions upon millions of players all over the world.

Game Story

The story of the Dead Target game takes place in the future, more specifically, in the year 2040. The whole context is based around a time when human technology reached its peak, but, at the same time, World War III is happening. With these two things going on, the Prime Minister has signed a contract with a company called MZ, with whom every soldier prisoner should get turned into a zombie and then use these zombie soldiers to attack the countries that are enemies. 

The name of this project is Dead Target, and the primary goal is to use these imprisoned soldiers turned into zombies as a substitute for troops. Suddenly, the MZ company broke the contract, and a new deadly disease appeared. Now the whole world is on the brink of destruction, and more and more people are dying. 

The MZ company is using the city as a test for their disease, and to stop them, the government sends lots of troops. Unfortunately, all of these troops die because of the deadly disease. Only you and Agent M are left alive. To kill or to be killed? That’s the main question to survive.

How To Play Dead Target Mod APK?

Maybe the most interesting thing that makes this game special is the fact that, unlike other shooting games where you move, in this game, you can not move. Yes. You just stay still as the waves of zombies are approaching and attacking you. You do not know where they’ll come from or how strong they are. That’s why, to play this game, you will need extra alertness and sharp instincts. Being still the whole time has elevated drama and fear to another higher level. 

In addition to that, the unpredictability of zombies makes your senses heightened at all times. So your principal goal is to kill as many zombies as possible. The more you kill them, the higher the chances of saving the world. Killing the zombies brings you a serious amount of gold. But be careful. Shooting in the chest will not get you as many points as shooting the zombies in the head, so always strive for that target. Also, that’s the fastest way to kill them. 

Dead Target Mod APK Features

The versatility of epic weapons

Shooting games, most of the time, are mainly focused on weapons and weapons’ characteristics. In Dead Target Mod APK, you will encounter a wide arsenal of different weapons. You can choose between pistols, grenade launchers, regular rifles, sniper rifles, machine guns, etc. 

You usually start with a pistol, but as you progress further in the game, the zombies become more and more unpredictable and stronger, so you will have to buy new weapons and continuously upgrade them. The weapons can get purchased with the gold you have collected from killing zombies. Also, you have many different weapons skins to choose from. Additionally, to have as high shooting success as possible, you can increase or decrease the shooting sensitivity.

Impressive 3D graphics

Although this game is for Android devices and you play it on your phone or tablet, thanks to the outstanding 3D graphics and visuals, you get the feeling as if you are playing a console game on your console. With lots of details and bold design and colors, you can very easily start feeling as if you are actually in the game. Based on the Unity Engine 4.0 platform, the image quality is at the highest level possible. We also want to mention the background as it adds up perfectly to the spooky and horror feeling, and it goes great with the game plot and story.

Eerie music for a full effect

To achieve a complete horror and spooky atmosphere, the Dead Target’s team used eerie music that perfectly complements the game’s theme. It makes you sympathize even more with the whole apocalyptic atmosphere. So whoever chose the music certainly knew what they were doing.

Free to download and use

When you read about this game, we know it sounds like it will cost at least $500. With all that high technology and 3D graphics, everybody would think it is a pricey game to buy. But, we have a pleasant surprise for you. By choosing to download the game from the link we have provided, you get to play this amazing game for the price of $0. Yes. You’ve read that right. Although it sounds expensive, you can play Dead Target Mod APK for absolutely free.

Unlimited gold and cash

By choosing the best and most trustworthy site to download the Dead Target, i.e. this website, you get the version with unlimited gold and cash. Those components are of crucial importance because with them, you get to buy and upgrade the weapons you use to kill the zombies. So, in other words, if you do not have enough gold and cash, you will not be able to buy effective weapons and, therefore, you will not be able to kill the zombies. 

Because all zombies have different and unique traits, personalities, and strengths, it is best to always be prepared with the most powerful weapon possible. You can earn gold and cash by completing missions and killing zombies, but that process is way lengthier and riskier.

Endless adventure

As you progress through the game and get to higher and higher levels, things get more complicated, and there are a lot more details you need to pay attention to. Unlike most shooting games where all of the levels are basically the same, and they repeat all over again, the case with Dead Target is different. 

The creators put a lot of thought and effort into this game, and therefore you get a one-of-a-kind experience while playing Dead Target Mod APK. Each level has different traits, and the zombies keep changing as the world in the game changes. Also, while the zombies evolve, you gradually unlock new weapons. So, in other words, this game truly is an endless adventure waiting for you to discover it.

Offline game

With the chance to play the game offline, you will get the same feeling as if you are playing it on your console. Also, this option allows you to play Dead Target anywhere and anytime you want without needing an internet connection. But, if you would like to play with friends or family, there is an option for multiplayer mode, so choose the play mode however you please.

Pros and Cons


  • Unlimited cash and gold
  • Free
  • Playing offline is available
  • Versatility of weapons
  • Awesome graphics and music
  • Safe virus-free link


  • To download it on PC, you’ll need an emulator first

How to Download Dead Target Mod APK?

Click the link we have provided because this page is the ultimate trusted source to download the game. After clicking the link, you will get directed to another website, and there you will see the ‘Download’ button. Click on this button, and the game will get downloaded to your device.

How to Install Dead Target Mod APK?

Find the downloaded file on your Android device, click it, and the installation will begin automatically. After a few minutes, you will be able to play this game. You can start playing it by clicking on the game icon on your phone’s screen.

Conclusion : Dead Target Mod APK

All in all, Dead Target is one of the most loved games for a reason. People really seem to enjoy the uniqueness and high quality this game offers. As the players’ reviews said, ‘if you are looking for a never-ending adventure, then you should download this game’ we could not agree more with them. So, click the link we have provided especially for you and start fighting zombies to save the world.

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