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GB Instagram APK Download Latest Version For 2022

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GB Instagram APK Download Latest Version For 2022


With over one billion users, no one can deny that Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. Instagram’s reach and popularity are growing by the day. As a result, the number of people using it is rapidly increasing.

Most people cannot imagine living without using social media applications like Instagram. To some extent, it would be right to say that we are dependent on major social media applications like Facebook and Instagram. Most cannot control themselves from uploading photos and videos all the time.

Some people use these applications for professional purposes, while others use them for entertainment. Moreover, there is a lot of buzz these days about WhatsApp and Instagram modded versions. WhatsApp, for example, has modern versions such as GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus. On the other hand, Instagram has modded versions such as OG Instagram and GB Instagram.

If you have used it, you may have realized that GB Instagram is the modernized version of Instagram. It is different from the standard version as it has multiple additional features that provide the best user experience, and these features relate to the story feed, photos, and videos.

This article will explore everything you need to know about GB Instagram.

What is GB Instagram?

GB Instagram functions more efficiently than the original Instagram application when it comes to better functionality, improved features, and enhanced user experience. You can estimate the popularity of this version from the fact that people even delete their initial applications and download the GB version of Instagram.

This latest version has numerous features to offer when observing improvements in the minor features. With this version, people can access a variety of filters, story feed options, live streaming options, and other features that may not be available on the original Instagram application.

Due to the continued improvements provided in the modded version, people love the features of GB Instagram a lot. Millions of people have successfully downloaded modded IG applications and are using them on their phones. Customer reviews and experiences indicate that people are quite happy with the features.

The best part about GB Instagram is that it is updated regularly. Moreover, the application is quite light and occupies only 38 MB. You are less likely to face any storage or compatibility issues with this application. Now you might be thinking about how you can access GB Instagram. Remember that the application is available in APK form. So all you need to do is follow the download link and get this app right to your phone.

GB Instagram APK: Latest Version and Comprehensive Information

GB Instagram is compatible with Android 4.3 or later. The app is available freely and does not have premium versions. Since this is the unofficial version, you will not get it on Google Play Store because it violates some policies.

Summary of GB Instagram Features

It is no secret that the additional features accessible in GB Instagram are attractive to Instagram users. Here we will provide you with a quick overview of all the basic and advanced features of GB Instagram.

  • You will not have to pay any additional costs. All the basic and advanced features of this application are free to use and accessible by everyone.
  • By using the original Instagram application, you can access two Instagram accounts simultaneously. One Instagram account will be the official application, while the other will be GB Instagram.
  • You can confidently keep on using it as it has anti-ban functions, which will prevent you from being banned.
  • GB Instagram, unlike the original Instagram app, allows you to copy text from any spot. You may copy content from your friend’s posts, comments, or bio and paste it elsewhere, including WhatsApp and Facebook.
  • It allows you to zoom in on the profile images.
  • You may also check your friend’s story without informing them. Moreover, you can also disguise your online status and continue to use Instagram while your pals think you’re offline.
  • You may comfortably converse with your international pals and translate the text into any language using the built-in translator.

Some Features of GB Instagram APK Explained

Dual Instagram

If you want to use two Instagram accounts without the fear of being banned, GB Instagram gives you this opportunity. GB Instagram has solved this problem for the people who want to keep separate accounts, one for their friends and one for their family.

When someone downloads the original Instagram application, it becomes difficult for them to use another Instagram account on the same phone. However, with GB Instagram, you can use dual Instagram accounts on one phone. It is a convenient option for people who never imagined getting two Instagram applications on the same mobile phone.

Image and Video Downloading Options

The typical Instagram application does not have any straightforward option to download photos and videos. It becomes a great issue when you see some attractive post or photo and want to download it. To solve this, people rely on third-party applications and keep on filling their phone’s memory with heavy apps. However, you can download everything, including your friend’s story, live streaming, videos, and pictures when you have GB Instagram. GB Instagram has eliminated the need for third-party applications that occupy space and impact the efficiency of your phone.

If you want to know how you can download images and videos using GB Instagram, you will be amazed to see the simplicity of the process. When you open the GB Instagram application, you see the arrow at the picture, video, or story feed at the top right corner. By clicking on this arrow that points downward, you can download anything. The download process starts immediately. You can get an image or video right to your phone within seconds without letting anyone know.

Where Does the Downloaded Data Store?

Now that you have learned to download anything from GB Instagram successfully, you will want to see where your photos or videos get stored. Remember that everything will be held in your media gallery by default. Moreover, the file will also be automatically named “Photos of Instagram” and “Videos of Instagram.” In this way, you will be able to see the picture or video you have downloaded.

It seems like a dream, but now, with GB Instagram, you can get everything directly to your phone memory. Moreover, you do not have to take screenshots every time you like the photo or a post.


If you have ever used GB Instagram, you must have noticed the option of customization. This option gives you a lot of room for creativity. For example, you can choose different themes, including customizable ones. We all know that Instagram is all about colors.

Every day we see diversified images, videos, and a lot of colorful pictures and artistic things on Instagram. In such colorfulness and liveliness, using one theme always seems boring. Unfortunately, the official Instagram application does not provide you with this option.

Suppose you want to get access to continuously changing themes or settings or do not want to use one single theme all the time. In that case, you need to have access to multiple themes by using the customization option present in the GB Instagram. The alternative is quite fast and versatile, enabling you to change themes. If you are into design, you can customize the available themes to suit your style.

Copying Anyone’s Bio and Post Captions

The official Instagram application does not allow you to copy anyone’s bio and post captions to maintain privacy and uniqueness. However, we all know that sometimes the post caption or bio is quite attractive, and we want to keep it in our record. With this in mind, it seems perplexing as Instagram does not provide you with the copy option. However, when you have GB Instagram, you can copy anyone’s bio, post captions, comments, or anything else.

The exciting part is that you can also paste these captions or comments to any external apps. These external sources can be your clipboard, Facebook, messaging app, or WhatsApp. So from now on, when you like someone’s comment or caption, you will not have to worry about how you will be able to copy it. Moreover, you can also free yourself from typing the caption again if you want to use that picture.

Want to Know More? Here Are Some Additional Features of the Latest GB Instagram APK

If you are worried that the features of GB Instagram have come to an end, your approach is entirely wrong. It would be right to say that the features of GB Instagram are almost countless, and you will always keep getting more interesting features when you update to the latest version.

In the summary section, we have discussed some of the essential features, but still, there are more. However, we find it vital to discuss some other features of GB Instagram that are super useful for the users.

Built-in Auto Translator

Can you imagine that GB Instagram provides you with an option to translate your words to almost any other language? It is now possible with the built-in auto translator of GB Instagram. Previously people used to download other translators for this purpose. However, all of them were not compatible with third-party applications like Instagram. This meant that using a translator involved running the Instagram app alongside the translator app while copying text to and fro.

Now that you can get the built-in auto-translation feature, you can immediately start a conversation with any foreigner. It has undoubtedly made our lives easier. When you turn on the translator of GB Instagram and press the text for a while, you get the option to translate the text into various languages.

Anti-Ban APK

The official website of Instagram has no right or access to banning GB Instagram. It means that even if you have downloaded both GB Instagram and the official Instagram application to your phone at the same time, you will never be getting banned from Instagram. It is a common observation that most modded and modified applications are against the terms and privacy policy of the official application. The developers can immediately block the modded versions. However, GB Instagram has come up with unique functionality that prevents it from getting banned. The GB Instagram APK is an anti-ban version, and no root is needed.

Zooming In Options

If you habitually use the official Instagram application, you must have noticed that you cannot zoom profile pictures and images. It can be confusing sometimes when you want to see the images of your friends and families. We all want to observe our friends and relatives’ dresses, jewelry, and accessories. However, we cannot visualize them properly due to unclear or small images.

This problem has also been solved with the GB Instagram application. It comes up with a unique zooming-in feature that works for profile pictures and other images. With GB Instagram, you can get access to uploaded pictures and see your friends’ profile pictures. Moreover, you can also remain aware of how people dress up in your business circle.

Here you might be wondering how you can zoom in on profile pictures and uploaded photos. It is quite simple. You need to tap on the picture for a few seconds, and you will get the zoomed version. To restore the original version of the picture, you need to release it.

Marking a Message With a Star

Unlike official Instagram, GB Instagram allows you to mark a message with the star. This feature is not confined only to messages. Instead, you can mark any of your media with a star, including GIF messages, videos, and images. In this way, you can easily access that particular post, photo, or message anytime.

We know that the starred messages are usually the important ones or the ones that you want to make as accessible as possible. Till now, this amazing opportunity is missing in the official Instagram application. Fortunately, GB Instagram has provided this amazing opportunity to its users.

Frequently Asked Questions About GB Instagram APK

Q: What is GB Instagram?

It is an anti-ban modded version of Instagram that has many unique features. This version of the Instagram app provides you with full control over your Instagram account. Once you download its APK file on your system, you will get access to hundreds of unique features that are useful in plenty of ways. Since this is the unofficial version, you will not get it on the official app store, and instead, you can download it for free on mobile app websites.

Third-party developers keep on updating this version. Their main purpose is to provide the users with the best experience. The good news is that the official Instagram developers have no control over this version. In this way, you can even use two Instagram accounts on your phone.

Q: Is GB Instagram safe to use? Is there anything that can ban my Instagram account?

When you use GB Instagram, your data remains as safe as on the official GB Instagram. So rest assured that all of your data remains safe both in the official Instagram account and in the GB Instagram account. Moreover, the app does not require rooting and has an anti-ban service, so official Instagram developers do not get banned.

However, since you have to download the APK file on a third-party website, you may end up with an app containing malware. As such, always ensure that you download it from trustworthy sources. Moreover, you can install antivirus applications to scan the downloaded APK file.

Q: Why is my GB Instagram not working?

There are two possible solutions when your GB Instagram immediately stops working. Firstly, you need to update your version and get the latest one. If the problem persists, you can simply choose to delete your app and then download it again. However, upgrading your application to the latest version solves the problem in most cases.

Q: What are some major features of GB Instagram?

GB Instagram allows you to download images and videos, zoom them in, hide your story, check someone’s story without letting them know, star the message, translate the comments, copy the captions and use two accounts on the same phone.

Final Verdict

When we browse GB Instagram and see its amazing features, we become motivated that it’s a masterpiece. You can enjoy Instagram even more by accessing its super convenient and advanced features. The most interesting feature is that you can hide from your friends and still see their stories without letting them know.

Many other interesting features are also waiting for you. All you need to do is download the GB Instagram APK latest version and start enjoying it. The best part is that GB Instagram is 100% free and will not cost you even a single penny.

It is time to dive in by yourself and see what the latest version of GB Instagram has for you.

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