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GBWhatsApp Pro Download Latest Version APK 19 – 2022

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GBWhatsApp Pro Download Latest Version APK 19 – 2022


GBWhatsApp Pro can be considered a modified version of WhatsApp that is available for download as an APK (not available on your Play Store or App Store). While it is similar to the popular app WhatsApp, GBWhatsApp Pro has dozens of additional features and benefits. The newest version (V19) has added even more features to that list. Join us in finding out if GBWhatsApp Pro APK is the best app for you.

A Little About the Latest GB WhatsApp Pro APK (V19)

App Name   GBWhatsApp Pro APK
Version   v19.60.1
Size   50MB
Total Downloads   100,000+

Firstly, we are happy to confirm that GBWhatsApp Pro has been operating smoothly on both Android and Apple devices since the latest upgrade. Equally notable, the APK does not require any specific type of internet connection or strength and can be downloaded on any functioning mobile model. It is also compatible with all the major operating systems (iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, and Linux) 

If you are thinking of switching from WhatsApp to GBWhatsApp Pro, fear not! You can migrate your data from one app to the other seamlessly. So, upgrading your messaging experience no longer means losing all your chats and starting from scratch.

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Updated Features on GBWhatsApp Pro V19

We’ve grouped the newest features of the app for your convenience. Here are the top features of GBWhatsApp Pro V19:


This feature is usually the reason users upgrade to GBWhatsApp Pro. The added privacy features make the texting experience less demanding and more secure and enjoyable. 

Data Privacy

GBWhatsApp Pro is more secure than the basic WhatsApp application due to its open-source coding on the data side of things. The developers of GBWhatsApp Pro cannot access your chats, contacts, and documents sent via the app, and the information sent via the app is completely private. 

Equally, the company cannot share your basic information such as your name, location, and phone number with any government or private organization. In this age of social media companies selling users’ data, these assurances help one feel more secure on their device.

User Privacy 

With GBWhatsApp Pro, increased privacy extends to your interactions with other users. With WhatsApp, if you desire to be less visible, you can only turn off your read receipts and last seen and short-list the users who can view your statuses. GBWhatsapp Pro gives a lot more options. 

Firstly, you can turn off your online status. This ability means that you can actively be on the app without other users seeing that you are online. A feature like this can prevent awkward social situations where another user feels that you ignore them when you are simply busy. You can turn off your online status by going to Privacy>Hide Online Status.

Like the “Hide Online Status” feature, GBWhatApp Pro allows you to turn off the typing (Privacy>Writing Status) and recording feature (Privacy>Recording) and turn off the blue microphone feature (Privacy>Blue Microphone) when listening to a voice note. Lastly, you can disable the option of calls and choose whether the phone will ring for the other person or not. You can do this by going to GB Settings>Other MODS>Disable Voice Calls.

Overall, GBWhatsApp Pro’s user privacy features allow you to take social media at your own pace. These features are excellent for users with social anxiety as they reduce the possibility of awkward situations with peers.

Display Modes

The latest version of GBWhatApp Pro has introduced the dark mode feature. So there are now two settings: light mode and dark mode. The newly introduced dark mode is perfect for low light settings and nighttime.

One of the greatest benefits of utilizing the dark mode feature is that your phone emits less blue light. Excessive blue light can keep you awake, so it is recommended that one switches to dark mode a few hours before bedtime. Moreover, the dark mode optimizes battery usage and will keep your phone working for longer on a single charge.

Display Customization

Another reason GBWhatsapp Pro is so popular is the user’s ability to change the app’s appearance and tailor it to their preferred aesthetic. We’ve outlined the various ways you can customize the app below:

App Interface

GBWhatsApp Pro is one of the few messaging apps where you can change the application’s interface to suit your preferences. In this latest update, you can rearrange the position of the different menus (Chats, Status, Calls, and Camera) and prioritize them by importance. You are also able to move or hide the floating icon button. This ability to customize the app’s interface is available for Android and Apple devices.


With this latest update, users can choose from dozens of different fonts on GBWhatsApp Pro. The fonts are even more impressive in many languages, such as English, Hindi, and Arabic. The availability of font options in different languages makes customization applicable to a large cross-section of users.

Color Customization

In addition to redesigning your app and changing your font, the latest GBWhatsApp Pro version enables users to change the color of their text. This is applicable for both in-app text and notifications.

Other Notable Features of GBWhatsapp Pro

  • Ability to disable your internet connection for GBWhatsApp Pro only because of the built-in “Do Not Disturb” setting
  • Supports over 100 different languages
  • Allows users to write statuses up to 255 characters long. The basic WhatsApp version only allows users to write statuses up to 139 characters long.
  • Ability to hide your second tick in private chats and groups even after the message has been delivered.
  • Allows users to revoke/ delete multiple messages at a time
  • Has a built-in status saver in the app. Therefore, there is no need to download a third-party app to save statuses.
  • Schedule message feature that allows users to set a future time for a message to be sent
  • Users can send up to 90 images at a time with GBWhatsApp Pro. The basic WhatsApp version only allows users to send 30 images in one sitting.
  • GBWhatsApp Pro allows users to hide status privacy even after status is viewed. If a user changes their status privacy, their name would not appear on another user’s viewed list even if the privacy setting was not enabled at the time of viewing the status.
  • Users can send up to 50 MB of data on the platform
  • Users can copy the status of another to their clipboard and paste it as needed
  • Allows broadcasts to uo to 600 people maximum
  • Ability to view messages and statuses deleted by another user.
  • Themes are available for users who want to change the look of their interface without individually changing settings. Users can choose from hundreds of different themes but a variety of designers.
  • The app lock feature requires that a pin, pattern, fingerprint, or facial ID be put in to unlock the app, and this is an added layer of security for users.

FAQ’s – GBWhatsApp Pro

Q: What does anti-ban mean in terms of GBWhatsApp Pro? 

In early versions of modded WhatsApp apps, users could get banned from using the app and were left unable to chat. However, GBWhatsApp Pro has features embedded in the app that prevents user banning. In other words, you can use the app freely without fear that one day, you will open the app and see that you have been banned.

Q: Can you use GBWhatsApp Pro for Business purposes?

Like the basic WhatsApp application, there is a version of GBWhatsApp Pro for business. It should be noted that a different number is needed for users who already have the personal version of the app.

Q: Is GBWhatsApp Pro less secure than the regular WhatsApp? 

GBWhatsApp Pro is based on WhatsApp and utilizes the same servers. The chief difference between the two applications lies in the style sheet codes (the control display codes etc.) While the developer of GBWhatsApp Pro has modded the style sheet codes, the codes for basic messaging and privacy are encrypted and are the same as WhatsApp’s. Thus, it is not easier to hack or breach GBWhatsApp Pro. The apps are equally secure as they utilize the same server.

Q: Can I use both WhatsApp and GbWhatsApp Pro at the same time?

Yes, you can. One app does not overwrite the other. Therefore, you can have multiple WhatsApp accounts running on the same phone.

Final Thoughts – GBWhatsApp Pro 

GBWhatsApp Pro is a modded version of the ever-popular WhatsApp that enhances the messaging experience. The app can undoubtedly be considered an upgrade with its numerous added features. GBWhatsapp Pro has a feature to meet your needs no matter your preference. 

If you are concerned about your privacy, you can rest assured that the app does not share your information. Equally, you can make numerous changes that ensure that you are not as visible and reachable to other users. Additionally, the app allows you to customize almost all areas of the interface and display, allowing you to have the best possible experience and aesthetic. 

We hope you have enjoyed our review of version 19 of GBWhatsApp Pro. Comment below and let us know which feature you enjoy the most! Also, read more about GBWhatsApp APK here.

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