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Pocket FM Mod APK

pocket fm mod apk

With the help of the program Pocket FM Mod APK, you may listen to audiobooks, radio, audio stories, podcasts, various courses, and music. This program is well-known because of this.

Because the Pocket FM app has millions of users worldwide, thousands of its users have given it positive evaluations and ratings. You can never get tired of using this app because it has many features and can make you happy when you feel bored. 

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What Is Pocket FM Mod APK?


App Name  Pocket FM 
Genre Music 
Publisher Pocket FM 
Mod Features VIP Unlocked 
Price  Free

Download Now


You don’t have to spend anything to acquire this fantastic program because it is available in the regular edition, which is completely free to download. In this version, you will only find a small selection of stories, songs, radio channels, and English classes. 

However, you must purchase the premium edition of this application if you want access to all of these features. You will notice advertisements when using the basic version of pocket FM. After installing this version, you must give your phone permission to use your device to utilize the application.

The Pocket FM Mod APK  application offers some amazing benefits that are not available in the regular edition. Because you will get unlimited access to all high-end features in this modified version, you won’t be paying for the application’s premium features.

Because this epic edition is free to use, you can take advantage of all options and features. Because they don’t have to pay anything, many users prefer to utilize the modified version of the pocket FM app.

Why Would You Use Pocket FM Mod APK?

This is for you if you enjoy stories or audiobooks of the FM variety. Because Pocket FM has so many Indian books, you won’t need any other apps since this is one of the most popular audiobooks with the best customization. Anyone may use the layout because it is clear and simple. There are numerous Indian languages that music lovers find handier.

Pocket FM Mod APK Features

Because of its excellent optimization, no lagging complaints have ever been made about the Pocket FM app. This application provides a good user experience that is error-free and operates smoothly. 

You will not need a strong mobile phone to operate this program because it is relatively lightweight. Additionally, this program doesn’t require a lot of storage space. Let’s now examine the other aspects of this program that set it apart from the competition.


Because it offers its customers a variety of radio channels to listen to, this is a special feature of the Pocket FM program. You don’t need to exert any effort; all you have to do is switch on the radio in the app, and it will automatically tune to every channel accessible in your area. You can listen to the radio anytime you choose without restrictions, thanks to this app’s 24/7 radio services.

Play music

The Pocket FM app provides a variety of music genres that you may listen to, so you don’t need to use the additional app to play music while using this one. All of the users’ needs are met by this program.

People are satisfied and happy with this application as a result. You can listen to the soothing music in it before bed to have a good night’s rest. The fact that additional music is added to this application with each update is a plus.

English course

Pocket FM is excellent for those who want to study the English language because it includes a unique function where you may do so. This feature is for you if you are a foreign national and wish to speak English.

You can listen to many English-speaking classes on this app to learn more about the language. Thanks to the basic and straightforward courses that pocket FM’s creators have created, you won’t ever encounter any difficulties while learning.

Different stories

Because Pocket FM has so many fantastic features for its consumers, it consistently receives top ratings online. If you enjoy listening to diverse stories, you don’t need to seek out anyone since this app has a special feature that allows you to listen to various stories, including thrillers, mysteries, love, crime, and horror.

You can listen to more than 120,000 stories on this app, which includes more than 11,000,000 total stories. The best part is that this program supports multiple languages, so if you don’t understand one, don’t worry, you can switch to another one.


Pocket FM offers this fantastic feature because it allows you to create your own podcasts and share your voice with the world. All you have to do is make a high-quality voice recording and share it with your profile on this fantastic platform. In this program, you can listen to various voiceover actors with only one tap.

You can listen to inspirational podcasts featuring various people and their success stories. This feature of the Pocket FM app allows you to post your comments to the community.

No membership needed

To fully utilize the application, you must purchase a membership for the normal edition of pocket FM; otherwise, you won’t be able to use it effectively. However, since the Mod version is membership-free, you don’t need anything to utilize it. 

The free pocket FM app and the ability to utilize all features without a membership translates to your financial savings. So, if you’d want this software without a membership, download the modified version.

VIP content

If you wish to play VIP content from this application, you must purchase a monthly membership, which is not available in the normal edition. However, if you use the modified app version, all VIP information will be available without cost, so you won’t need to pay for membership. Only in the modified version are all stories, audiobooks, and radio channels available for free play.

No ads

You won’t ever see a pop-up or video commercials because the modified version of pocket FM doesn’t have any ads. Because this edition never costs its users, you also don’t have to pay to eliminate adverts, so that you can use the entire application uninterrupted.


This program has an audiobook capability that will be quite useful for various tasks. This audiobook allows you to store your audio files and playback any you have already done.

High-quality sound

Since Pocket FM is an application that focuses on audiobooks as well as practical entertainment support features, the sound quality is rather carefully invested in. Most of the information offered by this program is given in 256 Kbps format, which is the industry standard for sound quality. In light of this, if you have a high-quality headset, you may use the application’s superb soundscape.

The application supports the 256 Kbps audio standard for podcasts, tales, and audiobooks as well. As a result, the sound quality will be good and unaffected even if your internet connection is unstable. Additionally, users can choose to lower the audio resolution in the settings.

Simple interface

When everything is simple to understand and works with most modern mobile devices, Pocket FM also scores admirably in terms of interface. Given that the application is intended for all users, including seniors, this is very understandable. 

As a result, the publisher concentrated on making the interface simpler and more user-friendly. Additionally, the transition effect is stable for low-profile devices and operates smoothly.

Different languages

This program offers a variety of languages that you can utilize as needed. You can pick a different language to use if you have trouble understanding English or your audience is multilingual.


  • Make music
  • Radio
  • Various tales
  • Numerous audiobook
  • Several podcasts
  • English language instruction
  • Excellently optimized application
  • Portable application
  • Several languages
  • Beautiful user interface


  • Membership in the standard version must be purchased for the premium function

How to Install Pocket FM Mod APK?

  • Open Pocket FM Modded APK in the file manager on your phone
  • Then navigate to settings after clicking the installation button
  • Unlock the ‘unknown resource’ now, then restart the installation
  • This is where the Pocket FM Modded APK installation will be finished
  • Feel the authentic radio once more with the app

Why Pocket FM APK Is So Popular?

The elders of the residence used to tell many stories to the children, which the children enjoyed listening to. These stories became available in the form of books as technology advanced. So, thankfully, we can now easily access any kind of story or any horrible, spiritual, religious, or health book via the internet if we want to read it. 

Pocket FM is an audio listening application that allows us to listen to Indian audiobooks and stories. The stories may fall into the following categories: business, religious, audio summary, people’s biography, romance, thriller, self-help, motivational books, investment, and so on.

Can I Earn From Pocket FM APK?

Yes, you can make money off of Pocket FM. If you want to learn how to make money with Pocket FM, follow these steps. You can make $0.13for each referral you share.

You must follow the instructions listed below.

  • Download the Pocket FM Mod APK first by clicking this link
  • Launch the app and choose your language
  • Type in your mobile number and check it with the incoming OTP
  • Go to the Dashboard and finish your profile using the Mera Channel option
  • Save your completed profile, then pick the Mera channel option, “Gallery,” and add any song or MP3 file
  • You must upload one song to receive your referral link. Add the name of your MP3 file and the cover image, then save
  • The Refer and Earn Program will now be shown on the Mera Channel Tab. Tell your friends about your referral link
  • $2.55 is the minimum redeemable amount in Paytm accounts
  • By sharing your referral link on social media, you can make up to $13

Frequently Asked Questions About Pocket FM Mod APK

Q: Is it possible to get a Pocket FM Mod?

Yes, the Pocket FM APK has been altered so that users can use Pocket FM Mod to unlock its locked features.

Q: How to download the Pocket FM Modded APK?

Simply download the Pocket FM Mod APK by clicking this link.

Q: How can I get a free Pocket FM membership?

By Installing the Modded version, you’ll gain access to the VIP membership.

Q: Is Pocket FM Modded APK free to download?

Yes, Pocket FM Modded APK is free to download. It also has a premium membership with additional features unlocked.

Q: Where was Pocket FM developed?

Pocket FM was created to be used in Syria.

Q: What memberships does Pocket FM have?

Pocket FM includes two types of options. One is free and provides access to over 10,000 audiobooks, podcasts, and other resources. The other option is a fully unlocked VIP membership, including access to all Pocket FM content.

Q: Who owns Pocket FM?

Pocket FM was launched in 2018 by Prateek Dixit, Nishanth Srinivas, and Rohan Nayak.

Q: Is Pocket FM a useful app?

Yes, Pocket FM is a good app because it can be used for both educational and entertainment purposes.

Q: Is Pocket FM available in English?

Pocket FM is, indeed, available in English.

Q: How do I get a podcast onto pocket FM?

You can distribute your podcast by submitting it.

  • Send Pocket Casts your RSS feed. Go to https://www.pocketcasts.com/submit/ and enter your RSS feed, then choose Public.
  • Include the Pocket Casts URL in your Anchor profile. Once your listing has been approved, you will have a link to share with others.

Q: Can Pocket FM be used while not connected to the internet?

Yes, you can listen to a podcast or something else offline if you have downloaded it.

Conclusion :  Download Pocket FM Mod APK For Free!

This is the best app to use if you want to listen to anything from news, stories, current events, love stories, comedy, and other forms of entertainment. I’ve been using this app for a few days now, and I can honestly say it’s a fantastic app if you’re tired of listening to music and feeling stressed in your life.

This app’s best features include current daily affairs, relaxation music, and comedies. Furthermore, audiobooks are a novel concept that I believe everyone should try. To improve the user experience, creators should add more English content.

People all over the world are already amusing themselves in large numbers. If you’re searching for thrilling novels and short stories, download the Pocket FM Mod APK risk-free by clicking this link.

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