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ShowBox APK Mod – Free Download Latest Version For Android

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ShowBox APK Mod – Free Download Latest Version For Android


Many movie nights with friends were ruined because you couldn’t find a great movie worth watching. It’s frustrating to think about all that time passing while searching for a show, and suddenly all the snacks are gone, and you haven’t even started the film. 

With the Showbox APK, you can find the best movies, even the ones that recently showed up. It’s an app that’s very easy to use, and you don’t need some technical knowledge to install the app. The site is completely free, and Showbox is not comparable to Netflix or HBO since by using them, you’re spending money on them.

What Is Showbox? 

In a few words, Showbox is an app for downloading and streaming your favorite movies and TV shows. While you’re using this app, you don’t have to pay anything since the app is completely free and legit. It’s currently available for Ios and Android users, so it really doesn’t matter what type of phone you have. 

The thing with Showbox APK is that it has an offering of great movies that you won’t even find elsewhere. Netflix being overrated made you think that no place is better for movies than them. But remember how many times you were unable to find the movie you’ve been looking for and you were slightly disappointed? 

That’s right, you don’t need to answer, and we already know your response. With Showbox, you can watch it anytime and anywhere. The only tricky part with this app is the downloading process. You’ll learn how to download it because we are going to tell you how later in this article.

Since you may not speak English, this app offers you many other languages that will make your experience even better. You can even choose HD streaming for the better picture quality of the movies. 

How to Install a Showbox APK? 

Always have in mind that in order for any errors not to occur, you need to download the app from a trusted source. You need to find the right links to download the app. Once you find the link that you want to use for installing your app, you need to pair your smartphone with your computer by using a cable.

It will show some type of file on your computer that needs to be transferred directly to your phone. The next step requires you to disconnect your phone from the computer and then restart it. Then you need to find the file on your phone and install it. Those steps are required and need to be done in order for you to enjoy many movies on your phone. 

Of course, another thing you need to do is to install the NOX Android Emulator because it’s suitable for beginners. The other emulator is for advanced users and has interesting features that you’ll find useful. The name for that emulator is BlueStack Android Emulator. 

Showbox on your Mac

The installation for the Mac is slightly different from the whole process for smartphones. First, you need to have an ARC welder. After you do this, there will be a notification where you need to press the add button. It will take a while until the app is downloaded since it’s a large file of 120 MB. 

When the downloading process is finished, go on google chrome and click on the apps in bookmarks. Then you should open the app. In case there’s a warning that tells you to use a Chrome OS device, gently ignore the sign. 

You’ll have to choose where you want to store your new apps. You can even choose to test the app. After you finish with those steps, you can find your app in the app section or in ARC welder. 

Showbox on your PC 

Like the previous steps, the steps for PC are also simple. You need to install the BlueStacks, which are Android emulators on your device. This is software that helps you to use any Android app on your PC or Mac. The size of the software is 200 MB. 

After you install the software, you’ll need to install the Showbox APK. The latest version of the app is around 20 MB. With the right-click, you’re going to open the emulator, and you’ll be able to run the app on your laptop or PC. 

Showbox on tablet 

Kids are more used to using tablets than smartphones due to their larger screens. And how to keep your kids busy while you’re busy than to turn on their favorite Cocomelon show and let them enjoy it. In order for you to download the app on your tablet, you’ll need the following steps: 

  1. Make sure that you go to the settings on your tablet and choose the option of an unknown source.
  2. Then you need to go to the website for you to start downloading the app. 
  3. You need to choose the location where you want and should wait a few minutes until it’s completely downloaded. 
  4. Before you install the app, you need to agree to all its terms and conditions. 
  5. Once the app is installed, you’ll see a shortcut of the app icon on the home screen. 
  6. By tapping the icon, you’ll have access to all the movies and TV shows that you want to watch. 

Showbox on iPad 

Those iPad devices are more popular than you think. Since they are very portable, those iPads will make your experience more enjoyable than you think. To start using this app, you first need to download the vShare Android emulator on your iPad. You need to visit the official website in order for you to download vShare. 

When the downloading process is done, open the emulator and search for Showbox APK for iOS. Choose the type of version you prefer more and download it. After it’s downloaded, click on the icon and wait for it to be installed. When you do this, you’re finished with downloading Showbox on your iPad. 

Showbox APK Features 


When you choose Showbox, you’ll be surprised at the fact that there aren’t many annoying ads that will appear out of nowhere. So one problem is less. Because when you usually use an online application, there are unlimited ads that don’t seem to go away.

How many times were you annoyed to the point where you no longer want to watch the movie or the show? Countless times? Exactly. That’s why this app doesn’t use unnecessary ads, and the number of times that they show up is limited. 

Fast streaming 

Without any buffering, the streaming will be fast and easy. You can even choose the option of watching the movies in the HD version. We also would like to recommend watching at lower quality because by choosing high-quality versions, more data is used. 


The whole app is designed to be simple and understandable for everyone who wants to use it. So whether you’re scrolling through your phone or your Mac and PC, you’ll easily find all the movies that you’re looking for. 

You’ll have all the movies on your page, from the latest to the oldest. There’s a search bar that will help you to find the movie you’re looking for. With a single touch, you have control over the quality of the video, and you’ll also be able to navigate through it. 

Great collection of movies 

The most exciting part about this app is that you have a huge menu of movies that you can watch. You’ll never run out of good movies like you’ll do with Netflix (no offence to them). Each movie is placed in a category to which it belongs. So whether you’re searching for some good horror movie for the night or a comedy TV show that you can watch with your close friends, you can absolutely do that. 

Download now, and enjoy later

This option will allow you to watch any movie you want while not using any Internet connection or, more precisely, offline watching. This is a great way to have interesting movies on travel or when you’re on a plane, and there’s a long destination to where you’re going. This option fills your empty hours before you get to the place where you need to be. 

Newest movie collection 

This is for all those movie lovers who desperately want their films to show up. Showbox is known for having all those latest movies that you can’t find elsewhere. So whether you’re waiting for a new Spider-man movie, you’ll have it right on time. 

Free app 

Compared to the other apps where you need to pay a few dollars in order for you to use them, Showbox is totally free. And till now you’ve seen that not only you don’t need anything to pay, you’re getting a great deal with the range of movies that you’ll be watching for free. 

Compatible on any platform 

So whether you want to watch your movies on a bigger screen or simply on your smartphone, you have all those options. Whether you want it on your iPhone, Android, Mac, or PC, you have it without any issues. 

How to Download a Movie Using Showbox APK? 

The process of downloading movies may be confusing for you, or maybe not. However, we’ll explain it in detail. When you decide what type of movie you want to download, you need to simply click on that same movie. 

You’ll see two options that tell you whether the movie is available in HD or SD. When you go through the whole selecting process of the movie, you’ll need to move the film to “My Downloads”. In that place, you’ll find all the movies or TV shows that are still not downloaded. 

You’ll also need a good Internet connection for the movie to download faster and easier. It will only take about 20 minutes for you to download the whole movie. If you have some antivirus program installed, make sure that it doesn’t block the Showbox APK. This is because many servers aren’t familiar with this type of application. 

In case your server doesn’t work, make sure to find the one it does. You can even find on Reddit many information and details on servers that will work just fine for you. It’s best to use a proxy server for the loading speeds. Also, make sure that the server is reliable. 

Safe Registering 

Those are a few precautions to keep in mind while you’re registering for Showbox. It’s advised not to use any of your social media platforms while you’re registering for Showbox. Also, make sure to create a completely new email address that you can use for watching movies. You can even use Protonmail which provides you with an email address without tracking your IP address and doesn’t need much information. 

About the Interface 

No one wants to use a platform that is very complex and confusing. Many people wouldn’t want to even go near such websites and use their time while searching for a movie. For that reason, Showbox has a great interface and design. 

With this option, you won’t lose your sweat trying to find the perfect movie for your perfect occasion. Aside from having a great number of movies and shows, they are carefully placed in a few categories, making your search easier whenever you need to find the kind of movie you want to watch. So you can choose between those options:

  • New releases
  • Movies that are trending
  • Other movies
  • Trailers
  • Movies you’ve downloaded
  • News
  • Your favorite programs
  • TV shows 

Is It Safe to Use Showbox?

You already learned that Showbox differs from the other apps because it’s completely free and doesn’t have many ads that will interfere with the quality of your time while watching one of its movies. The content of this app uses torrents which are kind of illegal. 

That’s why there are countries that censor and block the service. The only way to be safe and secure while using Showbox is through a VPN. If you don’t know what VPN is, it is a tool that hides your IP address. 

With the VPN, you can view the content you want no matter where you’re located. This way, you’ll also be protected from third parties that want to dig into your browser history and other things. So the best way to be safe and private while watching your movies on Showbox is by using VPN. 

Can Any Harm Be Done to Your Computer? 

We already said that downloading the Showbox can be done in a few steps, no matter where you’re installing the app. However, you need to be aware that you don’t install some copy versions of Showbox because then you’ll be faced with viruses that may potentially harm your computer. In the previous paragraph, we deduced why it’s better to use VPN. 

What VPNs are best while using Showbox? 

We are going to recommend a few VPNs that you can choose to have while you’re using Showbox. 

The first one is CyberGhost. This VPN is the most popular one and has more than 6,000 servers in more than 90 countries. By choosing this VPN, you can use it on seven devices all at once. It also has a 45-day money-back guarantee. With CyberGhost, you’ll have a kill switch, unlimited bandwidth, and high encryption. 

HMA VPN has nearly 1,000 servers all across the globe. You can use it on five devices all at once, and no matter whether your phone is iOS or Android, you can totally use HMA. There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

ExpressVPN has servers in 94 countries. It has unlimited bandwidth and 256-bit AES encryption. IPVanish has nearly 1,500 servers in the whole world. It’s one of the fastest programs and has unlimited server switching. You’ll also have a seven days money-back guarantee. 

Troubleshooting and Error 

Like any other app, with Showbox, you may experience some errors if you’re using it on your PC. When the server stop working or the video doesn’t want to load, here’s what you need to do:

  • Make sure you have a great Internet connection since it’s the most common source for that kind of issues 
  • Try restarting your PC because it may fix the problem that occurred 
  • Try also restarting your Internet modem by unplugging and plugging again the cable 

In case you see a “Connection Error”, you can try installing VPN, which is totally free. After you install your VPN, try to run it by selecting different countries aside from Europe and the USA. When these two steps are completed, you can run the app on your PC. After doing those steps, the app should be working perfectly fine. 

The other reason why the app may be crushing down is due to overuse. Those errors may appear after a long time of using the app. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Clear all the history of your browser and delete all cache from Showbox
  • Make an update to the blue stacks
  • Try reinstalling the application
  • Update the app 
  • Checked the permissions to the app 

Showbox crashes 

If you experience some crashing, you need to go through a few other steps to prevent this from happening. The reason for the app crashing maybe your old computer. That’s why it’s important for you to check the hardware requirements.

If by any chance, you are trying to run more than one app at the same time, it may be the reason why Showbox crashes. You don’t have enough RAM memory, and the required minimum is 2 GB. You need to upgrade your hardware and close some of the unnecessary apps. 

Alternatives to Showbox

If by any chance, you’re unable to use Showbox, we’re about to tell you a few other applications for watching online movies for free. Megabox HD is another platform where you can watch high-quality movies on your phone. Bobby MovieBox has very similar features to Showbox and can be downloaded on both Android and iOS phones. 

Cinema HD is the most popular alternative to Showbox. This app can be downloaded on your tablet and your smartphone. And you can easily navigate through the collection of movies and TV shows. Another alternative is Popcorn Time which is also a famous platform for downloading any movie that you want to watch. 

Is Showbox a Virus? 

Absolutely not. This has already been asked countless times. Showbox is not a virus in any way, but since you have to download it from a third-party source, it may feel like Showbox is a virus. However, many people complained about getting a bunch of emails that were saying to upgrade your Showbox. 

  • Those “updates” are likely to be viruses and malware. The only way to be sure about the safety of the application is to install the app from trustworthy sites that have a history of good service and great reviews.


In this article, you’ve already learned everything about Showbox and why you need to choose this app when all you want is to watch a great movie with your family or friends. We deduced the features that Showbox has along with the devices that you can choose Showbox to watch on. 

What’s left is for you to follow the steps we provided you with in order to install the app without any issues coming your way. The app is great, free, and has a wide range of the greatest movies of all time. We sincerely recommend you to use this app because you won’t regret it. 

And to remind you again, make sure you use a VPN while using the app. We’d like to hear about your different experiences with the app as soon as possible. We are sure that you’re going to love the Showbox very much. If the movie choice was on you, you could surprise your friends with newly released movies that they’ve wanted to watch for a very long time.

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