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ShareMe: File Sharing

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ShareMe: File Sharing

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What is the best way to transfer files between two smartphones? Despite its shortcomings, WhatsApp appears to be one of the most viable choices for the majority of us. To start, you must be linked to an internet connection. Second, if you transfer via the traditional approach, you may lose quality, especially if it’s an image or a video.

If you have both phones nearby, a file transfer app such as ShareMe is a great answer in such cases. If you are looking for a trusted website where you can download the ShareMe app for free without ads, then click the ShareMe app download link below.

ShareMe was launched on November 7th, 2017, with unique and exclusive benefits and features.

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ShareMe is compatible with a wide range of Android devices, including Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, Realme, OnePlus, Vivo, and others. ShareMe is a helpful program for those who want to share large amounts of data. 

When it comes to the quality of data sent, ShareMe is the most common transferring application that assists in sending qualitative data to the person receiving it. ShareMe transfers data at rapid speeds, with the average file transfer time being around 50mbps.

Features Of Share Me APK

Share any sort of file at breakneck speed

ShareMe is 200 times better than competing Bluetooth-sharing apps. ShareMe has a maximum speed of 50mbps. This is quicker than Bluetooth. You may effortlessly distribute huge files with a large capacity. Other data-transferring tools make it impossible to share large files in seconds. Nonetheless, with ShareMe, you can transfer any file of any size in seconds.

Supports a broad range of file types

Users can transfer or share many file formats such as audio, images, documents, apps, PDFs, videos, and any other files.

Large files with enormous storage capacity can be sent and received in seconds. Whenever you decide to share such files, your phone will not become stuck. As a result, you can quickly transmit those files in a matter of seconds.

A single tap can be used to distribute several files. You can send several files or folders at once. This is a convenient feature for the user because they do not have to waste any time transferring data files one at a time because they may save time handling programs at the same time.

ShareMe allows you to share videos in high quality including HD and Ultra HD. When the other receiver accepts the videos, there’ll be no degradation in quality. As a result, the individual receiving the videos will be able to view them in high resolution.

Transfer files without using the internet or mobile data

ShareMe includes a peer-to-peer file transfer program that allows you to share and retrieve files and documents without a connection to the internet. Also, with the help of this tool, you can transmit or download files or data from anywhere at any time.

ShareMe is compatible with many platforms, including IOS, MAC, Android, and Windows devices. Many data transferring tools make it difficult to share files and data across platforms; however, with ShareMe, you can effortlessly share files across platforms.

ShareMe’s User-Friendly Interface

Because ShareMe is an easy-to-use program, any newbie can utilize it with ease. Furthermore, if your transfer is halted due to difficulty, you do not need to restart it; you can continue from the point where it was paused.

Many data-sharing apps mislead consumers; however, by using ShareMe, there have been no annoying and superfluous buttons or functions. The program will easily facilitate the task that the user has to complete.

The sophisticated and powerful File Manager

ShareMe’s file manager includes features such as file organizing and file searching. As a result, it enables users to view files that should be forwarded to another device or partner.

You don’t need to utilize a different file manager when using ShareMe because it includes an inbuilt incredibly intelligent file manager. It will arrange all of the files on your phone as a service to you.

You can also browse and transfer content separately. So you don’t forget to deliver files or photographs and can clearly identify what you’re providing to another party.

Ad-free interface

ShareMe is the only ad-free file transfer program available. You don’t have to pay for premium versions to get rid of the annoying adverts. You can now share and receive an unlimited number of documents, folders, images, and videos with no restrictions or hassle. 

This is one of ShareMe’s distinguishing features, as many other file transfer software annoy you by streaming adverts in between file transfers. This App eliminates those interruptions. All you should do is relax and wait a second for your files to be delivered to another partner.

Smart transfer tools

When you purchase or change to a different phone, you don’t have to be concerned about losing important information. With ShareMe, you may effortlessly and swiftly send or receive files between two devices. 

You may use ShareMe to transfer any form of content, including photographs, text messages, contacts, movies, songs, apps, documents, and many others. With this app, ShareMe, you can recover a complete backup of your key information to your current phone or device.

Transfer files to pc

ShareMe is the most popular and easiest application for wirelessly transferring files between a computer and a smartphone.

To run the app on your PC, you must first install an emulator. Phoenix, Bluestack, Game loop, and other emulators are popular around the world. We strongly recommend the Bluestacks emulator because it is the greatest emulator that runs nicely on your PC.

ShareMe is more than simply a file transfer and sharing app for Android devices. You can also transfer documents between your smartphone and your PC if you play around with the software. Before you begin, all you have to do is log in to the very same Wi-Fi network.

Next, open the ShareMe app’s left menu and click the ‘Connect’ button. The following screen will show the Wi-Fi signal and the ability to launch the hotspot. Tap on ‘Start’, then ‘Portable’, and the FTP server will appear at the bottom of the page.

Open ‘File Explorer’ on your Windows 10 Computer or laptop and enter the address. When you press ‘Enter’, you’ll view all of your phone’s files on your PC.

Following that, you can transfer information between multiple and delete garbage files from your phone.

Transfer files to iOS

Another advantage of the ShareMe app is that it allows you to send files to other devices, such as iPhones, without using the internet. This module is simple to use.

Select WebShare from the app’s left menu. When you choose, you’ll see the login and password for a hotspot.

Now, on the receiver device, access the Wi-Fi settings and access the network indicated. When finished, ShareMe will show an FTP address or a QR code that you must open (and scan) in order for the transfer to be completed. Isn’t it cool?

The only drawback to this method is that it is quite slow, which could be problematic when dealing with large files.


  • There is no need for an internet connection
  • There are no file size limitations
  • More than 200 times faster than Bluetooth
  • Files can be transferred between a PC and an Android device


  • To function on PC, Android emulators are required

How To Download the ShareMe App On PC?

  • Install whatever emulator you like on your computer
  • Then connect your Google account
  • Now click the ShareMe app download link on our site
  • You may now use ShareMe to transfer any file you want from your PC

How To Use the ShareMe App Properly?

The ShareMe app’s user interface is simple and straightforward. All of the options are available immediately on the site, eliminating the need to hunt for a certain type of file. In addition, there is a great search bar where you may look for file names or file types.

Step 1

If you’re using the ShareMe app for the first time, you’ll need to provide it access to your phone’s images, files, and other media assets. Then comes the standard procedure of selecting your image and nickname.

Though ShareMe assigns a name to your device by default, it is best to personalize the name to make it easier to locate the device afterward.

Step 2

After you’ve set up all of your permissions, click on the ‘Send’ button and choose the files you wish to send. By default, ShareMe simply shows the apps and packages that have been installed. You can, however, email music, documents, and other music files. You only need to look through the top ribbon.

After you’ve made your selections tap ‘Send’. In the meantime, on the second phone, use the identical setup procedures to set the mode to ‘Receive’.

You may also scan a unique QR code by tapping on the ‘Scan QR code’ button. In situations where there are several phones on the radar, this step is frequently useful. Additionally, it takes less time.

After that, your phone will create a local hotspot and the files will be ready to transfer.

Step 3

After you’ve set everything up, your phone will start looking for the receiving phone. If the telephone is close by, the receiver’s avatar will appear on the ‘radar.’ Simply choose it, and the transmission will start at light speed. 

Simply click the small ‘Cross/Cancel icon’ in the top corner to cancel the transfer, and that’s all there is to it.

What Technology Does The ShareMe Apk Use?

How does ShareMe deliver files at this rate without access to the Internet? It operates in the same manner as apps like Airdrop, ShareIt, and Xender have for a few years now, in that it does not require internet, data, or Bluetooth.

ShareMe utilizes WiFi Direct, a technique that generates a Wi-Fi zone that establishes a direct connection between devices. That is, it uses WiFi technology to construct a secure network between two mobile devices rather than to connect to the Internet. This allows for far faster speeds than Bluetooth. This new tech will be used to identify the presence of a second mobile phone. Once that presence is established, a network is developed to transfer the files.

A basic, useful program that does not require internet access and contains no ads. Xiaomi returns to provide us with excellent service, and this time we won’t even need to purchase one of their smartphones. You just need to download the software by clicking the ShareMe app download link below to download it risk-free from our trusted website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is ShareMe a free application?

Yes, without a doubt. This app is completely free and it has no paid versions.

Q: Is data charged by ShareMe?

Obviously, no. It does not cost you for data while you transfer.

Q: Are there any restrictions on file transfers?

There are no restrictions on transferring data to another device. You can transmit any number of files at a breakneck speed. It makes no difference whether your file has a huge or little capacity. It uploads the file as quickly as possible to the other device.

Q: Are there any formats that ShareMe cannot send?

ShareMe allows you to share videos in high quality, including HD and Ultra HD. When another person receives the videos, there will be no degradation in quality. As a result, the individual receiving the videos will be able to view them in high resolution.

The user can send every video format, such as png, jpg, BMP, raw, and so on, from one computer to another without reduction or image quality loss. Furthermore, you can use ShareMe to send or receive any unique file formats, such as HTML papers, Adobe files, IOS images, and many more.

Q: Is ShareMe compatible with any device?

ShareMe works on a number of systems, including Android, MAC, as well as Android phones from Xiaomi, Samsung, Oppo, LG, RealMe, and others.

Many data transferring tools make it difficult to transfer data and files across platforms; however, with ShareMe, you could effortlessly share files across platforms. You can, for example, transfer files across IOS and Android devices.

Q: Is the ShareMe App dangerous to the device?

Share e is a Google Play Protect recognized app, so we can practically ensure that it will not harm your device. The app’s 500 million users clearly demonstrate its popularity.

Q: Do the files we upload get saved somewhere?

Obviously, no. The ShareMe app ensures that the information you upload will never be saved anywhere else.

Q: Is it safe to install ShareMe?

When a user gets an APK file through our site, we would check Online Play for the necessary APK file and allow the user to download it directly. Our website’s games and applications are secure and beneficial to users.

Q: Why is permission required to install the ShareMe app?

The app requires access to your device’s operating system. When you download an app, you will be notified of all the rights that are required to run it.

Q: Is Mi Drop and ShareMe the same app?

As you may be aware, Mi Drop has been renamed to ShareMe.

This tool is new on the market, and offers quicker connectivity, and a seamless, ad-free file-sharing experience. ShareMe (formerly Mi Drop) has been launched as a separate app and is constantly updated on our website.

Conclusion – Share Me APK

The days of transferring files through Bluetooth are long gone. It’s the age of wireless communication, and you should take full advantage of it. That’s where the ShareMe app comes in. Now click on the ShareMe app download link and then transfer your files in a matter of seconds. You can also download GB Telegram

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