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If you want to root your smartphone and unlock its full potential, you came to the correct spot. Rooting your smartphone can provide you with unrestricted access to it. You may easily edit it and use it as needed. However, you must ensure that you are doing it correctly. We are a trusted and reputable website where you can download the KingRoot APK risk-free without harming your device just by clicking this link.

There are numerous safe solutions, such as KingRoot, that may assist you in completing the needed assignment on time. Let’s look at how to utilize this fantastic program to root your device. 

You can root your phone with KingRoot either with or without a computer; we have tutorials for both options anyway.

So, to assist newbies like you, we’ve prepared this article with all the needed information regarding KingRoot; also, we provided you with step-by-step instructions to rooting Android, utilizing the KingRoot program and tools.

Genres  Root
License  Free
Op. System  Android
Downloads  195,569,710

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What Is KingRoot APK ?

King Root is a famous one-click rooting tool in China that may let you root your phone quickly. Because of its widespread appeal and positive comments, it is undoubtedly working its way toward the rest of the globe. It is a quick and safe procedure that helps you root your smartphone while also cleansing it of malware. 

The utility is completely free and inserts an SU binary data that completes the rooting process. It gives its users permanent root access, and you can control the access via King User. 

Even though the KingRoot rooting app/software is well recognized for its capacity to root any Android phone with a single click, some conditions must be met to achieve one-click rooting with KingRoot.

It is crucial to understand that KingRoot does not function with all devices. You may have issues with the Moto G, for example. It generally works perfectly with Nexus. Before we get into how to utilize the application, let’s take a look at its main features.

Features Of KingRoot APK

Can increase the speed of your phone

Have you noticed that your phone is becoming slow or laggy? You weren’t the only one who is experiencing this issue. After a given amount of use, most Android users report a slow or unstable experience. However, with a rooted device, boosting up your phone is simple, allowing users to enjoy a clean and flawless experience.

Uninstall bloatware

Bloatware is a term used to describe useless preloaded programs or applications from developers that might cause a slow device. They eat up storage space and may even run automatically when your device boots up. Today, a rooted device can simply remove them.

Block ads

Are you fed up with irritating advertising that you can’t disable? You are not alone in experiencing this difficulty. With a rooted Android device, you may simply and safely delete or block advertisements using sophisticated third-party apps.

Complete customization

Tired of the same old feel and look of your Android device’s user interface? A rooted device allows you to modify practically everything from the color to the icons and even the motion. With the KingRoot app, you may command complete freedom and quickly customize your Android devices.

Save battery

Remember how frustrating it was to have a phone die during the day? If you want your device to last all day, rooting it can present you with a plethora of answers and alternatives for preserving and monitoring your battery use with ease and convenience.

Improved backups

Backing up your devices is one of the most frustrating aspects of being an Android user. Either pay for a competent backup tool or find it extremely difficult to backup your stuff. Users with a rooted Android device will be able to use strong and simple backup apps to easily backup vital data.


  • Quick and simple to use 
  • Conserves battery life
  • Possess admin privileges
  • It is adaptable
  • Gain access to root-only apps
  • Compatible with a wide range of Android devices


  • It downloads its own SU management by default, which is not acceptable to all users
  • After rooting, the warranty will be null and void
  • The APK version features an English interface

How To Root Your Devices With KingRoot?

Root Android device without PC

We’ll show you how to root Android without the need for a PC using the KingRoot app in this section. This article is ideal for anyone looking for a non-computer technique to root Android phones and tablets.

Vital: Before starting with the tutorial below, ensure that you have a steady Internet connection and that you have made a backup of all your important stored data on your phone, as there is always a danger of data loss when rooting. Also, ensure that your phone has at least 65% battery capacity left to avoid any interruptions throughout the rooting process.

Step 1

Download the KingRoot APK from this link directly to the device that you want to root.

Step 2

After successfully downloading the program, you must now install it on your device.

Step 3

An installation prohibited popup may appear. In the following stages, we will show you how to get around this restriction and allow apps from unverified sources to be installed on your phone. Alternatively, if the option is available, simply press the Settings button.

Step 4

Navigate to Settings -> Security -> Enable Unknown Sources.

Step 5

You can now proceed with installing the app on your device.

Step 6

When you click on the KingRoot icon to open it, you’ll see a screen that states “Root access not available.” To start the rooting process, simply tap the ‘Get Now’ button.

Step 7

KingRoot would then scan your phone and search the servers for a suitable rooting technique for your Android phone. According to your Internet speed and Android phone model, the process may take some time to finish.

Step 8

After rooting, go to Google Play Store and search for the RootChecker app, which you can then download on your device. It will allow you to determine whether or not your Android phone or tablet has been successfully rooted.

Root android device with PC

If you have access to a Windows-based computer/PC, this section will show you how to use the KingRoot software on your PC to root your devices. You may need an original USB data cord for your phone to complete this guide.

Vital: Before beginning the tutorial below, make sure you have a steady Internet connection and have a backup of all of your crucial stored data on your Android phone, as there is always the danger of data loss when rooting. To minimize any undesired interruptions during the rooting process, make sure your smartphone has at least 65% battery life left.

Step 1

Download KingRoot APK for PC by clicking on this link.

Step 2

After you’ve successfully downloaded the KingRoot APK app, you’ll need to install it on your computer by following the installation guide.

Step 3

Connect your device to your computer via USB cable and launch KingRoot on your PC. It’s crucial to maintain a stable connection between your phone and your PC.

Step 4

Once the connection is established, the KingRoot application will automatically search for the most recent drivers for your device. If the driver is not already installed, KingRoot will download and install it for your connected Android device.

Step 5

To allow KingRoot to recognize your phone, you must first activate USB debugging on your Android smartphone. Please follow these six simple actions on your Android phone/tablet to do so:

  • Go to the ‘Settings’ menu
  • Select ‘About phone’ from the drop-down menu
  • Locate the Model number and tap it seven times
  • Return to the ‘Settings’ page
  • Next, select ‘Developer Options’
  • Locate and activate USB debugging in the list

Step 6

When you activate USB debugging on your device, the app will recognize it and display its name as well as its root status on your PC screen.

Step 7

To start the rooting procedure, click the ‘ROOT’ button. Now you must wait for the rooting process to complete, which will take a few minutes. The overall processing time is determined by the speed of your Internet connection and the model of your Android device.

Step 8

This is where you’ll find out if the KingRoot app was successful in rooting your device. If the root succeeded, KingRoot will display the status of your device as root.

Step 9

After rooting, go to the Google Play Store and browse for the RootChecker app, which you can then download on your device. This app will tell you whether or not your Android phone or tablet has been successfully rooted.

Frequently Asked Questions – KingRoot APK

Q: What is KingRoot APK?

In a matter of a few seconds, KingRoot, a Chinese application, can root your PC, Mac, and Android apps. If you have an Android device with an Android operating system from 4.2.2 to 5.1, you can easily root your device with KingRoot.

As soon as you start one-tap rooting with KingRoot Android APK, it detects your Android vulnerability. It makes it possible for you to become the administrator of your device without any limitations. It’s the simplest and quickest way to root your device while also cleaning it off malware.

Q: Is KingRoot free to download?

Yes, you read that correctly!

Both the KingRoot app for Android and the KingRoot PC for Windows are free to use for rooting your devices. You don’t have to pay anything to become an admin with full access here.

Q: Is it safe to use KingRoot?

You’ve probably figured out what the KingRoot app is and why we utilize it. The question now is whether it is safe to root your phone with it.

Data protection to avoid malware is an issue for everyone. In the case of KingRoot, though, it all depends on how you look at it. You are already aware that if rooting fails, you may lose your warranty, brick your device, or wind up with an unstable operating system.

However, if you use an advanced rooting program like KingRoot, you won’t have to worry about security or failing a root. As a result, KingRoot has advanced real-time security protection. KingRoot’s multi-layer security provides effective protection against various types of upgraded viruses, malware, and spyware.

You can happily do any financial activities with root access. As a result, KingRoot’s latest version will properly guard against unknown threats.

Q: What devices is KingRoot compatible with?

KingRoot supports a variety of mobile devices and tablets, including smartwatches, TVs, car DVD players, and smartphones. We can simply think of it as a super app for rooting Android devices because they support the majority of the devices on the market. That is one of the primary reasons for its appeal to Android users.

Q: How long would it take KingRoot to root a phone?

In most Android versions, this looks like this: Go to ‘Settings’, select ‘Security’, then scroll down to ‘Unknown Sources’, and turn the ‘Switch on’ option. You can now install KingRoot. Then, launch the app, select ‘One Click Root’, and keep your fingers crossed. If everything goes as planned, your phone should be rooted in around 60 seconds.

Conclusion – KingRoot APK

KingRoot is a great option for anyone who wants to root their device so that they may play advanced Mobile games and make use of other features accessible on rooted devices, such as installing modded apps.

Everyone can use KingRoot without any prior knowledge of the app. This software also allows you to remove bloatware from your phone after rooting it, which improves its efficiency even more. So if you want to download the KingRoot APK from a trusted source, then you should click this link.

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