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PicsArt MOD APK (Premium/Gold Features Unlocked)

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PicsArt MOD APK (Premium/Gold Features Unlocked)


Are you a creative person, who loves photography? Do you love spending your time editing photos and making them the best they can be? If you do, you probably constantly search for different Android apps and tools that can bring the best out of your photos and make them unique. And if you still haven’t found that ideal application, you’re in the right place. 

The PicsArt Mod APK is considered the best app for making your photos the best they can be. And if you don’t have the PicsArt photo editor, you have no idea what you’re missing out on!

The PicsArt photo editor is a free app suitable for any Android device. PicsArt not only allows you to edit photos, but you can also edit videos with it in a very professional way. You’ll get access to many interesting visuals that will make all of your photos and videos one of a kind, so it’s no wonder why this modified version is so popular.

What Is the PicsArt Mod APK?

PicsArt Mod APK is a modified version of the PicsArt photo editor that has a lot of options and tools that will help you edit your photos for free. The PicsArt app is the best photo editing app that offers a variety of options that will make your photos stand out and one of a kind. You’ll have a lot of fun with this app. This all-in-one editor will allow you to add stickers and frames to your photos, make collages, and a lot more.

By downloading and installing this app, you’ll get all the Premium features absolutely free of charge. This application is full of visual effects and unique effects that you can all use for free. This app comes in many different versions so that you can find the most suitable one for your Android device.

This is your opportunity to make your favorite photos and even videos just the way you imagine them to be without spending your money, so without any further ado, let’s see all of the features this fantastic app has.

PicsArt Mod APK Features

The PicsArt Mod app has plenty of tools that will provide you with the best experience while editing your photos and videos, and without a doubt, you’ll have a lot of fun doing that. With its user-friendly interface, using this app is a very simple thing to do. Now, let’s take a look at its features and how you can use them.

The basic photo editing options

Let’s start with the main purpose of this app, the photo editing feature. PicsArt will make editing your photos a very enjoyable and easy thing to do, while at the same time, the tools it offers and the results you’ll get will be equal to using a professional editor.

PicsArt offers you the basic editing tools, such as cloning your photo, cropping and cutting your photo, flipping and rotating the photo, and resizing it. You can even remove objects and backgrounds from the images. 

If you want to enhance and improve the details of the photo, you have a brush mode available, and if you’re going to make your photos more personal, you can use different fonts, which can be very useful, especially if you want to promote something on the Internet. Adding different fonts easily also allows you to make memes from your device in the easiest way possible.


Who doesn’t love to use effects on their photos? Everyone wants to experiment with different filters and effects that make the images even better than they previously were, and this app gives you a chance and many options to do that effortlessly. With the PicsArt application, you’ll get access to endless different filters.

On the app, when you tap on the “Effects”, you’ll find many sections which contain sets of various effects. If you tap on the “Simple” section, you’ll get access to a folder containing simple effects, but there are also other sections filled with different effects. For example, next to this section, there’s an FX section. Next to it is a B&W section that holds many black and white filters. You can also find a section full of blur effects, artistic effects, different color effect combinations, and even a few magical effects.

What will definitely catch your attention is the “Canvas” section which changes different parts of your photos, and the “Paper” section, which allows you to transfer your photos on a canvas base, allowing you an easy way to change the style of your photos.


In the section with all of the above effects, there’s a section named “Sketch”. You can’t find the Sketch feature on any other photo editing app, and that’s one of the things that makes the PicsArt app so special. 

This unique feature will allow you to make a realistic and colorful sketch from absolutely any photo you want that contains a face. You can even make a sketch of your selfies and have one-of-a-kind profile pictures that you can put on your social networks. Everyone will wonder and will want to know how you’ve managed to make such an original photo. The sketches can be reversed, duplicated, and many more things can be done to them, so if you want to find out what those are, feel free to download this app.


PicsArt will give you access to millions of different stickers, so if you’re a fan of stickers, you’ll have lots of fun looking through them and using them in your photos. You can modify them, duplicate them, and adjust their contrast, brightness, and colors, ending up with a unique sticker. Even more, you can make your own stickers, so let’s see how you can do that.

Creating stickers

If you don’t like any of the countless stickers that this app will give you access to, and you want to make your own unique and personalized sticker, the PicsArt app gives you the opportunity to create your own. The Sticker Maker offers you the needed tools to create a sticker to your liking. After you’re done creating your perfect sticker, you can use it however you want, and you can even share it with the online community.

Collage maker

The “Collage Maker” in PicsArt is an amazing feature for everyone who wants to put more photos into a single one. Countless grid styles and templates to choose from will make customizing your photos a very enjoyable activity. 

You can also make your own customized collage and add frames to it. You can set the ratio on the collage frame, adjust the thickness and the radius of the borders, change the color of the background, or set a background picture or texture. And thanks to the tolls allowing you to customize the number of images you want to include, the style of the borders, etc., they’ll look professionally made. 

You’ll even be able to organize your photos in albums and keep everything organized and arranged.


Another attractive option available on the PicsArt Mod app is the variety of frames you can use to frame your photos and make them look even more incredible. 

You can find a frame for your photos for any occasion. Let’s say you want to make a collage of pictures of you and your best friend for their birthday. That’s a very easy thing to do, thanks to this photo editing app. You can find many colorful frames specially designed to wish someone a happy birthday and apply them to your photo collage or your chosen photo. And not just that. 

There’s a variety of different frames for all kinds of occasions, such as for Valentine’s day, and you can also find frames with tropical motives, frames for welcoming newborn babies, school frames, bachelorettes’ party frames, floral frames, and lots more. Applying the suitable frame for that special occasion photo you want to make unforgettable will make your photos one of a kind.


You can retouch all of your selfies by implementing many different options available on the PicsArt Mod app. You can edit your whole face, the size of your nose, lips, and eyes. You can even edit your eyebrows if you want to make them fuller or thinner or change their position. You can erase the wrinkles that bother you, smoothen your skin, or remove the bags under your eyes.

Another exciting thing you can do is put makeup on your face. For example, you can choose among many lipstick shades and blushes, and you can even contour your face. You can put eyeliner, eyeshadow, and eyelashes on your eyes, so the options you’re presented with are endless. You can do absolutely anything you want. The fun you’ll have when applying all of this makeup is guaranteed.

Video editor

Besides editing and manipulating your photos, another amazing thing that this app provides is doing the same to your videos. What this feature allows you to do is to apply the most basic changes to your videos, like, for example, cropping and trimming the video, but also many other advanced options. You’ll be able to adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, or shadow of your videos. You can also add your favorite audio or place a voiceover.

Another interesting thing that you can apply is the countless amazing effects, add text, stickers, and even photos, let’s say, in the corner of the video or wherever you want. You can even add a background to your videos. Pretty amazing, right? 

Thanks to this feature, you can give a professional touch to your favorite videos, and even better, now your videos can get a new and improved look, so the stories on your social media will be the best ones out there.


Besides editing the photos, this fantastic app has something to offer even for individuals who like to draw. The PicsArt drawing feature includes drawing tools that will make you taste the ultimate professional drawing experience. You can choose your canvas and your brushes, and what makes it more interesting is the fact that this app lets you make your own brushes and offers you intuitive layers to dry on. 

You can add shapes and objects to your drawings, and you can also draw over your existing photos. The options are endless, and you’ll have a lot of fun creating and drawing on your device.


PicsArt is an interactive app that has plenty of mini-games but not the kind of games you’re thinking of. The PicsArt games are made in the form of challenges between you and other PicsArt users, in which you’ll be challenged to edit photos and videos. 

You can participate in different challenges. For example, you can participate in a challenge to design a piece of clothing using all of the tools available from this application or make a calendar for a specific month. After the challenge has ended, you’ll be notified of which place you’ve ended up, and also, you can take a look at all of the other participant’s submissions. 

Participating in different challenges will awaken your competitive spirit, and you’ll definitely have lots of fun competing.

Replay option

Another useful feature is the Replay feature, which makes editing your photos even more effortless. The Replay feature allows you to find edits with already applied effects from some other user, which you can effortlessly duplicate and use in your own photo or video edits. 

This feature provides you with even faster editing of your photos. Also, new Replays are constantly added to this platform, so you’ll never run out of new different options to try on your creations.

Remix feature

The Remix feature is another exciting option you can use to make things even more enjoyable. If you open the PicsArt app and search by using the hashtag freetoedit, you’ll find many photos from other users that you’re allowed to take and edit however you like. 

After you’re done, you can upload the edited photo on PicsArt, set fitting hashtags, and let the other users apply your editing steps to their images or edit your creation. This innovative feature will awaken your imagination and creativity and give you many ideas you can apply to your next photos.

PicsArt blog

Another thing this application offers is its blog. So, through this application, you’ll get access to the PicsArt blog, where you can discover and learn plenty of useful tips and tricks. 

You’ll be able to read all kinds of articles that will show you how to combine different colors and how to make the best-edited photos and videos. For example, you’ll be able to inform yourself about the meaning of many different colors, different palettes, the best color combinations, and many other useful facts.

Additional features

The modified version of PicsArt is an interactive app on which you can follow your favorite creators, so you’ll always have someone to spark a bit of inspiration in you. Also, you have access to many free photos that you can use in your learning process. 

You’ll even get the chance to meet with a master’s contributors and visit their masterclasses, so this app also offers you many different ways to upgrade your editing knowledge.

Where to Download PicsArt Mod APK

After learning all of the advantages this app can bring you, you’re probably wondering where you can download it. You can find this app on the Google Play Store and download it for free, but remember that you can use the 7-day free trial version. After those seven days have passed, you’ll be asked to choose between a monthly or yearly payment. But if you want to get all of the features, including the Gold membership, absolutely for free, you can download the PicsArt Mod APK from the APKdone official website, where you’ll get the unlocked version.

The application is safe to download and safe to use, so you can install it without fearing that something will happen to your device. Furthermore, many people have already downloaded it, used it, and are very satisfied with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of media can I edit with PicsArt Mod?

The modified PicsArt version is a fantastic app for editing your photos, applying filters on them, adding text and stickers, and improving them in many different ways. You can even make all kinds of photo collages thanks to this app, which can be very useful when you want to congratulate something to your closest friends.

But with this app, you can also edit your videos which is a very useful thing, especially if you regularly use social networks apps and like to put and share videos of your adventures on them.

Is downloading the PicsArt Mod app safe?

Yes, downloading this modified version of the PicsArt application is absolutely safe. If you decide to download this amazing modified app from the APKdone official website, or any other of their many modified apps, the download and installation process are absolutely safe and secured.

Using this app will never harm your mobile device, so you have nothing to worry about. Every user account is safe, and even more, many users are already using this app and enjoy all the things it offers.

Is the PicsArt Mod app free to use?

If you can’t afford to pay for the Premium version of the PicsArt application, downloading this modified version is the best thing you can do. You’ll get the modified version absolutely for free, and you’ll get access to all of the premium features without having to spend a cent.

So if you want to use the Premium features of this app without having to pay anything for them, and also use it free of boring ads, and without the watermark that covers the photos, go to the APKdone website and get it.

How to add fonts to my photos on PicsArt?

Open the application and select the picture you want to add the font to. Then, tap the “Font”, and you’ll be presented with the keyboard to write your text. Then, you’ll get access to all of the available fonts, and those are many to choose from. Have fun with them, try them all out, and choose the one you like the most. 

After you’re done with that, you can choose the color of the text and give the text a background color if you like. You can even outline the letters in the color of your liking. You can add space between the letters, change the level of the opacity, blend the text into the picture, give the letters a shadow, and even bend them. You can do whatever you wish with your text. 

After you finish with its editing, place it wherever you want on the photo, and that’s it.

Where are the photos from the PicsArt Mod app saved?

You’ll need to create an account that will allow you to save all of the photos on the app. That will be the first thing you’ll be asked to do when you start using this app but don’t worry because most of the users have their own accounts, which are safe and secured. You can also download and save the photos on your mobile device and use them however you want.


Thanks to the existence of the PicsArt Mod app, editing and personalizing your photos and videos has never been easier. Now you can do all the editing from your mobile device, including adding all kinds of effects to your favorite images and even making your own stickers to put on them. 

This app will provide you with an extraordinary experience. You know where to find it, and you know what to expect from it. Once you try it, you’ll be amazed by the countless options you can have fun with, absolutely for free. So go and get it, and have lots of fun with it.

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