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SonyLIV MOD APK Download

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SonyLIV MOD APK Download

sonyliv mod apk

SonyLIV Premium is a part of Sony Pictures Networks India Pvt., which is also the base company for two other popular websites, In.com, and Movies OK. This Bollywood movie application has unlocked all of the premium content that offers people an unforgettable experience. 

The services of SonyLIV are available only in South Asia. The app has grown in popularity in two major regions, Pakistan and India. Instead of using a VPN service with Region features and Fake IP, people in these regions can enjoy the most popular movies and TV shows.

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SonyLIV Mod APK 


Category  Entertainment
Size  32MB
Requires  Android

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SonyLIV Mod APK is a modified rendition of the applications that picks things up a notch and offers accessibility for everyone. If you cannot access or use the app’s services, the Mod APK will provide you with everything for free. This rendition of the application offers extraordinary resources for free and has no advertisement. 

The Mod APK live streaming app is a creation of Sony Corporation. The application allows people to watch live TV, follow their favorite TV shows, enjoy new movies, and listen to music. In addition to that, the application grants access to sports and news. You can download the SonyLIV Mod APK at the following link. 

The SonyLIV Mod APK can be downloaded on Android and iOS. The app offers on-demand access and live streaming content from Sony’s networks in the United States. On top of that, the app comes with a DVR feature that allows you to record your program and watch it later at your convenience. With that in mind, if you need a trusted source for download, you can click this link. The app is not available on the Google Play Store. 

In 2021 the platform partnered with Telenet Pvt. Ltd. and officially entered Nepal. The premium account allows people to simultaneously use the same account on five devices

Features Of SonyLIV Mod APK

The new application version removes all the annoying advertisements and allows you to enjoy it without any interruptions. This is excellent news for every user, especially those who are often bombarded by ads on every live streaming or music platform. The SonyLIV Mod APK has a better streaming speed than its ancestor. The speed has increased arguably 3 to 4 times compared to the previous version. This allows you to enjoy a low-quality stream without interruptions, even if your internet connection is poor. 

The Mod APK gets rid of annoying ads and has no limit on the number of downloads. This applies to all TV shows, movies, and talk shows. The downloads have no limitations regardless of the device you are using the app on; it can be a smartphone, TV, tablet, etc. 

Enjoy popular Indian movies and TV shows

This specifically designed app for the South Asia region can provide you with Bollywood programs, many excellent movies, and trendy TV shows. The developer team is always striving to improve the content library and add more while giving the users a better experience. 

The two most popular recommendations for movies are Undekhi and Your Honor. You can google these movies and see if they catch your interest. If not, SonyLIV also has a lot of blockbuster Hollywood movies such as Spider-Man, Iron Man, and some popular Disney adventures.

24/7 sports 

SonyLIV is excellent for people who enjoy sports. The application has a particular category where you can find the most popular sports and follow live and streamed games. The app allows you to watch basketball, soccer, rugby, baseball, racing, swimming, cricket, and more. Since the broadcast is live, you can acquire a real-time experience and watch the best matches in the world on your Android device. 


The content of SonyLIV is frequently being updated. All of the credit goes to the development team, who constantly strive to improve the application. SonyLIV highlights the two most important factors for a streaming service: quality and speed. 

Regarding the quality, SonyLIV has been utilizing some of the best streaming technologies that allow people to stream videos in HD, Full HD, 2K, and 4K formats. In addition, the app operates at very fast speeds. On top of that, the app optimizes the experience and helps every user. The browsing history plays a significant role here, and the optimization can rely on and suggest relevant content you might be interested in. The continued updates come with new TV shows and popular movies. Using SonyLIV, you can keep track and never miss out on the most trending content. 

As an extra, the application has partnered with various movie publishers to release exclusive content like trailers and teaser advertisements.


The SonyLIV Mod APK has a straightforward and user-friendly interface. The application offers categories for each viewer’s preferences, including content like shows, movies, live sports, talk shows, and more. The application is available in multiple languages and is popular amongst a global audience. The easy-on-the-eye modern design of the application has been praised by many users and makes the whole watching experience hassle-free. 

Eligibility criteria

The application has a well-designed interface, and it is easy to use. Before downloading and using this entertainment app, make sure that you meet the eligibility criteria. Unfortunately, the app requires a decent Android device with a better system than 4.0. The higher, the better. 

For the app to work perfectly, it is also preferable that your device has more than 1GB of RAM. The internal storage of your phone should be at least 8GB, so the cash from the app does not make your device lag or interfere with other applications’ working processes. 

Live TV 

SonyLIV Mod APK offers live TV channels and is a fantastic app for watching live television on Android devices. The whole streaming lives television experience is fantastic with this app. SonyLIV offers a wide range of channels to choose from. In addition, the app has a record option that allows you to keep your live stream for later viewing. If you are looking for an easy way to watch live TV on your device, SonyLIV is an excellent option. 

Pre-activated premium plan

SonyLIV Mod APK is not your basic official app and gives users access to premium content without asking for a single penny. The download count on the app is over 1 million, and it is still counting. The rendition of the app requires no credit card information and no registration. SonyLIV Mod APK is regularly updated and has the latest episodes of your favorite TV shows. 


  • Premium content unlocked
  • Watch without any login
  • Download is available
  • Live TV option
  • No interruptive advertising 
  • Great original shows
  • Popular Indian movies
  • Hollywood blockbuster
  • Sony TV shows
  • Allows 5 screens and supports picture-in-picture
  • Kids profile option and PIN parental control
  • Live sports (WWE, soccer, basketball, cricket, baseball, rugby, golf, and more) 
  • 4K and HDR support


  • The skip intro button does not always work
  • The content cannot be searched by genre 
  • The full-screen mode ruins the aspect ratio on the mobile app

How to Download SonyLIV Mod APK And Log In?

Downloading SonyLIV Mod APK is quite easy. All you need is a working internet connection and a trusted source. After installing, you can watch videos of your choice and have fun. 

Since this application can be downloaded from third-party websites, we recommend downloading it from the following link. To download the app, you have to follow these steps: 

  1. Click the download link that we provided.
  2. After visiting the page you will notice a direct download link (the download time depends on your internet connection, however; it should not take long). 
  3. Enable download from unknown sources by going into Settings on your phone.
  4. Once your download is finished, go to file manager and locate the APK file.
  5. Click on the APK file and install it.

Log in 

 The log-in operation is quite simple and only requires a few steps:

  1. Open SonyLIV or if you are using a browser, visit SonyLIV’s official website.
  2. Click on Sign In Now.
  3. Provide the registered mobile number, and later on, click continue.
  4. Enter the OTP number, which has 6 digits, and click continue again.
  5. All done, you are in.

Frequently Asked Questions About SonyLIV Mod APK

Q: Does SonyLIV have a “Skip Intro” button? 

Like Netflix, this app has a skip intro button but works odd. Some series and movies have it, and some don’t. Users have noticed that some titles have a skip intro button on the mobile app but not on the web. The application also has a feature for an auto-next episode. 

Q: What are SonyLIV’s best features? 

The best feature would be the ability to watch live television on your phone or tablet. Another significant part of SonyLIV is that it allows you to download shows and movies and watch them later without an internet connection. Our review has all the app’s features, so you can go ahead and read them thoroughly. 

Q: Is the application free? 

Let’s make things a little clearer. There are two versions of the application. The first is SonyLIV which is free but has limited access to shows and movies. The second app is a rendition named SonyLIV Mod APK, free without any restrictions, advertisements, or limited access. 

Conclusion – Download SonyLIV Mod APK For Free

SonyLIV Mod APK may not be as popular as Netflix Mod APK or Amazon Prime Video Mod APK ; however, it does offer some great original TV shows, movies, sports, and talk shows. The application has something from every genre and captures the eye of a large audience. The interface is pretty easy to navigate and find the title you are looking for. The application is not supported on the desktop, but we are not sure what the future holds. The users praise the app for the excellent viewing experience, and if you like to download and try it, click the following link.

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