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Instagram Plus APK For Android – Download Latest Version In 2022

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Instagram Plus APK For Android – Download Latest Version In 2022


We’re not saying that social media platforms like Facebook or others aren’t fun to use. However, another fantastic platform carries more than 500 million stories each day posted by its users. The stories show people’s lives, travel, food, fashion, fun facts, love, friendship, sorrow, etc., making Instagram a must-have app for all generations.

Even your grandma knows what Instagram is. She probably has seen photos of your cousin’s honeymoon last weekend. There are many Instagram Mod APK available such as, GB Instagram APK, Insta Pro APK.

You would think that with so many active users, Instagram has no flaws. Well, you’re not wrong. Instagram is an excellent social media platform, yet the app lacks some features.

Therefore, we’re here to discuss another app that has been expertly modified to include numerous fantastic features and make your Instagram experience better. 

We’ll talk about Instagram Plus features and benefits, and we’ll include step-by-step Instagram Plus download instructions.

Let’s begin!

What is Instagram Plus?

Name   Instagram Plus 
Offered By   Instagram-Plus
License   Free
Mod Features  Many Features

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Created by a third-party developer, Instagram Plus is an app that looks like the original Instagram. However, Instagram Plus is considered a much better application compared to the original for multiple reasons.

For starters, the size of the app is much smaller compared to the original Instagram. Still, Instagram Plus is preferred by millions of people across the globe, not for its size but because of its features.

Even though the team that works on Instagram updates is constantly developing newer and better versions to improve user experience and convenience, the platform lacks numerous features that users would like to use. You can’t download stories or zoom pictures. You also can’t see the profile picture of a particular private account.

With Instagram plus, users enjoy Instagram much more, as the app has many features not found on the original app. 

Moreover, you can use the app for free. All you have to do is to follow the simple Instagram Plus download instructions we’re going to discuss later.

Instagram Plus APK Features List

  • Users can download photos from other profiles on their Android devices.
  • Users can download videos from other profiles on their Android devices.
  • The download feature also applies to the live streaming that other profiles post.
  • Users can download Instagram stories posted by other profiles.
  • Users can zoom in and zoom out on photos posted by other profiles.
  • Users can copy URLs from videos and photos and share them on other social media platforms.
  • Users can copy the comments from Instagram profiles and share them on other social media.
  • Users can have two accounts and use them at the same time.
  • Users can use the following indicator to see who has followed them recently.
  • Users can hide activities.
  • Users can view the profile photo of other accounts in full size.
  • Instagram Plus has an inbuilt translator.

Follow indicator

The following indicator is a fantastic feature that will save you time. The standard Instagram app allows you to check who’s been following you by clicking on the following list. 

However, if you’re interested in a specific profile, you’ll waste time to find out whether they follow you back.

You’ll not have to go through the same process with Instagram Plus. Instead of scrolling down the followers’ list, the following indicator will show you whether the person is following you or not right when you open their profile.

The following status will show right below the profile’s bio. With the Instagram Plus indicator, you’ll always know who follows you.

Picture zoom

Being able to zoom in and zoom out pictures is another advantage that Instagram plus has over the original app. In fact, this feature can be very beneficial. 

Imagine this, you meet someone that has a commonly used name. When you try to find the person on Instagram, you end up looking at a bunch of private profiles with the same name.

Here’s where Instagram Plus jumps to save the day. With this modified app, you’ll be able to zoom the profile picture of any account, even if it’s a private one. You’ll have to press on the profile picture to do this action, something like a long click. The app will open the picture in full size.

Moreover, you can actually download the profile picture. After you press and hold to open the full-size photo, you can download the picture by clicking one more time on it.

In addition, the zooming option isn’t beneficial only for the profile pictures. You can zoom in on the pictures posted on the newsfeed with only one click.

Download media

Instagram Plus download feature is the most common reason why so many people decided to switch from the original Instagram app to this modified version. In fact, according to the statistics, around 90% of the people who have downloaded Instagram Plus got this app so that they can download media.

As you probably already know, Instagram doesn’t allow users to download photos, videos, and stories. With Instagram Plus, you won’t have that problem.

If you want to download a story posted by some of your Instagram friends, you can choose this option by clicking on the three dots found on the short video. The three dots will give you some options, one of which is downloading the story.

On the other hand, you can also download every photo or video posted on your friends’ profiles. Moreover, if you have found some reels, photos, or videos from profiles that are not following you, you can download them too. The download feature on this app is an excellent tool if you want to save media to your smartphone.

Ghost mode

Sometimes we’re curious to find out things and learn news, but we want to stay hidden. Unfortunately, Instagram can’t provide us with this option. Therefore, every time we view a story or open a received message, the profile on the other end will know.

If this doesn’t bother you and you don’t want to hide your activities, you can continue using your Instagram app. However, if you’re one of us who wants a little privacy so that we can quickly look at the story posted by our crush without being noticed, Instagram Plus is the app for you.

Instagram Plus will allow you to stay anonymous or hidden while doing multiple activities. We called the options the ghost mode. Let’s check them out!

Watch stories hidden

Unlike the original Instagram app that shows us who has watched our stories, Instagram Plus may not give us the entire picture. Those who install this modified version can turn on the ghost mode and freely watch stories without being noticed.

If you want to check the latest story your crush posted without letting them know you’ve seen the story, you’ll only have to choose the “hide” option on your Instagram Plus app. When they check who has seen their story, your name will not show.

Hidden member

For those of us minding our own business and wanting to stay hidden, the opportunity to be a hidden member of some group is very attractive. Even though this option is not available with the standard Instagram app, Instagram Plus has it.

This is an excellent tool, especially in situations where marketing is involved. For instance, suppose you want to be a member of some group where many businesses are included. You just want to keep track of the latest products or discounts. 

If some of the business profiles that are also members of that particular group know you’re a member, they will bomb you with messages and promotions.

Of course, there are other reasons why you might want to stay hidden in a group. Regardless of your reason, you won’t be able to do that with the original Instagram. Lucky for Instagram Plus, this is yet another fantastic feature.

How to Download Instagram Plus APK?

We decided to divide our download guide into several stages. Thus, it will be easier to understand. Plus, we like subsections.

Step 1

Since you decided to try this modified version of Instagram, we would like to help you download and install it. The entire process is very easy to do, and it shouldn’t take too much of your time. Of course, if your internet is slow, we can’t guarantee how much time the download process will last.

The first stage of the download process is actually deleting the existing Instagram app. To uninstall your Instagram app from your phone, you should go to the phone’s settings and tap on the line called Apps. Your phone should be showing you a list of the apps found on the phone.

When you find the Instagram app on the list, choose the uninstall option. A shorter version to do this process is by pressing the Instagram icon on the home page. If you wait for a while (less than two seconds), your phone will give you multiple options, one of which is uninstalling the app.

Step 2

Now that your phone doesn’t have an Instagram app, you can start the download process. You should choose a website that offers a download link for Instagram Plus. Once you click on the link, the file will start to download. This stage shouldn’t take much time and depends on your internet speed.

Step 3

Step 3 begins once the download is done. After getting the file, you should go to the folder that holds downloaded files on your phone. There, you’ll see the file for Instagram Plus installation.

Open the file, and you should see the option for installing an app. You should click on that option to confirm that you like to start the installation process.

Step 4

At this point, you have installed your new Instagram Plus app. Now, you can log in to your account or create a new one. Instagram Plus allows users to use two accounts at the same time.

You can use some of the offered themes or take the color palette and create your own theme. Or, you can start enjoying the features immediately. Download your friend’s story, copy bios and comments, and translate the photo your favorite French couple has posted.

Don’t forget that with your new Instagram Plus app, you can read all messages without letting the sender know that you have opened them. You can also be a ghost member in groups and enjoy your privacy. However, keep in mind that you’ll have to choose these options down in the settings menu.

Frequently Asked Questions About Instagram Plus APK

Q: What is Instagram Plus?

This is a quite often asked question, so we’re glad to answer it. Instagram Plus is a modified version of Instagram that third-party developers made. 

This app is a much better option than the original app because Instagram Plus offers numerous features that are not available on the standard version.

In our article, we discussed most of the features offered by this app. Some of the most popular ones are the ability to download media, the in-built translator, the follower indicator, and the ability to hide your activities from other users.

Q: Is Instagram Plus obligatory to use Instagram?

No, it’s not. Instagram Plus is not a side app or an additional app that you must have to use on Instagram. 

Instagram plus is an app on its own, and it’s created to provide a better and more convenient user experience. It does so by offering a series of fantastic features that are unavailable on the original app.

Q: Is Instagram Plus safe to use?

According to the statistics, Instagram Plus is safe to use. However, you should keep in mind that your safety will depend on the website you use to download the app, that is, the link that a particular website provides.

Therefore, we strongly advise you to choose a reliable and credible website to take the link.

Q:How Do I Install Instagram Plus?

Downloading and installing Instagram Plus is quite an easy job to do. You can find many guides online, or you can use the step-to-step instructions we shared earlier in this article.

Just remember to uninstall your Instagram app from your phone before starting the process. After you remove it, you should click on the link for downloading Instagram Plus. After a while, you’ll find the file in the download folder on your phone. Click on the file and choose the install option.

Q: Can I view private profiles with Instagram Plus?

No, you can’t. Instagram plus can scan through private profiles. This app can only improve your experience and give you tools to work on the already visible information, such as content posted by your friends or people you follow that have approved your following.

Q: How much does Instagram Plus cost?

Instagram Plus is free to download and install, and you can enjoy the app’s benefits for free. Upon downloading, the app doesn’t require credit cards or personal information. Of course, once the installation process is over, you’ll have to log in to use the app.


We think that Instagram Plus is a fantastic and user-friendly app. It offers numerous top-notch features that are unavailable on the original app.

You can save some good pictures and videos of your Instagram friends by downloading them. You can share comments and bios outside of the platform and enjoy endless other benefits. 

Most importantly, you can turn on the ghost mode and enjoy your Instagram time without anyone noticing you’re here and bothering you with annoying messages.

Finally, the Instagram Plus download process is very simple to do and completely free of charge. We suggest you try this version today and enjoy Instagram like never before.

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