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Scary Teacher 3D Mod APK (Unlimited Money & Energy)


Scary Teacher 3D Mod APK (Unlimited Money & Energy)

Scary Teacher 3D Mod APK

Scary Teacher is a 3D simulation game brought to you by Z & K Games. The game tells a story about a cruel teacher who used unusual punishment against her students. Now she’s coming to live in your neighborhood, giving you an excellent chance to get back at her. The game allows you to switch sides and be the one who will get to teach the “Scary Teacher” a lesson.

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About Scary Teacher 3D Mod APK


App Name  Scary Teacher 3D
Genre Simulation 
Mod Feature Unlimited Money
Publisher Z & K Games
Price  Free

Download Now


If you’ve ever been frightened by some of your elementary school teachers, Scary Teacher is just the game for you.

The game’s storyline revolves around Miss T, a hated math teacher at an elementary school. At first sight, Miss T looks like a regular math teacher, but in fact, she’s a nightmare for all her students. Miss T tortures children and even gives physical punishments. She’s the worst nightmare of all little children who aren’t especially gifted at math.

The game begins when Miss T moves right next to your house. That’s when you decide it is time for payback and break into her apartment, looking for a way to drive her crazy, just like she did to you and all your friends.

In Scary Teacher, you’ll get to play the role of a genius high-school girl who gets a chance to get revenge for all the children ever tortured by Miss T. You’ll need to develop creative strategies and work on detailed plans in order not to get caught while getting your revenge. The game lets you unleash your imagination and pull all sorts of mean tricks. Some tasks include releasing her pets, adding things to her breakfast, and even locking her up in her house to prevent her from going to work.


The gameplay of Scary Teacher may seem oddly familiar if you’ve already played Granny. Both games are focused on pretty much the same goal: getting your revenge on an older woman who has tortured you in the past. Although you should never do this in the real world, Scary Teacher is an online game that will allow you to blow some steam and release all your negative energy from some of your own “scary teachers”.

In Scary Teacher, you’ll need to break into Miss T’s house, but instead of running away, the gameplay allows you to stick around and collect items that will become a valuable plan for your revenge. You can pull vicious pranks, like placing mouse traps on Miss T’s table, and see her when she screams in anger.

Newspaper joke

In the game, Miss T habitually gets her newspaper every morning. That’s when you’ll get a chance to sneak into her house. You’ll need to move quickly and find a secret object to place under her newspaper and drive her crazy. The search can last for quite a while since Miss T lives in a large house with 15 rooms. However, the wait will pay off, as every time you complete one of your jokes, you’ll get to see her reaction. You’ll have to move fast and “jump ship” after completing a prank before the scary teacher catches you.

Spoiled breakfast

Another thing you can do to drive Miss T crazy is spoiling her breakfast. You can sneak into her kitchen and add excessive amounts of salt or soda to her breakfast. That will draw her crazy as you’ll definitely ruin her morning activity of watching her favorite show while eating breakfast.

You’ll get to pull different pranks and tasks on each level of the game. However, there aren’t any strict rules about how you need to complete the tasks, so you can use your imagination and decide how you’re going to ruin Miss T’s day.


Scary Teacher follows the same scheme as many similar role-playing games for mobile. There are two joysticks you’ll need to use to perform vicious pranks on Miss T. The joystick on the left side of the screen is set for the character’s movements, while the one on the right has buttons that help you interact with objects and keys, allowing you to sit down or stand up. You can also adjust the screen by swiping in the desired direction.


If you ever get stuck and have no idea about how to pull some pranks, you can use a hint. Hints are in-game clues that will help you complete the challenge. They can be bought with stars that are found on Miss T’s property. Collect stars whenever you get the chance, and you’ll always be able to buy hints when you need to.


The main characters in Scary Teacher are the naughty boys and Miss T’s tortured in elementary school. While playing the game, you’ll get to unlock two different characters: Tani and Nick. With a large number of children that Miss T’s tortured over the years, we expect there to be new special characters introduced in the next update.


Although Scary Teacher features some quite intimidating elements, the graphics won’t give you a feeling that you’re playing a horror game. They feature bright colors and a peaceful surrounding for you to pull your pranks. Miss T is pretty aggressive and scary, but most of the time, she’s funnier than intimidating. The music also boosts the gaming experience, giving your pranks brighter colors and reducing the horror elements. 

Scary Teacher 3D Mod APK Features

The Scary Teacher MOD APK file, which you can download here, will help you pull even funnier pranks on Miss T. Along with the original features of the game, you’ll get the possibility to cheat your way into Miss T’s house and make use of many unique items to get back at the math teacher.

Unlimited money

In Scary Teacher, you can either search for items around the house or purchase them using coins. If you want to cut the chase and get straight to the funny part, you can use the unlimited money offered by this MOD; you can save yourself a lot of time and buy all the items you need before even starting the game. You can purchase some pretty unique games to take your pranks and jokes to an entirely new level.

Unlimited energy

Whether you play as Tani or Nick, you’ll definitely need a lot of energy to pull several jokes in a single day. That’s why this Scary Teacher MOD APK also provides unlimited energy. With the modified version of the game, you won’t have to worry about getting low on energy. That way, you can focus on improving your pranks while enjoying the unlimited energy at your disposal.

How To Install The Scary Teacher 3D Mod APK?

To enjoy an incredible gaming experience, you’ll need to download the Scary Teacher modded version. It offers great excitement and thrill while you get to annoy your least favorite elementary school teacher. The modified version of the game isn’t available in the Play Store, so you’ll need to download the APK file and install the game manually.

If you haven’t installed APK files before, you’ll probably need some help with it. In that case, here’s what you’ll need to do to enjoy the extra features of the Scary Teacher MOD APK.

Step 1. Download the Scary Teacher 3D Mod APK file

Use this link to save yourself a lot of time and effort by downloading the Scary Teacher APK file. You will find a safe and reliable APK download for Scary Teacher and many other interesting games there. The service is trustworthy, so you don’t have to worry about anything while installing APK files downloaded from the site.

Step 2. Enable “Unknown Sources” for Scary Teacher 3D Mod APK

Before installing an APK file, you’ll need to check whether your device allows the installation of APK files from unknown sources. By default, Android devices prevent such installation, so you’ll need to switch “Unknown Sources” on before continuing with the installation.

To allow the installation of apps from unknown sources, you’ll need to navigate to the device’s Security menu, where you will see the “Unknown Sources” setting. For Android users on versions 8 or higher, you’ll need to change the “Unknown Sources” setting for the app you’ll be using to install the game, usually your browser or File Explorer.

Step 3. Install and enjoy Scary Teacher 3D Mod APK 

All that’s left to do is tap the installation package and wait for the installation to complete. Within a couple of seconds, the game should be ready to play, so you can start making your vicious plans right away and teach Miss T a lesson as quickly as possible.

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