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Temp Mail Mod Apk

temp mail mod apk

You can’t be wrong if you are currently on this website. Here, you can find trusted and free application packages for your Android device that will help you use your favorite apps and all premium features without paying extra.

In this article, we will tell you more about an App Temp Mail that might help you register and use some websites’ services without receiving annoying promotional emails and offers. Your inbox would not get flooded with spam emails and other annoying marketing promotions.

The Temp mail app, as the name says, gives you a temporary email address and complete freedom to manage the received mails and delete them when you want to. The emails are automatically generated and save the time you usually spend on creating a new email and registering on it.

On this website, you can find the actual download source for the Temp Mail Mod APK file and download it for free. In the latest section, you can find the download and install guide for your Android or other software devices. The APK apps are initially created for Android, but all other operating systems can download them via an emulator.

What Is Temp Mail Mod APK?

We all understand that having an email address is a must-have today. Every website requires entering an email address among the required registration information. But, not every time you want to share your official email address and receive tons of promotional emails and spam.

So, someone came to an idea to develop an application that will give you help in managing the emails and keeping your privacy. The Temp Mail is an email generator app that makes a temporary email address for you.

As a regular email, you can enter the generated email address without registration and receive emails and files immediately. Unlike the google account, this app would not remember or save your emails when you delete them. You delete an email, and it vanishes forever.

The app is excellent for those who do not need to expose their private or professional email addresses to risky websites. Also, your private email would not be flooded with annoying promotions and messages from other sources.

The Mod APK version lets you use all features and premium packages of the official Temp Mail app, but without paying for the app. You can try the extra features for free since the Temp Mail APK comes with a three-day free trial.

Why Do You Need the Modified Version of Temp Mail?

  1. You can keep your privacy. Instead of uncovering your private or professional email, you can ask for a new one without creating and registering like usual. This app will do that instead and just give you the email address. The temporary email address will last until you decide to delete it.
  2. Avoid spam. The email address became part of our everyday living. Many companies and websites ask for email, and later, they send some annoying messages to many recipients who have registered on the specific website. Thanks to Temp Mail, you can now avoid them.
  3. Customize and filter emails. The app lets you change the email’s prefix before the “@” sign, but it must be a prefix that is not used or taken by anyone else. The filter option lets you filter your emails from important senders and set a notification alert when you receive an important one.
  4. Delete emails forever. Unlike other mails we use every day, Temp mail will stay as long as you want. When you decide to delete the email and all received emails, they will be gone forever. The app does not restore the messages, and you can not return them, which is a super advantage if you want a conversation to stay private.
  5. No annoying advertisements.

Features of Temp Mail Mod APK

Change the email

Temp Mail allows you to use not one but five email accounts at the same time. You can use and switch them flexibly any time you want to do that. The number of active accounts you can have does not harden the switch.

Select the mail and choose “Agree.” The app will automatically switch the emails and inboxes. When doing the switch, there is no need to log out of any accounts. The email would not change automatically because a question for agreement pops on the screen every time you want to make the change.

Receive only important emails

Register on a website and receive the information and files you need without the promotional and marketing messages that often appear in your inbox.

The inbox tab is located next to the receiving emails, and it is a palace where you can read the messages sent to your temporary email. 

The emails you receive are similar to those you receive on the standard email, comprising files and messages you can download and save. In this app, unwanted spam messages are excluded from receiving.

Change the language

Our Mod APK version supports multiple languages to simplify working with the app. For example, you can use Hindi, German, French, and many other languages besides English. The language change might help you understand things better and find the right word to express yourself.

The language change options let the users easily manage the app and feel more comfortable exploring and using the features.

Avoid spam emails

Spam emails often annoy us since they arrive at any time of the day and night. Suppose you are waiting for an important email, and instead of it, you receive a promotional spam email because you have used your email address for specific website registration.

It is past with Temp Mail. This email app would block some companies’ promotional and sale emails because you have agreed with their policies. So, if you are tired of receiving spam messages, you should choose the temporary mail application and get rid of the annoying emails.

Use it without limitations

You have complete freedom to use the app. Save, download, share, and even delete messages and files. You can receive files, save them to your phone, and later delete the conversation. No one would know about your conversation because it would not be saved elsewhere.

Whether you need one or a hundred emails, it would not be a problem with this Mod APK version. You can generate your emails or choose one from the offered list. It does not make a huge change because you can change the email anytime.

Another excellent thing is that you would not be disturbed by popping advertisements because our Temp Mail modification comes with an inbuilt ad-blocker.

Incredible storage space

The latest Mod APK version comes with larger storage space. The upgrades of this app bring more and more advantages for the users. Because you can use up to five email accounts simultaneously, the app lets you keep many messages in each email inbox.

Deleting an account relieves storage space because the app does not make copies of the emails elsewhere. Even if you don’t delete an account, you can keep many emails in the inbox without worrying about storage shortages.

How to Download and Install?

Please follow the instructions below to get the latest version of Temp Mail Mod APK. The app will download and install quickly without bringing viruses to your software. This modification does not require rooting your device.

  1. Before clicking on the download section on the website, ensure you have enabled the Unknown source downloading on your device. To find this setting go to: Settings > Security settings > Unknown Sources > Enable.
  2. Click on the download link on this website, and we will redirect you to the official download source. Wait a few minutes until the download file prepares.
  3. Locate the download file in your phone storage. The latest version may take approximately 19M space.
  4. When the file downloads to your phone, open it and click install.
  5. If an error occurs, the Unknown sources might be turned off, so check them again.
  6. Wait until the installation process finishes and open the app. You can now freely use the APK modification and uninstall it anytime.

The process goes the same for other operating systems. If you want to download this APK file on your iPhone or iPad, just download an emulator first. You can find a lot of good emulators online, so choose the one you like the most.


Many people choose modified APK versions of many apps because these mods allow every user to play and use apps without limitations or payments. We recommend using our Temp Mail Mod APK because you can download it free, get the file virus-free, and use it unlimitedly.

We are happy if you choose us as a trusted source for your favorite app download. We are waiting for your feedback!

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