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Moddroid APK is similar to Google play, where you can download various applications. Moddroid exclusively comes with Mod versions of all apps. Because millions of customers utilize it to download modded versions of their favorite software, this app is well-known around the internet.

The UI of this shop is responsive, and you can view all the options and apps on your device’s screen. Because it has an extensive library of diverse applications, we all want unlimited and free apps like photo editors, games, video editing apps, and more. All applications in this shop are free, so you must download them to your phone.

 Let’s have a look at some of the features that have made this app store famous all around the world.

App Name  Moddroid 
Version  3.2.6
Size  10 MB

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What Is Moddroid APK ?

The Moddroid app is a platform with many Mod apps and games. These Mod versions are available for download without charge and frequently include premium features to improve upon their original versions.

The Moddroid app contains all of your favorite games and apps. Still, it also includes many premium features that are unavailable elsewhere. Because Mods are ad-free, they cannot disrupt gameplay in the same way that banner advertising does on other platforms. 

Plus, each bundle includes extras such as improved visuals and new content sites where users can find fantastic bargains from companies that support this community by supplying us with Mods.

Numerous popular Android apps have modified versions available in the Moddroid app store. Since 2014, the site has specialized in content production lessons and ranked among the top Mod sites. You can find both free and paid versions of programs and games there. 

Its modified versions frequently include premium features. The fact that these games and apps are free and secure to download is the finest part. It’s also important to note that the store’s downloaded files are constantly updated.

Features Of Moddroid APK

Download your favorite app’s free premium versions

The option to download premium versions of your favorite apps is one of the numerous benefits of the Moddroid app for Android. You may free download and use premium versions of hundreds of programs and games! The program is free for download, or you may buy the premium edition separately. You can select an option based on your requirements.

Get the most recent versions of many Mod apps and games

As the name implies, it is a website with the most recent versions of many apps and games. However, some mobile phones cannot run the most recent version of an APK file. 

In this case, you can download and play earlier APK versions of the games and applications you want from Moddroid. This is a handy tool. However, it is crucial to remember that you may be unable to download the most recent version of the application onto your device.

Provides you access to older versions

Moddroid not only provides premium versions of applications but also provides access to older versions. You can download earlier versions of APK files from the website if your device cannot run the latest versions. This application is free to use, and you may use it to update your favorite applications.

An easy-to-use interface

The Moddroid app has a very user-friendly interface. It has no difficulties. Thus you will never have any trouble using it. Because of the high performance, every option in this app store responds quickly. 

There are no download restrictions, so you can download as many apps as you want. This program’s theme and color scheme are also impressive, which is why it surprises you every time you open it. This app store offers everything you need because it provides modified versions of each app.

Hundreds of different Mod versions

You can download hundreds of modified version applications from the Moddriod app store onto your device. It has various application categories, meaning you may get any program from this store. 

This store’s developers frequently update their app store, so you don’t have to go to another app store to receive the latest version. This shop also has older versions of apps, which is a fantastic feature. Find all Mod apps, games, social media, editing apps, tools, and more.

Safe to use

There have been no reported threats or issues with this unique app store, making it safe to use. Thousands of customers trust the Moddroid app store because this app is completely safe. If you’re looking for a trusted source to download Moddroid APK, click this link since our website provides the most recent version.

This APK file will not disturb you or endanger your security. Download this software whenever you choose because it will not force you to install unnecessary files on your phone. Your sensitive information will be entirely secure on your phone, and you’ll never have a problem.

Free to download

This feature significantly affects this app store. That is why people like this app store so much since they can acquire every single app for free. Because this APK is free to download, you can quickly install it on your device. This store has no hidden fees because all apps are free.


The Moddroid crew has done an excellent job categorizing the games and apps in this app store. Yes, by simply browsing your selected category, you will be able to find the newly added apps. Many individuals cannot find apps or games using the search function since the item’s name must be known. In this situation, one must browse their favorite category to find new things.

Make an account

It is possible to sign up for an account with the Moddroid app store. It’s because you can save data while playing games. Even so, writing a review and making a wish is crucial. Only people with accounts with them can request that brand-new apps be modified. Thus, creating an account with your email address is very exclusive.


This is similar to a wish theme. Yes, you can wish if you have a profile with the Moddroid app store. So, if you want the app and can’t find it anywhere, just click the wish button and ask the developers for it. They will consider your suggestion and make a Mod.

Multilingual support

English, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian, Russian, Italian, Vietnamese, Arabic, Thai, Chinese (simplified), German, Chinese (traditional), French, and Romanian are supported by the Moddroid mobile app.

Resume and pause

The APK download process can be quickly resumed and paused again. After pausing the download, you can resume it.

How To Install Moddroid APK ?

Let’s look at how to install the Moddroid app store to get any Games Mod APK.

  1. First, download the most recent version of Moddroid APK from our trusted site by clicking this link.
  2. Then, on your phone, enable 3rd Party Apps Installation. Go to Settings > Apps > Enable Unknown Source Installation.
  3. Open the file manager and navigate to Moddroid App Store.
  4. Click “Install Now.”
  5. Wait for the installation to complete.
  6. Great! The installation is complete.

How Do I Get Any Mod APK?

  1. Launch the Moddroid App Store.
  2. Type the name search if you know the name of your favorite app/game or manually by pressing on categories.
  3. Select the “Download Now” option.
  4. Allow the downloading process to finish.
  5. Simply install the APK file when it has been downloaded.
  6. Wait for the installation to complete.
  7. Great! The installation is complete.


  • The user profile includes statistics and activity logs
  • Content is divided into categories
  • Interface design that is simple and functional for easy interaction
  • Thousands of apps are available in the app store
  • Fast downloading apps
  • The app developers promise security


  • Android 5.0 is the minimum operating system needed
  • The app installation through the APK file requires the “Unknown sources” permission to be enabled in Settings>Application

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Moddroid app secure?

Yes, the Moddroid App is completely safe and secure. This app has been tested and found to be safe for use on Android devices. Without a doubt, you may download and install the Moddroid app.

How can I acquire the most recent Moddroid version?

You can find the most recent Moddroid APK version on our website. Simply click this link to download.

Is it legal to install the Moddroid App?

Yes, downloading the app is safe and legal.


You may access your favorite programs without paying for them by using the Moddroid software. You can test out all of this app’s incredible features for free.

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It’s simple: just download and install the Moddroid APK from this page on any Android phone or tablet device by clicking this link. Good luck with your Mod downloads today!

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