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Rope Hero Mod Apk (Ultimate Money)

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Rope Hero Mod Apk (Ultimate Money)

rope hero mod apk

Superhero games are very popular, especially with the mobile support many game developers now offer. With the incredible performance of modern smartphones, you have an excellent opportunity to play your favorite video games on your phone.

Although they can be very exciting, most superhero games often revolve around the same old characters. Batman, Spider-Man, Superman, Iron Man, and many others were our role models as children. However, we all know their superpowers a bit too well, making traditional superhero games slightly dull.

If you’ve run out of interesting options, we recommend you give Rope Hero a try. Rope Hero is a superhero-themed game that will help you enjoy the main character’s superpowers. The gameplay follows the superhero around Vice Town, where he completes different challenges with the help of his power and skills.

However, there’s a catch. You will need a lot of in-game currency to be able to purchase items and complete challenges. But making money is hard enough in real life, so nobody would want to spend their free time earning money in video games as well.

That is why we’re offering a modified version of the game with unlimited cash. If that sounds exciting, hurry up and download the Rope Hero MOD APK on this link.

Name                       Rope Hero Mod APK.1 
Category Action
Size 108.6 MB

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More About Rope Hero: Vice Town

If you take a quick look into Rope Hero: Vice Town, you’ll find that the game offers an exciting mix of two popular games: GTA Vice City and Spider-Man.

The open game world of Vice Town is explored through the eyes of Rope Hero – the main character. It allows you to roam Vice Town with the help of the hero’s rope, which can be released and hooked onto any building, similar to how Spider-Man released the spider web.

Rope Hero’s superpower is here to make the game a lot more dynamic. In GTA, you need to walk or drive to your desired destination, while in Rope Hero: Vice Town, your character can now quickly navigate through town using his rope which you can hook anywhere you want.

The mobile-friendly game is one of the best free games you’ll find. Although we’re still talking about mobile games, Rope Hero has a great production value and incredible design that significantly contributes to the gaming experience. The game is developed to challenge the gaming limitations of mobile platforms and offer you incredible entertainment.


Rope Hero’s ability to roam Vice Town is one of the main advantages of the game. The way the main character navigates through town is inspired by the Spider-Man series of games. To master control, you’ll need to spend some time grasping how the superhero’s rope actually works.

Once you understand how to properly use your rope to hook onto buildings, you’ll be able to reach every part of town without any problems, and you’ll spend a lot less time commuting.

With the simple navigation through the game’s interactive map, you can focus on completing tasks and challenges instead of spending time traveling around town.


Playing a mix of GTA and Spider-Man on a mobile device can seem quite complex. However, the game developers have done an incredible job of bringing the excitement much closer to mobile users. The game starts with an introductory tutorial to help you understand the dual-stick control scheme you’ll use to play the game and complete challenges.

The left stick is reserved for movements, while the right stick is reserved for aiming and attacks. Overall, the game controls are pretty straightforward, so if you’re experienced with open-world games or action RPGs for mobile, the control scheme will make you feel at home.

Two different storylines

Rope Hero: Vice Town allows you to choose the path you’re going to take. Your first option is to pursue the main quest line, but you can also choose to rampage through town and build your character by getting experience and money.

If you pick the main storyline, you’ll get dozens of quests that follow the superhero as he tests a new prototype suit that will transform his superpower, making him a super-soldier. However, the prototype suit comes with a severe bug – it deletes all the superhero’s memories. There are many quests you’ll have to complete, and tracking down hackers to reclaim your memories is one of the most exciting ones.

If you follow the second path, you can choose to complete different tasks in an order that works best for you. If you’d like to explore Vice Town, you can just as quickly roam the town without any pressure to complete challenges unless you want to. You’ll get an excellent chance to explore the city, earn money and experience, and build the strength of your character. You can turn experience and money into extra health, regeneration options, stamina, damage, or get vehicle buffs that can be pretty useful once you decide to take on the main quest line.

Adjustable graphics

Rope Hero is a truly flexible mobile game allowing all users to customize the gaming experience for the ultimate smoothness and speed. The game lets you set the graphics along with traffic density according to your device’s performance, delivering a better user experience. That way, you can play the game on both newer and older Android devices and still get a great experience, regardless of the device’s limitations.

Rope Hero MOD APK – Unlimited Money

If we managed to give you a good idea about the game’s storyline and objective, you’ve probably noticed that you’ll need to earn money to advance in the game and complete the various quests.

For those more interested in using skill and speed to complete challenges instead of roaming town to make money, the Rope Hero MOD will come as an excellent add-on. The game modifications are set to offer you the extra perk of unlimited cash for any purchases you’ll need to make to progress in Vice Town.

With the unlimited money the mod provides, you’ll be able to purchase any item and make all the necessary upgrades to complete quests with incredible speed. 

How to Install the Rope Hero MOD APK?

If learning more about Rope Hero: Vice Town has stirred your interest in the game, you’re probably wondering how you can install the MOD on your phone. The Play Store isn’t where you’ll find MODs like this one, so you’ll need to perform a manual download and installation if you want to play Rope Hero with unlimited money.

Following our guide, you can successfully install the game and MOD on any Android device and master the installation of APK files.

Step 1. Download the APK installation file

APK is a file extension used for distributing and installing third-party Android apps and games. If you’re looking for a free version of Rope Hero: Vice Town, and unlimited cash to buy items and make upgrades, you can download the APK file found on this link.

There you can find a safe and reliable APK installation package, so you don’t have to worry about any implications that are a common reason for concern when installing third-party apps.

Step 2. Enable your device to perform the installation

The Android OS has a built-in safety feature, preventing all devices from automatically installing APK files from unknown sources. However, if you’re sure about the reliability of the Android package you want to install, there’s a feature that will allow you to enable the option.

To be able to install APK files, you’ll need to turn the ‘Unknown Sources’ option on. For older Android devices, you can find the option under the main Security menu. If you’re running on newer Android OS versions, each app has its individual set of options, and you can find the ‘Unknown Sources’ setting along with other app settings and permissions.

Step 3. Run the installation wizard

If you’ve successfully downloaded the APK installation package and allowed your device to install apps from unknown sources, you can now start with the installation procedure. Simply locate the APK file you’ve downloaded, tap it, and the installation should start and finish automatically, without any further prompts.

With the game installed on your device, you can join the fight for justice and peace and use your superpowers to combat notorious bosses.

Should You Install the Rope Hero MOD APK?

Those looking for new excitement and thrill should definitely give Rope Hero: Vice Town a try and install the modified version of the game.

The game features incredible audio and visual effects, which are incredibly customizable to fit the capacity of your mobile device. It combines immersive elements with a thrilling plot, allowing you to discover many new things about Vice Town and the superpowers of the mysterious Rope Hero.

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Rope Hero offers an innovative mix of GTA and Spider-Man, which results in incredibly dynamic gameplay that is well-adjusted to the requirements of mobile users.

Overall, the game is one of the best free roam mobile games we’ve encountered, so if you haven’t installed the Rope Hero MOD already, you’re missing out!

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