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Yes, we know that you can download games from Google Play Store. But will that action give you the opportunity to be a part of a gaming community? We don’t think so. However, there’s a better option for all gaming enthusiasts and those who want to explore new games.

We’re talking about the Taptap APK, the free app store that allows people to download gaming applications and be a part of the gaming community that gathers both gamers and developers. With this high-quality gaming platform, you’ll be able to access the latest updates and the newest games. But, you can also distribute mobile games thanks to Taptap’s tools without paying any fees.

Therefore, let’s check Taptap’s features and uses!

Licence  Free
Version  2.33.1
OS  Android 4.2.1
Downloads   7M
Updated   Last Updated Recently

What is Taptap APK?

Many people consider Taptap an alternative to the Play Store created for Chinese users. However, this platform is much more than that.

For starters, the platform is available and accessible to users from all over the world. Further, Taptap is not a standard online store where the only thing you can do is download apps. The platform gives access to a gaming community, which makes Taptap the only online store with this feature.

By downloading Taptap, you can access millions of games and download them with ease. However, if you’re a game developer, you can use the set of complementary tools provided by the company to distribute and operate your game within the network.

Furthermore, Taptap’s users also have access to exclusive alpha and beta tests. By doing this, Taptap gives the developers an opportunity to interact with the users and thus, improve the product.

We’ll start the next section with the game categories you will find on this fantastic online store.

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Game categories

Taptap has an excellent mobile app, but the online store is easily accessible through browsers too. When it comes to categorizing the games, you won’t have any problem finding what you want since the platform is well-organized and has divided the games into multiple categories.

Let’s suppose that you don’t have a specific game in mind. In that case, you can open the Taptap app and let the platform lead you to the game that has your most preferred features.

The platform contains three direct links, one of which is “Home,” the center of your account where you’ll get information about the games and news you’re most interested in. The other direct links are “Discover” and “Rankings.”


By selecting “Discover,” as the name suggests, you’ll be able to browse through the platform’s gaming offerings. You’ll also find additional tools that can help you filter the choice according to your preferences.

Even though “Discover” is the place where you can select games by their genre (we’ll talk about genres later), we think that the page carries another fantastic feature. You can actually scroll down and see the latest or the most popular games that belong to the same or similar genre or category.

Taptap’s team regularly updates the articles found on this page. You can find short articles, such as “5 Best Visually Stunning Games,” “5 Best Bolibe Games with Controller Support,” “PC Classics,” “Racing Games with High Graphics,” and many more.

On this page, you can also find all Beta Test games. On the Beta list, you can find information about each game, including the genre and the ratings.


Having the ability to write the name of a specific product you’re looking for in a search bar is not the most exciting feature a particular website can be proud of. That’s because every website you open online has a search bar.

However, the filters set by the website can make a huge difference. Believe us when we say that many users will close the web if they can navigate it or if the available products are not accessible by filters.

The same applies to gaming platforms and online gaming stores. For instance, if you want to check the games that are most played at this moment, you should have that option. Luckily, Taptap doesn’t disappoint regarding this issue.

Under the direct link called Rankings, you can easily access games that belong to several popular and commonly-used filters:

  • Popular
  • Pre-registered
  • Top sellers
  • Most played
  • New releases

Once you click on ‘Rankings’, you’ll also be able to filter the games depending on location. You can check games from:

  • World (games from all around the world)
  • USA
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • India
  • Vietnam
  • Taiwan

Game genres

You can download Taptap APK from our website and choose a game according to its genre.

  • Adventure
  • RPG
  • Simulation
  • Racing
  • Arcade
  • Board
  • Puzzle
  • Word
  • Action
  • Strategy
  • Sports
  • Casual
  • Card
  • Music
  • Educational
  • Trivia

Since we’re all interested in different games, we decided to list several games typical for each genre. We made the selection according to their ratings, meaning these games are voted the best in their categories.

It’s also very important to note that Taptap is a fantastic platform with customer-centric features. It’s very easy to categorize the games according to their popularity or ratings. You can also choose a specific filter, and the platform will show you the latest games first.

In addition, you can open each game on a specific page. Taptap will give you information, including how many downloads the game has so far, who the provider is, and how many followers it has. Further, you can read comments and conversations by other users regarding the game.


  • InfiniRoom
  • A light in the dark (pre-register)
  • Summer Pockets
  • Matsuro Palette


  • Battle Chasers: Nightwar
  • Diablo Immortal
  • Grand Criminal Online
  • One Piece FIghting Path


  • FIFA Mobile World
  • Refrain
  • Cozy Islands – craft and build
  • Internet Cafe Simulator


  • League of Legends: Wild Rift
  • Clash of Clans
  • Marvel Super War
  • Lords Mobile


  • Pocket World – Minecraft
  • Portal Maze 2
  • Pin Pull
  • Tetris


  • Dragon Ball Legends
  • Clash Royale
  • UNO
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel


  • Soccer Manager
  • PES PRO Evolution soccer
  • FIFA Mobile
  • NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball

Developer Center

As we mention, Taptap is not just an online store where you can download games. On the contrary, this platform is an excellent place where game developers and gamers can meet and discuss the features, graphics, memory size, story, and other aspects of the games.

Since developers can meet gamers and launch their games for testing, Taptap gives them an opportunity to improve their products. Therefore, this platform is very beneficial for those who want to launch a high-quality game.

If you consider developing a game, you should definitely visit the Taptap developer center. At this moment, the center is home to more than 13,000 developers, and the platform hosts more than 42,000 active users each month.

Let’s check a few of the benefits developers can enjoy if they choose this platform.

Publishing support

For starters, Taptap offers its support to all developers without charging for publishing their games. This means that the money the developer will make from the game will belong to them without Taptap taking a percentage of the profit.

But the good stuff doesn’t end here! If you’re considering launching your own game, you’re indeed familiar with the entire process and how much money and time you’ll have to spend on creating the entire platform.

Luckily for you and the other creators, Taptap is a very user-friendly and convenient platform that wants to help as much as possible. The company offers comprehensive publishing services, including but not limited to user systems, anti-addiction, statistics, payments, and many other features.

By using these benefits, you’ll have more time to focus on the real thing, that is, the development of your game.

Modularized services for every developer

We think that we didn’t explain enough how much this platform is fun and user-friendly, for both gamers and developers. As we mentioned above, developers can use the platform’s services for free. However, using the services for free is not the only benefit.

Developers can obtain access to numerous services that can be very beneficial for every step of making and releasing the game. The services work for game release on all mobile platforms, and the games can function alongside Taptap’s features.

Not only that! Developers can manually choose which services they want to be a part of their games. They can practically assemble the features inside their games similarly to building blocks.

TDS – Taptap Developer Services

  • Data Analysis

Taptap offers an entire set of analytic tools. These tools provide analysis and interrogations, which will enable you as a developer to obtain an in-depth data dashboard. Besides analyzing data related to the game, these tools can help you perform crowd analysis so that you can understand users better.

  • Moments

Taptap gives the developers access to this feature, which is very important for the game to function. This service allows players to enter the platform’s community and forums without leaving the game. Further, the players can interact with the developer thanks to this service.

  • Authentication

This is a crucial feature because it helps developers quickly build a secure player login system. Thanks to this service, the players can log into the game with a variety of accounts, such as guest accounts and third-party accounts.

  • Friends

This is another service you can choose to add to your system as a game developer. With this feature, users can search, add, and delete friends into your game. Thus, they will be able to form a social network within the game, which logically can add much to the game’s success.

  • Cloud Save

Cloud Save is another fantastic feature that every developer should look for when building the system for its game. This service will save the gamer’s progress to the server. Thanks to Cloud Save, the player can continue playing the game on any device without having to start over.

  • DLC

If your game offers strategic items that need to be bought by the players, this service can be very beneficial for you. Instead of leaving the game and looking for the items in another place, this service will allow players to visit the in-game store. Thus, they can buy the items without leaving the game.

  • Messaging

Although enabling the players to communicate within the game is not necessary, this feature can be very beneficial for increasing the activity of the users. If you choose this service, you’ll implement multiple commonly-used messaging features related to live streaming, customer support, online games, and socializing.

One-on-one or group chats are an excellent opportunity for the players to interact and discuss the game. Every interaction may bring a positive impact on your game’s success and popularity.

How to enter the Developer Center?

If you want to take advantage of the many beneficial services Taptap provides (we listed only a few), you’ll have to register on the company’s official website. The platform welcomes all developers, regardless of whether they are already-established businesses, institutions, or individuals.

Download Taptap APK For Android

Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced gamer who knows their way around computers, downloading Taptap APK will not be a problem for you.

The platform is accessible to users who have phones with Android. However, if you useiOS, getting the game is also available. Once you open the preferred game, the platform will give you two options. You can download the game by scanning the code for Android, or you can click on the suggested link to the App store if such an option is given.

But, let’s get back to Taptap. You can get the link to download the app from multiple sites. But keep in mind: not every site is made equal. Therefore, we strongly recommend you choose a credible site so that you don’t put your privacy and security in jeopardy.

Secure source for Taptap app

Our website is a reputable and reliable source to download Taptap APK. All you need to do is to click on the link found on our website, and the download process will start. This shouldn’t take much time, but you should keep in mind that the time will depend on your internet speed.

Once the download is finished, the file will probably go to the download folder on your phone (unless you haven’t changed the settings previously). You should open your settings and enable the option called “Install from Unknown Source.” After that, you should open the file you have downloaded and install Taptap.

Once you install and open the app, you’ll have to log in with your Taptap account. From that point on, you can freely use the app to browse games, check the news, contact friends and developers, and discuss the games.

Download tips

Before downloading the app, we recommend you check your internet connection. You should make sure that the connection is stable so that you don’t face a slow download. The speed of the process also depends on the internet speed. So, if you’re using slow internet, the download may take more time.

If you’re using mobile data to download the app, we suggest you stop the other apps’ activity. That’s because they are using the internet for background running, which can make the download process slower.

In addition, before downloading Taptap, we recommend you check the storage of your device. Even though the app doesn’t take up much space, you still need free storage to download and use the app successfully.

Benefits of using Taptap APK

While we can totally understand why some people will choose a standard online store for apps that has only one function, we believe that most people will choose Taptap for its unusual features.

Easy and free download process

We have already discussed that you’ll be able to download games with just one click. We also discussed that Taptap gives you an opportunity to join its community, socialize, make new friends, talk about the games, read the latest news, and even communicate with developers about their games.

Besides its amazing and wide community of more than 42,000 monthly active users, Taptap offers numerous other benefits for everyone who wants to use it. For starters, the app is completely free to download. All you need is to click the link to download Taptap APK, which you can find on our website. Download the app with just a few clicks, and you can enjoy the other benefits too.

Convenient and intuitive interface

This platform has an excellent user interface. It includes numerous filters and an intuitive search bar, which can be very practical for gamers who want to explore and play new games. There are filters everywhere! If you ask us, Taptap is a filter wonderland!

First, the games are divided into a few categories. This way, you’ll get the big picture, and you can easily follow the other subcategories to get into a more filtered choice. You can search games by their popularity, release date, rating, genre, developer, country, etc. You can also access beta and alpha tests and collaborate with the developers.

Furthermore, for all of you who want to stay in the loop, the platform includes forums and editor’s choice lists of the best games that are similar to each other. Gamers and developers often open discussions about a particular game’s features, graphics, storyline, items you have to buy, and other aspects. Besides joining the debates, you can also read other people’s comments and learn from their progress so that you can use some of their tactics while playing.

Available in multiple languages

Taptap is a multilingual gaming platform. We think that making an effort to include multiple languages is very important because it shows the company’s devotion and customer-centric policies. Given the fact that Taptap included a new language in the latest update, we can assume that the company will not stop with this tradition, meaning we can expect new languages soon.

Is it safe to download Taptap APK?

There’s a reason why many people decide not to use Google Play Store. Some of them want to obtain the apps for free, and others don’t like that Google invades their privacy. There also are people who don’t even have access to Google. Therefore, platforms like Taptap are born.

However, Taptap is not a boring or unsecured alternative to Play Store. On the contrary, the platform holds a comprehensive community of gamers and developers and offers an experience like no other app for game download.

According to the reviews and everything you can find on forums, Taptap is safe to download, install, and use. The app offers multiple languages and is constantly improving and updating to include more beneficial features and offer a better user experience.

In addition, it’s very crucial to mention that Taptap is very transparent and honest about the way it collects and uses users’ information. You can find everything you’re interested in regarding your privacy and personal information on the official website of the company under its privacy policy. Also, it’s good to mention that the company strictly and openly talks about its working principles and the methods it uses to protect your privacy.


If you’re a gamer or just a curious person who wants to discover new things, Taptap is the perfect app for you. You should definitely take advantage of the platform’s many fantastic features, try new games, make new friends, discuss strategies, and have as much fun as you want.

We also advise you to read Taptap’s terms of service, as you can find very valuable information there. However, the policies also contain some significant factors you should consider to stay safe and properly maintain your account. 

Since we’re a reliable source for downloading the Taptap APK, you can download the app on your Android and start playing today. Who knows? Maybe you’ll have the opportunity to talk with the mastermind that stands behind your favorite game.

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