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FMWhatsApp APK Download Latest Version [2022]

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FMWhatsApp APK Download Latest Version [2022]


It is a great idea to try using a mod because these special apps provide more options than the original app. If you are looking for a new WhatsApp mod, the latest FMWhatsApp APK version is our top recommendation. Using this app is a wonderful way to simplify your texting and social media messaging experience. FMWhatsApp provides users with various advanced features not included in the official WhatsApp version. 

Features such as customization, privacy, and more will allow FMWhatsApp users to have a new experience while using the app. We recommend downloading the FMWhatsApp apk download from our website. 

The fact is that access to different and more exciting features is probably why people use WhatsApp mod apk versions that are available for download online. The most popular mod versions of WhatsApp are FMWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, and OG WhatsApp. 

Neither Google play nor the play store offers these mod apks. However, you can download these mod apks from our site. Using the download link on our website will provide the latest mod app versions, and you will notice they update regularly.

 FMWhatsApp APK Download

App Name   FMWhatsApp APK
Version   Latest Version
Size   51.1MB
Total Downloads   100,000+
Requirement   Android 4.0.3 and higher
Last Updated   Recently

This modified app is available to everyone. All you need is an Android device that can accommodate the app in its storage space. 

We want to state that you should be careful about the links you click to download the mod FMWhatsApp. Many random links to FMWhatsApp apk for Android are online, and the sources cannot be verified. Some links are suspicious and will expose you to cybercrime. 

Also, please ensure your device meets the requirements first. We have a verified link to allow you to download the mod apk for FMWhatsApp. After clicking the link, you will be able to complete the installation manually.

Below is a guide that will explain how to install FMWhatsApp if you do not have previous experience installing apks. 

The reviews for FMWhatsApp are encouraging. It is the newest and safest of the WhatsApp mod app version currently on the internet.

Download Now

How Does FMWhatsApp APK Works?

The app works just like the original WhatsApp version, only that it is much better. You can perform all the basic actions commonly found on social media messaging apps, such as chatting, voice calls, and video calls. In addition to allowing you to share files, contacts, and media files locally easily, the mod version of this WhatsApp also allows you to share your live location with others. However, you must have a reliable internet connection to send accurate details. We point out that normal chatting via the internet can happen even when the signal reception is weak. But sharing a location requires strong internet connectivity.

Also, another fantastic thing about how this mod apk for WhatsApp works is that it allows users to manage multiple accounts. According to user reviews online, this is a feature many people find convenient.

The latest features added to the FMWhatsApp mod version will undoubtedly leave you impressed. The license for this mod apk app is the same as that of the official WhatsApp, so you will not have any worries about security issues.

Amazing Features of FMWhatsApp APK (Latest Version)

As users demand new features and privacy enhancements in WhatsApp, third-party versions increasingly become the best option to replace the official version. This is happening because these new modified versions meet the user’s needs. Isn’t it better to get more value from an app you use frequently?

Usually, a modified app is considered better than the original because, according to many user reviews, they offer features not available on the regular app. 

To further point out why FMWhatsApp is outstanding, we’ve listed some of the app’s most distinctive features. You will surely give FMWhatsApp apk a try if you know about these features.

Varied Emoji Options

FMWhatsApp allows you to choose the type of emoji you want to use in addition to the pre-installed ones in your keyboard app. To use this feature, download the FMWhatsApp2 apk using the links we have provided on the site.


There are tons of WhatsApp themes you can choose when using FMWhatsApp. What makes the app different from the original version is this feature, which was long-awaited and much desired by people who have been using the regular WhatsApp version. 

There are over 100 themes on FMWhatsApp, and many more are coming. It allows you to choose the theme you like to use without limitations. You don’t need to rely on old app versions; try FMWhatsApp now so that you can take advantage of all its features. 

Free App

There is no need to pay a penny to use FMWhatsApp. After downloading it for free, you have access to all its features. There are no particular preferences. Everyone using the app has the same privileges.

Disable Forwarded Tag on Messages

There is a tag called “forwarded” whenever a message is sent to a person or a group. We can easily forward any message with FMWhatsApp without anyone knowing it had previously been forwarded multiple times before being delivered to them. Sometimes, it may be a little annoying, as it may seem like you have copied the message you send to others without the original writer’s approval.

Send a Message Without Saving a Contact

To perform specific actions, we must sometimes send messages to telephone numbers. Despite this, you don’t need to keep their contact information permanently on your phone if you don’t want to. FMWhatsApp provides a simple way to configure this setting.

Sending a message without saving the recipient’s number is possible using this mod apk version. You do not have to save the number before sending a text message to someone on FMWhatsApp.

Media-file Sharing

There is a limit to the amount of data and images you can send at once using the regular WhatsApp version. Mega Films HD apk, however, lets you send more than 30 images and data files up to 700MB at a time. All you need to share media files is FMWhatsApp. Now you can send photos and videos without any data limit.

Privacy Features Of FMWhatsApp Apk

The apk mods began developing this new version due to a demand for more features. Almost every application and game has an apk version, and WhatsApp’s modified version is essentially the same as the original version.

There is a high demand for these third-party mod apps because they added features to improve user experience.

Hide Online Status

This app offers a unique feature to hide your WhatsApp online status. The official WhatsApp app also lets you hide your last seen status and even your online status while using the app. But this feature is more flexible on the FMWhatsApp, and it is essential because it means you won’t miss the feature since it is on the regular WhatsApp.

FMWhatsApp has many features, but this is the best; there are many more such as ‘Freeze’ always online, allowing you to see your WhatsApp status online. However, you need to have an active internet connection to use this feature.

Hide Viewing Actions

Would you like to follow the actions of others in private? Do you ever wish you could view your friends’ stories without them knowing? It is possible with FMWhatsApp.

Even though it sounds a bit creepy, we know that sometimes you’d like to watch someone’s stories without the other person noticing you are doing it. Due to this concern, FMWhatsApp allows users to hide their viewing actions.

Hide Typing and Recording Actions

Did you ever look at your phone and become puzzled about how to respond to a message? This situation is more embarrassing because the messaging app displays when you attempt to type a reply but have to delete your comment. After all, it is not appropriate. 

With FMWhatsApp, you don’t need to worry about typing the perfect response until it’s time to send it! Hide the recording and typing options on the app, so you aren’t under any pressure to respond quickly.

Hide Delivered Reports and Blue Ticks

Sometimes, our schedules may prevent us from responding promptly to our messages. This may not be intentional, but ignoring received messages may cause a strain in relationships if it occurs too often. Perhaps you aren’t ready to provide the perfect answer yet. 

There may be cases when it would be best to hide the blue tick notification showing you have received the message. FMWhatsApp will not show the blue tick to your friends until you reply to their messages. Also, it gives you the freedom to scroll through your messages without feeling any pressure to respond right away.

Undo Delete Messages

The undo delete message feature on FMWhatsApp is similar to the anti-delete status feature on the other WhatsApp. The purpose of this feature is to allow you to view deleted messages that the sender has removed. 

According to the official WhatsApp version, if the sender deletes a message after sending it, the receiver will see that “this message was deleted” and not be aware of what the sender had sent.

Fortunately, WhatsApp mod apk developers have implemented a feature that allows you to see a sender’s deleted messages. 

Many more features are coming to FMWhatsApp, so stay tuned for an even more incredible experience.

Installation Guide of FMWhatsApp APK

  • The first step is to uninstall or disable the regular WhatsApp or old FMWhatsApp apks (if you have them installed).
  • Download FMWhatsApp’s new version apk by clicking on the link.
  • After your approval, downloading the apk file will save it to your device.
  • Navigate to the Android Settings tab and select Security.
  • You will find Device Administration options as you scroll down.
  • You can enable this option by clicking on “install from unknown sources.”
  • Click ‘OK’ if any pop-ups appear.
  • Select the FMWhatsApp apk file and navigate to the ‘Downloads’ folder.
  • Clicking ‘Install’ will activate the installation process.
  • You will need to enter your phone number afterwards.
  • At this point, you should see the FMWhatsApp 2022 app icon on your Android home screen.


WhatsApp has a lot of active users worldwide, and it is one of the most well-known messaging platforms ever created. However, the users always demand more features. Android apk developers have modified the official WhatsApp and built the much better FMWhatsApp apk. They added multiple excellent features not included in the original version. 

That’s like giving users complete freedom. Give it a try; once you install it, I assure you that you won’t be able to stop using it—download FMWhatsApp right now by following the instructions provided in the article.


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