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NEWhatsApp APK Download Latest Version For Free 2022

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NEWhatsApp APK Download Latest Version For Free 2022

NEWhatsapp APK

NEWhatsApp is an application designed especially for Android users. The main app version, WhatsApp, is a well-known app used by millions and millions of people every day. Once you start using this app, you will never stop searching for modifications that make the app work more conveniently.

You can also try WhatsApp Plus APK, which is available on this site.

About NEWhatsApp APK


App Name  NEWhatsapp
Genre Social 
Mod  Full Unlocked 
Price  Free

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So, the NEWhatsApp APK is a mod that has multiple additional features, allowing you to set the background of your choice, app’s icon, theme, etc. We will talk about the other features in detail later.

The new NEWhatsApp version has all the features that the basic one has, plus some extra aesthetic and functional features. People love the NEWhatsApp APK, increasing the interest in downloading it.

All in all, NEWhatsApp APK is just a regular chatting application giving Android users a better experience while chatting and talking with their close people around the world. The mod version makes the connection and the features much better and more functional, so you would not face some issues like with the basic version.

If you are interested in downloading the NEWhatsApp APK mod, keep reading the download step by step section. Before it, see what NEWhatsApp has to offer and what is part of its trending features.

Why Should You Use The NEWhatsApp Apk?

NEWhatsApp  is a third-party app that can not be found in the original App Store. You should discover and download it from the web. The download is free, so you would not be charged for using it. The app comes with Antivirus installation suggestions and other advantages that make the communication much better and faster.


Using the WhatsApp application is entirely free of cost and requires only an internet connection. Once you have an internet connection, you can send and receive messages, calls, and video conversations with your close people. NEWhatsApp     does not require a paid subscription to use its features.


NEWhatsApp allows you to send and receive high-quality voice, video, and photo messages. The multimedia sending is much faster, while the quality remains at high levels.

Free and strong call quality

Use the WhatsApp call feature and enjoy your long talks with your long-time no-see friend or family member. The call quality is exceptional, even if the other side of the phone is outside the country. The NEWhatsApp uses your phone’s internet and makes the conversations much better.

NEWhatsApp is the best mod you should install on your phone if you are facing some connection and phone call quality issues while using the basic WhatsApp version. Plus, everything is free. You would not be charged for using the newest mod version.

Group chats

Group chatting was never better. You can enjoy the mutual conversations and manage your sent messages. Your contacts are stored on your phone because NEWhatsApp  cares about your privacy and does not save your contacts on its servers.

NeWhatsApp’s Features

  • NEWhatsApp helps you disable auto text input (choose the special setting “Hide Auto Text”)
  • Hide contact’s or group’s name on the chat screen
  • Check and manage your privacy settings in the Plus section
  • Extended notification icon options
  • Organize your interviews or conversations using the interview and conversation card
  • More signs and extra bubbles
  • Change your home screen style by choosing some of the offered styles (seven in total)
  • Hide the app icon and select the launcher to change the name
  • Option to display the last symbol or line at the home screen beginning
  • Send up to 90 pictures instead of the max of 10
  • Change the Ticks and Bubbles style from the offered list (13 styles in total)
  • You can add up to 250 characters instead of the limited 139
  • The video upload size is also extended from 16 MB to 50 MB
  • Use the message scheduler to organize your messages
  • Click the link and check your friend’s status
  • An auto-reply feature for all busy users who can not reply fast at every moment
  • Send links without the requirement to save the sender or admin number
  • Use the encryption feature to encrypt specific texts
  • Hide the name and date of specific messages you send
  • Increase and decrease the text’s size
  • The automated reply text can be sent up to 10,000 times
  • You can send calls and messages to unknown numbers with NEWhatsApp    
  • Feature to translate messages written in different languages
  • Use the animation effects and improve your communication experience
  • You can use group statistics
  • NEWhatsApp is an anti-ban version
  • Turn on the “Do not disturb” feature if you do not want to receive messages
  • Download stories and statuses fast and free
  • Set wallpaper to your home screen
  • Change font styles from the offered 70 options
  • Download themes using the “Theme Server”
  • Put a font on the ticks and bubbles of your choice
  • Enjoy the new and the old emojis if you like them more

What Is New With The NEWhatsApp APK?

  • NEWhatsApp  allows you to customize your home screen with a variety of customization options
  • Edit the text with the bold and italic text editor
  • Send messages, pictures, and videos of better quality to contacts who have NEWhatsApp installed on their phones
  • Underline essential parts of the message and set an auto-repay feature
  • NEWhatsApp ‘s latest version allows you to view all the messages in one place
  • Make your WhatsApp experience fun and customize your background
  • You can add your own name to the home screen and respond fast and automatically to messages
  • Use the NEWhatsApp latest version to extend the emoji, GIF, font, and HD wallpaper list to up to 3,000 new and free ones
  • Higher privacy on the sent messages and call lines; the communication is encrypted
  • NEWhatsApp will protect you from unwanted contacts, media leakage, and interception
  • You have three privacy setting categories

If you think that these features and options are excellent for your basic WhatsApp app, you can jump into the Download and Install section to learn how to get the latest NEWhatsApp version.

NEWhatsApp Features: How Do They Work, and How Are They Better Than the Basic WhatsApp?


WhatsApp allows you to use the “Unsend” feature. Sometimes someone may change their mind and wish the sent message was gone, so they use the new feature that the basic WhatsApp version offers. This might trigger your attention and make you curious about what they were trying to tell you. The WhatsApp erase feature allows users to remove the sent message even before the other side sees it.

But, if you have the NEWhatsApp APK, you can stop everyone from erasing the messages and let you see the content, whether it was or was not for you. Enable the “Anti-revoke” feature and use your right to recognize the message sent to you. NEWhatsApp guarantees and understands you deserve to know each message or content someone has sent to you.

The “Anti-revoke” feature allows you to stop the sender from erasing the sent message from the chat so that you can see it anytime. Ensure this feature is activated. Otherwise, the sender will be able to remove and erase messages even before you see them.

Enable this feature by choosing: Settings > Security > Anti Revoke.

Freeze the last seen

This feature allows you to stay active, but nobody sees it. This feature does exactly what it says. It freezes your last “Seen” and makes you stay active without anyone noticing. The “Last seen freeze” feature will allow you to utilize WhatsApp anonymously in events when you are not in a state to communicate with some individuals.

You can hide your last seen from everyone or just a specific user. To enable this feature, you should choose: The three dots button > Protection > Freeze Last Seen.

View status secretly

There is a WhatsApp hack to see someone’s status without them knowing is to go offline and open their status. You can do this by turning off the internet connection, whether it is from Wi-Fi or mobile data. But, going offline is not a permanent solution because the person may see you have seen their status once you go online again. If you want this to be a 100%-secret-status seen, you have to use the features that NEWhatsApp offers.

So, the NEWhatsApp     will allow you to see the person’s status without them discovering you have seen it. If you are shy to open someone’s status, NEWhatsApp will allow you to secretly view it without showing to that person you have seen their status. You have to enable this feature because it is not automatically enabled.

To activate this feature, you should open: The three dots button > select Privacy > Status View.

An improved way of sharing media files

The basic WhatsApp version might make you tired of sharing media. The process limits the media’s size and quality and often breaks and stops before sending. The limited number of pictures you can send is too irritating.

Well, you are not alone because many WhatsApp users have experienced it and mentioned it in their reviews. Those reviews were inspiring for some creative individuals who designed the NEWhatsApp APK.

NEWhatsApp allows you to get over those limitations and solve the problem. You can share pictures in a number much greater than before and in quality of incredible resolution. You can even upload larger and longer videos, keeping their sound and image quality in high resolution.

To enable this feature, you should open: The three dots button > Plus > Media Sharing option.


This might be the best feature NEWhatsApp APK gives. You can enjoy the large portion of features that the basic version did not have. Change the interface, make unique designs, and adjust the gradient, texture, shade, color, the image of your choice, and even the text font and size.

Use the air pocket styles or tick styles. You can make your application personalized to your own preferences, allowing you to investigate and try some new features that you have never met before. At this point, you realize that the most used app on your phone can look and work as you wish. You can personalize the NEWhatsApp by making combinations from the vast list of offered appearances.

To use the personalization details and styles, you should open: The three dots button > Plus > Customization.

Privacy protection

Everything drowns in the water if your data is unprotected. NEWhatsApp cares about its users’ privacy and safety and offers an extensive range of options in the privacy settings menu. In the privacy menu, you can find various settings you can enable, including hive voice recording, shred typing alternative, hide-play status, conceal status read, and many others.

Open the privacy menu and discover some of the privacy advantages NEWhatsApp gives. These settings are unique, recognizable only for the NEWhatsApp version. You can not find some features on the basic version, which is another reason why you should download and install NEWhatsApp.

To enable the protection features, you should open: The three dots button > Privacy Settings > Select the protection by the offered topic.

Download NEWhatsApp Latest Version

Ensure you have chosen a trusted source to download NEWhatsApp APK. Choosing a trusted source will help you stay protected from viruses and malware. The untrusted sites might allow viruses to enter your device and affect it contrarily.

Open the Google app and search for NEWhatsApp APK download. The results will show you many websites that have the download link but they are not all trusted. We have the legit link to download NEWhatsApp APK and that’s done by clicking this link.

Once your download is done, open the download file and start the installation process.

NEWhatsApp APK installation

Ensure you have previously backed up your WhatsApp messages completely. Then, uninstall the old WhatsApp version. Download the NEWhatsApp APK and open the APK file.

Select the “Install” option and wait until the NEWhatsApp APK installation is complete. Then, the screen will allow you to click on the “Open” button and proceed to enter your phone number to log in.

Once you enter the app, you can enjoy the new features and conversations. To restore your messages from the previous version, you should backup the app. Open the “Settings” and choose the “Chat” section.

Your screen will ask you to restore the messages and media files on your phone’s internal storage. You can choose the restore option or skip the step and restore it later.

We suggest doing the backup before proceeding to the app. That way, you will continue where you have stopped and use the new NEWhatsApp version as a continuation of the old version. So, follow these steps to do the complete backup: 

Open the NEWhatsApp  > Settings > Chat > Chat Backup > click the green button.

Unknown Sources permission

To download any APK file, you will be asked to enable the third-party apps’ permission. This step is required for allowing Android to receive and install APK files. You should click on the pop-up option named “Unknown Sources” and give permission for a third-party app download.

If this option is not popping up on your smartphone, you can open and activate it on your own by following these steps:

  1. Open the mobile settings on your Android.
  2. Go to the additional settings section, which is on the top of the Settings menu.
  3. Many privacy options will appear on the screen, so choose the privacy menu of the additional settings.
  4. There, you will see the “Unknown Source” option. Allow it.
  5. The feature is now enabled, and you can download the NEWhatsApp APK.

NEWhatsApp APK Download For iOs And PC

Download NEWhatsApp APK On Your iOs (for iPhone users)

NEWhatsApp     is available only for Android, but there are a few tips and tricks that allow iOs users to download some Android apps on their iPhones. So, if you are an iOs user and the NEWhatsApp     looks too attractive for you, check below to find how to get it.

  1. Download the BlueStacks in your iOs from any browser you have.
  2. Open the downloaded file and install the Android Emulator.
  3. This will allow you to install any Android apps on your iPhone.
  4. Search for the NEWhatsApp APK and do the regular download steps.
  5. Install the NEWhatsApp APK on your iOs software and enter your phone number.
  6. That’s it. You can now enjoy NEWhatsApp on your iPhone.

Download NEWhatsApp Apk On Your Pc

If you are more of a desktop user, you can download NEWhatsApp on your PC as well. The process is the same with the iOs software users, so you will have to download an emulator first.

  1. Open any browser and search for Android Emulator online.
  2. We recommend BlueStacks, Game Loop, and NOX Player. You can choose a fourth emulator if our recommended ones do not look attractive to you.
  3. Take the usual steps for download and install until the Emulator gets completely installed on your PC.
  4. Open the emulator and sign in.
  5. Search for NEWhatsApp APK and click Download.
  6. The NEWhatsApp APK download and install steps are usual, and you would not need to take some special steps.
  7. Open the NEWhatsApp APK file and log in with your phone number.
  8. You are finished, and you can start using NEWhatsApp from your PC.

How To Delete Your NEWhatsApp Account?

Deleting the NEWhatsApp account is easy and simple for every user. It is okay to delete social media sometimes and just take a break from overusing the smartphone. So, if you are facing this issue, follow these steps and delete your NEWhatsApp account in seconds.

  1. Open the NEWhatsApp home screen.
  2. Click the three dots (lines) button on the top right corner.
  3. You will see multiple options in this menu, so choose the Settings section.
  4. The Settings menu will offer another menu of setting functions. 
  5. Enter the Account section.
  6. Enter your phone number and country code, then choose the Delete My Account option. 

It might take a few seconds until your account gets removed.

How Safe Is It to Download and Use NEWhatsApp APK?

The download safety depends on the chosen website you have selected for the NEWhatsApp download. It is important to research a bit and ensure that the chosen website guarantees download safety.

Safe websites are recognizable, and you can easily find one. Check the review section on the website and see if there are some testimonials from users who have downloaded the NEWhatsApp APK. Ensure there is no case reporting that the downloaded file brought viruses.

On the other hand, the NEWhatsApp APK is relatively safe and has high safety standards and settings for all users. There is no report of possible information, media spillage, or malware infection with NEWhatsApp.

You can manage your profile’s safety settings by opening the Settings menu. Your profile photo, contacts, and last seen feature is set by you, and you can decide how much information is safe to share on NEWhatsApp.

Block unwanted users so they can not contact you directly further. You can also request and get a report of your NEWhatsApp settings and information. In the end, do not forget to enable the Two-Step verification feature. The app will allow you to set a 6-digit code to enable extra security to your NEWhatsApp account.

Conclusion – Download NEWhatsApp Latest Version

NEWhatsApp APK seems like a much better version of the basic WhatsApp. The feature list is pretty enriched with options and choices that the previous version did not support.

NEWhatsApp is initially designed for Android users, but even iOs and PC users can have it on their devices. The download is fast and free for all software, and you can enjoy NEWhatsApp without paying a subscription.

Manage your security settings and try some of the secret features NEWhatsApp offers. Enjoy the improved version of communication. Choose NEWhatsApp.

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