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DU Recorder : Screen Recorder

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DU Recorder : Screen Recorder

DU Recorder APK

We use our phones to talk, video call, play games, take photos, record clips, entertain, learn and study, and fight boredom. Being aware of this, the DU Recorder team has come up with a single application – a screen recorder that you can use to capture everything that happens on your device.

We will explain what makes DU Recorder APK so awesome and even provide you with a safe DU Recorder APK download link from which you can download this application in no time.

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About DU Recorder APK


App Name  DU Recorder 
Genre Video Player 
Developer  DU Recorder Team 
License  Free 

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DU Recorder is a screen recorder with which you can record practically anything on your device. However, that’s not its only function. 

The DU Recorder team developed this amazing tool to be multi-purpose. Why install multifarious software on your device for every little task when you can download the DU Recorder and have it all in one? 

In particular, with DU Recorder APK, you can take screenshots and do screen recordings, but you can also live stream, edit recordings, and even make GIFs. If you download the DU Recorder, you will discover a unique feature – recording an external video. 

We must admit, this is a very handy app that you should include in your must-have list. You will easily learn to operate it because of its user-friendly interface, revealing in minutes that it’s very convenient. 

You’ve got the chance to have the DU Recorder APK by downloading it for free just by clicking on this safe link. Yes, we are giving you the best and most secure source, and if you were looking for a trustworthy site for a quick DU Recorder APK download process, you have come to the right place. 

Let’s see below what you will get once you install DU Recorder APK on your device and start using this multifunctional app. 

DU Recorder APK Features

As you have understood by now, DU Recorder APK is one tool with multiple roles. It is a very well-built application that interacts fantastically with social media platforms. Once you install the application, you will notice that it’s easily turned on and off, and you can operate it quite effortlessly. 

When you launch the installed DU Recorder APK on your device, a single icon will appear, and you can drag it anywhere on your screen. In the end, if you want to close the app, all you have to do is drag the icon to the bottom of the screen. 

With DU Recorder APK, everything happens for free, and the app is designed to simplify screen recording and screenshots. Also, all of the DU Recorder features come with no rooting needed. Simply click on this link and enjoy the full package you get with the DU Recorder APK download. 

You won’t be disappointed once you see how the application works and how much you need this software on your smartphone. The DU Recorder APK works perfectly with Android; fortunately, there aren’t any bugs or problems when using the app. 

Screen recorder

The main feature of DU Recorder APK it’s its ability to act as a screen recorder. You will have an intuitive and straightforward screen recording tool in your pocket, with which you can do various screen recordings. 

The app allows you to set the resolution of your video, the bit, and the frame rate. Its main commands are the pause and record functions. Also, what we like most is that DU Recorder APK supports HD video recordings. 

As we remarked earlier, the most special feature of DU Recorder APK is the external video recording. This is a one-of-a-kind function with which you can record anything that comes to mind. Now, you can record and save your favorite shows, music videos, tutorials, games, and more. But, you can also record video calls.

We must mention that DU Recorder APK allows you to do an external sound recording. 

Another function worth mentioning is that you can use the front camera. Plus, you can display the screen operations in the screen recordings and shake the device when you want to stop recording. 

Video editor

Many users celebrate the development of this application because, with it, you can also edit videos. The grand range of editing tools will allow you to create excellent, high-quality videos. 

In detail, with DU Recorder APK’s video editing tools, you can trim the recording’s parts, rotate, crop, change the video’s speed and even merge multiple clips. Except for the usual trimming of videos, you can also remove the middle part of a video. 

When you want to add background music to a particular video, you can do that too. You can likewise adjust the volume of the video or add subtitles to the video if needed. 

One of the highlights of DU Recorder APK is that you can convert any video you like into GIF. 

Once you do all your editing using DU Recorder APK, the app will automatically save the video on your device in the selected file format. 

Live streamer

However, the best features of DU Recorder don’t end with recording and editing videos. One of its most popular features, which many people love, is the live stream opportunity. 

If you want, you can use the front face camera when streaming, or in other words, record your video and share it live. 

On the other hand, with DU Recorder’s broadcasting tool, you can stream your screen to platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch. And, you can stream anything you want, from gameplay to shows and movies or any events you feel like sharing with more people. 

You can do the streams in high quality and enable real-time audience comments. Also, DU Recorder APK allows you to edit the privacy of the live stream through the live stream privacy settings. 

Screenshots and image editing

Even though you can do a screenshot with any smartphone used today, with DU Recorder APK, you can do much more. Besides that, you can do a screenshot you want with just one click; you can also edit the captured images. 

Although, the image editing tool doesn’t just end its purpose with your screenshots. You can edit the existing images on your phone and use DU Recorder APK as an image editing tool. 

When you want to take a screenshot with DU Recorder, you can do it without holding any buttons and waiting. Just with one click, no double-press. 

Moreover, through the image editing tool, you can combine a few images into one, crop the image, or blur the unwanted image area. 

If you like what you get, now’s the time to click on this link and download your DU Recorder!

DU Recorder APK Highlights

  • Screen recorder
  • No time limit during recording
  • Pause/resume button
  • Merge, trim, rotate, crop videos
  • Add music and subtitles to videos
  • Change videos’s speed
  • Record external sound
  • Alternative storage location
  • GIF maker
  • Live HD streaming
  • Capture screenshots
  • Image editing – crop, blur, combine images

When you use our safe source to download DU Recorder APK, you will get all the application’s attributes with just one simple click. This link will lead you to a secure DU Recorder APK download, and with an easy installation, you will get all of the highlights!

Conclusion : DU Recorder APK

We have gone from A to Z and explained everything you can expect once you have the DU Recorder APK on your smartphone. From this read, you may conclude that this is a very useful application with everything within reach. 

To have this fantastic package that will come much in-hand, you must follow this link and start your DU Recorder download right now. We must tell you again that the download is protected, and you won’t have any issues installing the application. 

If you want this multifunctional application on your device and save yourself much time and effort, you shouldn’t think twice. All that is left is to try the DU Recorder APK and see the fuss. 

We hope that we gave you an insightful read which has revealed what makes DU Recorder APK so special and most wanted. Thanks to this exclusive app, you will have many tools in one, and you may start recording unexampled videos today!

So, download and enjoy!

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