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HBO MAX : Smart TV & Movies

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HBO MAX : Smart TV & Movies


Get the HBO app on your portable Android device and watch shows anywhere, online or offline. In the following article, you can find the download link for the latest HBO MAX APK version, free of cost and viruses. Our app designers have tested and checked the file before sharing it with the public.

This APK file allows you to access various series and recently published movies in HD resolution. The app’s surface is pretty organized; everyone can easily find the genre and the show or movie topic.

The APK file of HBO allows you to watch and stream movies, series, cartoons, TV, and more. The modified version of the original HBO is an excellent app, enabling the users to enjoy the incredible watching experience. You can also try RTS TV APK for more entertainment.



App Name  HBO Max
Genre Entertainment
Mod Feature Pro Unlocked
Publisher WarnerMedia Global Digital Services 
Content Rating  Teen 

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HBO MAX is a modification of the popular HBO streaming app. This app lets you stream and watch many movies, TV shows, and the latest released series and episodes. The app gives you unlimited access to HD videos and stories, all topics that the original HBO app has, and many subtitles for the chosen topic.

The HBO modification is a compressed file and takes a little less space than the original one. The compressed file won’t take up too much space on your phone memory, while you can watch everything everywhere.

To find the wanted genre, you should open the menu and search from the offered categories. The topics are immaculately organized into multiple categories: Documentaries, Comedy, Drama, Reality shows, Kids, Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Crime, etc.

You can also choose the Series section, Movies, Originals, recently added, last chance, and coming soon topics. If you are an action lover but do not prefer your children to watch that genre, you can make a special Kids account and set the parental settings and restrictions.

The modified APK version allows you to create multiple accounts on one subscription. Every account holder can watch the shows and movies uninterruptedly.

Why Do You Need to Get the HBO MAX APK?

You need this Mod APK because it has outstanding features and is free of cost. On the other hand, the monthly subscription is not more than $15, which gets even more affordable if you share the account with your friends or family. Here are some of the main things why you should get the HBO MAX app:

  • HBO MAX app has all the content from major brands like HBO, DC, Looney Tunes, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, and more;
  • The app displays a collection of content chosen by experienced and qualified professionals;
  • The modified version includes original and exclusive content created especially for the platform named Max Originals. There, you can find some exclusive series like Gossip Girls, The Flight Attendant, and Beforeigners;
  • As a user, you will be allowed to rewatch the movies, shows, and titles like Game of Thrones, Sex and the City, Westworld, and even The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air;
  • Every account allows the user to create up to five personalized profiles. You can also change the settings if some of those accounts are your children’s;
  • Download the content from HBO MAX and watch it offline. You can also download some movies and shows and pack yourself for a vacation where no internet access is available.

HBO MAX APK Features

Endless TV streaming

Every week and month, new titles are released on HBO. Sometimes, you may have a restriction for accessing dome shows and channels because of your cable provider’s location. In these cases, the HBO MAX streaming platform comes across and allows everyone to stream shows and movies without limitations.

You have over 10,000 hours of entertainment, which is unique for the HBO MAX app. You can also watch the app’s exclusive content and originals. The app will also follow your interests and show you some random topics you may like.

Smart search

Find your desired topics in many forms. Enter keywords or the whole topic in the search section, or use the voice command of the Smart Search feature and find the topic in a considerable time. 

The results will show some movies with the main character’s name, allowing you to choose the right one if you can not remember the movie’s topic.

Maximum supported devices

The compatibility is another strong side of HBO MAX. The website’s interface is compatible with most of your devices, including Android, iOs, Windows, Linux, PC, Mac, game consoles, XBOX, Nintendo, and more. Stream your favorite movies for days and hours with the app with the biggest device compatibility.

Extensive content available

You receive the most extensive content in a single app for a small subscription fee. Research the menu of topics and release shows for hours. You have enough time to watch and rewatch some of the most popular old and new shows and movies.

Flexible parental settings

HBO MAX allows you to manage the settings and make them personalized based on the account type. Lock the adult accounts and block adult content from appearing on the kids’ accounts. 

It is excellent for every parent to restrict his children’s accounts so they can watch only movies and cartoons suitable for their age, without violence and forbidden content.

Open the settings menu and manage the profile by restricting the inappropriate content for children.

No ad streaming

Our designers had an excellent idea while creating this app. They built an ad-blocker in the application so that everyone can enjoy watching HBO without advertisement interruptions. 

Every user can stream 24/7 without being annoyed by marketing or game advertisements during the streaming.

Manageable quality format

Some videos might be of bad quality because of their age, while the newer ones are released in HD these years. 

Many streaming platforms do not have a quality cap, and sometimes, they damage the quality of the image.

With HBO MAX, you can select the preferred streaming resolution from the offered ones. The choice is 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p. Ultra High definition is not available because a large number of shows and movies do not support it.

Kids corner

HBO MAX has everything for every user. There is a special corner with extensive topics and creators for your children. You can enjoy them and get memories of your favorite childhood cartoons since there are creations of Cartoon Network and Looney Tunes. You can also manage this section and make your children’s account display only cartoons.

Watch later offline

The video downloader of HBO MAX lets its users download movies and cartoons without paying extra. The downloaded content gets into the Watch Later list and can be watched even without an internet connection.

HBO MAX APK: Download & Install


Our download link is secured and free of bugs and viruses. Your device’s software will remain safe if you opt for our secure HBO MAX source.

  1. To start the download process, you must ensure that your device allows unknown sources to download files and apps on your phone.
  2. If this feature is disabled on your Android device, you can not get the file and install HBO MAX.
  3. Activate the feature choosing: Settings > Security Settings > Unknown Sources > Enable.
  4. You can now continue downloading the HBO MAX APK from the link on this website.
  5. Your device will share a notification when the file is successfully and completely downloaded. Now you can continue to the installation step.


Find the downloaded file in your phone memory or open it through the top taskbar. Click on the download file and complete the steps for the installation process.

Tick the agreement, and the installation will begin in a few seconds. The app is not taking much of your internal memory so the installation will be completed quickly.

If the installation fails, check your Android system and ensure it supports this version. The HBO MAX has a minimum Android version which is 5.0 Lollipop. Unfortunately, Androids below 5.0 can not handle this APK modification.

If your Android is qualified for this app, you can complete the installation process and start using the app. It has some in-app purchases, meaning you should pay a monthly or yearly subscription to create an account.

The price varies from around $15 for the monthly subscription. We can not surely tell the actual price because some discounts apply often.

Conclusion : HBO MAX APK

Click on the protected download link on the website and get the safest and latest version of HBO MAX APK.

Get some snacks and enjoy your comfy zone watching movies and shows without limitations.

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