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Termux is an open-source terminal app that can also work as a mini Linux OS. The app comprises many utilities and tools you often see in Linux desktop distributions. Termux APK can help you install and run hundreds of command-line apps using its package manager for Android.

You would not need root to install Termux APK on your Android device, which is why Termux is this popular among the developers and users who want access to CLI Linux apps on Android devices. So, if you are seeking the Linux OS version for Android, it would be our pleasure to introduce Termux to you.

It is excellent having Linux OS on your small touchscreen device. The advanced features of Termux allow you to use various keyboard options and auto-completion using only the TAB key.

The Termux interface is relatively simple and understandable for most users. It displays some extra keys and terminal output, allowing you to manage sessions by swiping the side. You can even change the font and color scheme through the Styling menu.

Termux went through many upgrades over the years. However, technology allows developers to extend and add many functions, so they will never finish the app.

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Description Of Termux APK

Termux is an emulator and Linux environment app that can be easily installed on an Android device. The app does not require setup or rooting; it is simple to install and use. The minimal basic system is automatically installed. If you want some additional packages, you can easily find them on the APT package manager.

This app is a terminal emulator that allows users to access command lines interface in a specific graphical environment. Everyone who has studied the computer basics will get familiar with the shell script and command-line interface.

The shell is a combination of interactive command and scripting language used to control the execution of the system via shell scripts. The operating system uses the shell. Users who use a terminal emulator interact with the shell.

You might get a complete GUI environment on an Android device, but some specific tools would not work without a command-line utility. So, that is why some users use Termux on their Android devices. Termux emulator can help you install some tools on your Android platform and allow you to easily connect to the file system and perform a variety of set features.

Termux has numerous utilities, simple to build, install, and use on your own.

Category   Free Tools App
Latest Version   0.118.0
Requirements    Android 7.0+


Termux was initially released on the 30th of May, 2015. The first version comprised a variety of Linux software. It included support for requesting packages, and numerous features were added using GitHub (an internet hosting provider for software development and control). This version was available for Android 5 and 6.

Then, in 2020, the Android 5 and 6 version was ended, and the development team set features that work for Android 7. The Android 7 system was the minimum OS requirement.

Between 2015 and 2020, the Termux team upgraded the main version, adding some new features and tool packages.

Google has changed its policies meanwhile and removed Termux from its Play Store. So, everyone interested in the Termux app should download it from other sources in an APK shape. We recommend downloading the Termux APK app from our link since we care about your system safety.

Our download link is the latest Termux version, maintained and upgraded by a volunteer developing team in 2021. The 2021 Termux version includes seven add-ons packages that we will discuss next.

Add-ons (extensions)

Termux add-ons are third-party software program extensions added to the main app version. These extensions help the app work better and offer additional features. The newest version is the download link on this website and includes seven extensions.

  1. Termux:API: an extension that allows Android functionality to be exposed to CLI apps.
  2. Termux:Styling: an extension that allows Android to change the font and color scheme of the Terminal.
  3. Termux:Boot: an extension that executes Termux’s commands at boot
  4. Termux:GUI: an extension that allows some of Termux’s apps to have a graphical user interface (GUI) using default Android resources.
  5. Termux:Widget: an extension that allows users to run scripts in a home screen shortcut or a dedicated widget.
  6. Termux:Float: an extension that allows Termux sessions to run in a floating window.
  7. Termux:Tasker: a Plugin that integrates the Tasker app to the Termux terminal.

You need to install the extensions from the same source. All add-ons are signed with the same signature key and have the same User ID between the apps.

Termux user interface and configuration

You should not face any difficulties using the Termux app. Its surface is relatively simple and displays the row of extra keys and terminal output. You can manage the sessions by swiping left. Manipulate the Terminal session with tapping and holding to bring ten options.

Change the font and color scheme, using the Termux: Styling extension. You can customize the extra-keys row and add more function keys and colors. For this function, you should use the termux.properties file.

The app has a mouse (touch) support for interacting with some programs that require a mouse to use them. It is usually htop (system-monitor process viewer and manager) and other ncruses (programming library with app programming interface) apps.

You can scroll by swiping over the terminal buffer (2D array of color data and characters for output).

Use the termux.properties file to configure the Terminal. The Termux configuration is different from other Terminal emulators since its configuration is read with a file instead of graphical settings. The Termux configuration file uses the key=value syntax property and allows the following properties to configure:

  • Black theme
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Handling terminal sessions
  • Handling bell character
  • Handling black key
  • Handling extra keys
  • Work with some keyboard issues

Termux APK Features: Why Use Termux?


You may use Termux on your phone and avoid being suspicious. If you want to position yourself in a conversation between a user and an app (MITM attack), it is always better to use a small portable device instead of a laptop. Using a laptop to make a MITM attack might be highly suspicious, and everyone may figure out that you were the person doing it after completing the attack.

No root needed

Almost every app in the Play Store requires Root Access for installation. Termux is an app that works without a Root requirement. You should only have an Android device with over a 5.0 system version.

No setup

You are also free of making long setups to install Termux on your system. Simply download the file from our website and install your favorite package.

Compact and miniature

The basic Termux app version takes less than 200Kb. Its size increases as you add packages to it. How much it might increase depends on the number and size of the packages you install to the main version. You can also uninstall the packages to reduce the storage space.

Numerous available packages

Customize your Termux app by adding packages that may be helpful to your performance. The packages allow you to do various tasks. Their size is also small, and you can easily install and uninstall them if they are not in use.

Consistent update

Termux is a relatively new app that follows the newest technologies every day. So, Termux collects updates regularly, meaning the app has new features and packages daily.

Variety of programming languages

Termux supports C/C++, Lua, Php, Golang, Python, and other programming languages allowing you to type and compile these languages on your phone. Supporting numerous programming languages is helpful since the app allows you to work with all tool types.

Python support

Supporting Python is one of the most notable Termux advantages. Python is a high-level programming language that supports multiple programming paradigms. In Termux, Python allows you to do tasks by running a single script of Python. Its projects are available on GitHub, and you can easily copy them and take some serious actions with Termux.

Termux is a single user

Everything is executed with the same User ID as the Termux app itself. You can not change the username because it is derived from the Bionic libc User ID. All packages are patched to remove any multiuser and other similar functionalities.

The Differences Between Termux APK and Linux

Termux is not FHS-compliant

Termux is not following the FHS (Filesystem Hierarchy Standard) like many Linux distributors. FHS is a directory structure and contents in Linux distributions, maintained by the Linux Foundation. In Termux, you would not find directories like /etc, /tmp, /bin, /usr, and others at their usual location.

In Termux, all programs should be recompiled and patched to meet the specific Termux environment requirements. Otherwise, they can not find their configuration files and data.

You may face some difficulties while executing scripts with standard shebangs. In this case, you should use the termux-fix-shebang script, so it can modify the specific files before executing. The recent Termux versions may provide a specific termux-exec package to allow the standard shebangs usage.

For all users who don’t know what shebang is, it is a character sequence made of number sign characters and an exclamation mark, and it is usually located at the beginning of the script.

It uses Bionik libc

Termux compiles all its packages with Android NDK to get the best Android OS compatibility and remove the requirement to maintain customer toolchains. The derived binaries are then connected with the Bionic libc.

Bionic is an implementation of Google’s standard C library, developed especially for its Android operating system. It is different from the GNU C library because it is created for devices with less memory and lower processor power than the actual Linux system.

The Root file system is stored as a standard application data

PRoot is an implementation program similar to Linux’x chroot, binfmt_misc, and mount – -bind. It allows unprivileged users to execute programs with an alternative root directory and is helpful in situations where chroot is impossible because of a lack of root privileges.

The Termux Root file system and user’s home directory are placed in a private app data directory. The paths leading to these directories are exposed as $HOME and $PREFIX, respectively. You can not dislocate the $PREFIX because all the programs will stay unchanged.

$PREFIX and $HOME directories will be deleted if you uninstall the Termux app or wipe its data. Back up the essential data before uninstalling the app.

Termux is a single-user

All Android apps are convenient and have Linux user ID and SELinux label. Everything executed within Termux is done with the same user ID without any exceptions. Termux’s packages are patched to drop multiusers, setuid/setgid, and other functionalities of a similar type.

The Termux developers allow all users to have read-write access freedom to all app components, including the $PREFIX. This directory is sensitive and easily breakable, so be careful when overwriting or deleting files there.

Who Is Termux APK Best for?


Termux is a must-have Android app if you are a programmer or a person interested in being a programmer. Termux supports numerous programming languages, such as C/C++, Php, Golang, Lua, and Python, making you familiar with the command-line interface (CLI).


If you are a person with expert technical knowledge and skills to breach a computer security system, Termux is the must-have app. This app may be excellent for experts, beginners, and every hacker level. 

IT Students

Termux might be an excellent app for individuals studying IT or the CS sector. This app has combined all the essential things, like command-line interface, coding, cybersecurity tools, python projects, etc. Termux may give you some essential experience and build computer managing confidence.

Hacking and cybersecurity

This APK app may help you a lot if you are a student in the cybersecurity and hacking sector. You can use Termux’s tools for free using only your Android smartphone device. You can now learn a lot about hacking and cybersecurity using your portable smartphone. There is no need to have a computer or a laptop to use this terminal app.

Termux APK Tools For Hacking


Nmap is a port-scanning software known as Network Mapper. It is a free Temux hacking tool, popular among port scanners. This tool is used for alerting, security monitoring, and fast network discovery. The Nmap tool uses numerous services and raw IP packets to check for available hosts on the network. This tool may also list services with critical information, firewalls, OSs, etc.

Commands to install Nmap:

  • Pkg update && pkg upgrade -y
  • Pkg install curl
  • Pkg install Nmap


Hydra is Termux’s most powerful tool. Hydra uses a brute power approach on Username and Password for services such as telnet, FTP, ssh, etc. This Termux tool works with coding concerts and shows how simple it is to potentially get unauthorized access from the remote system. This might be highly helpful to cybersecurity professionals and IT technologists.

Commands to install Hydra:

  • Pkg update && pkg upgrade -y
  • Pkg install Hydra


Metasploit is a whole framework of exploit tools. It is an infrastructure used to make a set of hacking tools. This tool may help cybersecurity professionals and white-hat hackers to find vulnerabilities on different platforms.

Over 200k users and employees use Metasploit for solving queries and information. This tool may be helpful for system vulnerability identification.

Commands to install Metasploit:

  • Pkg update && pkg upgrade -y
  • Pkg install unstable-repo
  • Pkg install Metasploit


This is a tool that allows you as a user to inspect websites for SQL injection vulnerabilities. Using SQLmap, you can run a check on a website to inspect if the specific website may be vulnerable to SQL injection. The SQLmap tool is easy to add on Termux and is accessible for all major platforms.

Commands to install SQLmap:

  • Pkg update && pkg upgrade -y
  • Apt install python phyton2
  • Pkg install git
  • Git clone
  • Cd sqlmap
  • Chmod +x sqlmap.py
  • Phyton2 sqlmap.py


Wireshark is 2021’s most famous ethical hacking tool that may detect a vulnerability within many firewall rules. Many cybersecurity executives use this tool to detect networks, scan standards and protocols, and capture erroneously sent packets.

This Termux tool may assist you in reading real-time data from Ethernet, ATM, USB, Token Ring, FDDI, Bluetooth, Frame-relay, PPP/HDLC, IEEE 802.11, etc.

Commands to install Wireshark:

  • Pkg update && pkg upgrade -y
  • Pkg install xterm
  • Apt install tigrevnc
  • Apr install tigervnc-viewer
  • Pkg install x11-repo
  • Apt install Wireshark-gtk

Social Engineering Toolkit

This toolkit is an advanced structure that may help emulate numerous types of cybersecurity attacks, like phishing attacks, IDs collection, and other similar actions. The Social Engineering Toolkit is written in the Phyton programming language and gives a quality test for safeguarding unauthorized access. This tool has over 3 million downloads.

Commands to install Social Engineering Toolkit:

  • Pkg update && pkg upgrade -y
  • Apt install curl -y
  • Curl -LO
  • Sh setoolkit.sh
  • Cd setoolkit
  • ./setup.py install
  • ./setoolkit


Nikto’s goal is to provide guidelines on WEB servers. This tool is developed in the Perl programming language and created intending to search for viruses, insecure programs, configurations, and standard programs on WEB servers and browsers.

This tool does not contain SQL penetration injection issues. It can only check the specific website for odd files and settings that act like passive attacks.

Command to install Nikto:

  • Pkg update && pkg upgrade
  • Pkg install git
  • Pkg install Perl
  • Git clone
  • Cd nikto
  • Cd program


Tool-X is a tool specially created for Termux. Using this tool, you can download over 370 hacking tools for Termux, which is only one click away. Tool-X is available for Android, Linux, Ubuntu, Debian, etc.

Commands to install Tool-X:

  • Pkg update && pkg upgrade -y
  • Pkg install git
  • Git clone
  • Cd Tool-X
  • Chmod +x install.aex
  • Sh install. aex
  • ./install.aex
  • Tool-X

Fcosiety Toolkit

This toolkit contains all the hacking tools we see in many TV series and cybersecurity purposes. This toolkit is a complete hacking tools pack containing the Pen-Testing Framework, allowing the hacker to potentially have every code.

This toolkit may be perfect even for beginners and mid-level hackers. It will ask for the attack type you want to perform, and then it will provide you with the best tools for making the chosen attack.

Command to install Fdociety Toolkit:

  • Pkg update && pkg upgrade
  • Pkg install git
  • Pkg install phyton2
  • Git clone
  • Cd fscoiety
  • Chmod +x install.sh


Our last chosen Termux tool is a low-bandwidth DoS hacking tool. Its software is rewritten in Phython and performs an HTTP Denial of Service (DoS) attack that may make the small servers crash.

Slowrolis will stop the connection portal disconnection unless the server does it. A new link will be created when the server shuts down the connection. The possible result is the server going 401 error down and not fulfilling any requests.

Command to install Slowrolis

  • Pkg update && pkg upgrade -y
  • Pkg install Pjuton
  • Pkg install slowloris
  • slowrolis

Termux APK Installation

Our latest Termux APK version is available on this website. You can easily download and install it without a Root requirement.

Follow the installation process. It will take a few minutes because many requirements are excluded in the APK version download.

The main requirement is to have an Android >7 system device. The previous 5 and 6 versions were shut down in 2020.

Uninstall all existing Termux apps and APKs. The app and all its APKs must have identical key signatures. The download will not be possible if you download APKs and tools with different IDs.

Termux APK Uninstallation

To complete the installation process, uninstall the previous Termux downloads and APKs. To complete the uninstallation process, you have to go to:

Android Settings > Applications > look for all Termux apps and plugins and uninstall them.


We are happy you chose us as the most trusted APK download source for Termux. We also believe our Termux APK article has helped you complete the uninstallation and installation process and add all the tools to the Termux app.

All extensions and tools are simple and fast to download. Even if you are a beginner, Termux may be an excellent start for your hacking career. Explore the app and upgrade your IT knowledge with the most secure Termux app APK.

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