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The School- White Day

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Do you remember the old version of The School-White day released in 2001? It certainly was a game way ahead of its time, with alluring graphics and interactive gameplay that many people had never seen before. Of course, the game was playable on PC, so it would be hard to go back and replay it now because hardly any operating system would support it. 

But what if we told you that the developers had remixed the old game version, making it playable directly on your smartphone? Well, they have, and now you can enjoy it once more on your smartphone. 

To get you a bit more interested, we’ve decided to explore the game and review it while also including a download link to The School White Day APK file for you to download to your device. 

The Story Behind The School White Day

The School-White Day was developed by a Korean game development company named Sonnori. The game is of the survival-horror genre, played in first-person, and developers published a remake in 2015 with improved graphics for mobile devices.

The game’s plot is set in a Korean High School, which used to be a hospital during the Korean war. During the construction of the building, supernatural forces were awakened that disturbed the natural order and caused an imbalance of feng shui forces. Many of the builders died during the construction.

After a geomancer had constructed five amulets to balance the feng shui forces, all of the spirits of the deceased builders and hospital members were locked inside the building as well. This act prevented them from going to the afterlife; thus, they continued to haunt the school.

Years later, the ghosts start roaming the halls when the school is filled with students. You play as a student, roaming the school and looking for clues to set things right and free all the ghosts trapped inside. Along the way, you will face many perils, including scary encounters and ghosts of old. 

Highlights of the Game

A survival-horror game that will keep you on edge

The game’s primary setting is inside a school closed after hours, and you find yourself all alone with all kinds of challenges and ghosts. Playing as a male student, you are without any weapons, and the only way to survive in the game is to run and hide. The real threat is the janitor in the game, as you will need to be on constant alert for him and his flashlight.

The game has a dark setting because the plot happens after school hours, and the real challenge is on the highest difficulty, where there are no hints by the game whatsoever. 

Many exciting puzzles to solve

A large portion of the gameplay revolves around solving puzzles and finding secrets about the school’s past while trying to avoid the ghosts and the annoying janitor.

Solving puzzles may include finding rare and hidden items around the school, manually changing the hands of a clock to decipher a lock combination, searching for notes and documents, etc. One puzzle even requires you to translate Chinese into Korean to solve it.

Interestingly, the puzzles change their order each time you start the new game. Many players have also noted this as a unique game feature, providing a different experience with each new playthrough.

There are several possible endings to the game

Just as the puzzle order is different each time you start a new game, so does the game have 8 different endings. Every ending depends on your choices throughout the game and which paths to take first. Interacting with one character during one playthrough doesn’t necessarily mean that next, you will encounter the same character in the same way as you did the first time.

There are no weapons, but you do get a backpack

The game features no weapons for the main character, as it’s not that type of survival-horror game. The main idea is to hide and resolve mysterious puzzles, not kill the janitor and exterminate the ghosts. 

Instead of weapons, the game provides the player with a backpack full of valuable tools that you can use throughout the game to make the entire playthrough easier. Some tools include pliers, wire cutters, a screwdriver belt, a lighter, etc. The backpack also stores health regeneration items, various consumables, miscellaneous items, and even keys to locked doors or cabinets.

What The School White Day APK File Offers

If you’re already considering downloading the game from the Google Play Store, then be prepared to pay for it. Namely, the game will cost you $7.99 if you wish to download it from there, but you get the free latest and complete game version by downloading the APK file we provide on our website. That is the main benefit of this file, and the good news is you don’t have to root your device to install it, but we will cover that a little later.

The APK file also has installed in 9 different languages, and you can play it in English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese.


The School-White Day is a game played in first-person, meaning you don’t see the character you play with. Before you start the game, you can choose between several difficulty modes, and the harder ones are only available once you’ve completed the game on the easier ones.

Everything you need to play the game is displayed on the HeadsUp Display or HUD. You can track your health bar, follow the compass to know which direction you’re heading, and see which item from your inventory you have equipped. 

Communication with other characters is represented as a dialogue tree with several sentences you can choose from. Each choice unravels a different course of the story.

One of the greatest threats in the game is the janitor. If you make loud noises and aren’t careful, it will be much easier for him to find and chase you down. You can run to escape, but if the janitor catches you, he will beat you with the bat until you die. Since the janitor has a flashlight, hiding in the dark will not always be a wise option to avoid him. 

Graphics and Sound Effects

Even though this is an older game, developed in 2001, it has been remade and improved in all aspects in 2015. The development team made drastic graphical and sound improvements, and the game now looks terrific. 

Since the game is survival horror, the entire setting and ambiance are dark, so you shouldn’t expect to see bright or vivid colors throughout your gameplay. The 3D models of the characters are very well made, with a lot of attention to detail in both the design and the animation. Lighting effects are also very well made, so once you see the janitor’s flashlight, run as fast as possible. 

A good horror game would be nothing without excellent sound effects to heighten the tension, and this one delivers just that. The janitor’s sounds, the creepy creaking of floorboards, and the screeching doors will get you out of your seat every time you start the game.

The effects are so immersive that each time you fall from a height or take damage, the character’s heart rate will increase, and the screen will flash with a reddish visual effect. 

How to Download and Install the Game?

To install this game on your device and play it for free, you first need to click the download link on our webpage and download The School White Day APK file on your Android device. This file will not work on your system if you have an iPhone or iOS-based device.

Before proceeding with the game’s installation, you first must permit your device to install it because it is a third-party app. The way to do that is to enter the device’s “Settings” menu and search for the “Security” tab. Here you will enable the “Unknown Sources” option, which will allow the installation of files from sources other than the official Google Play Store.

Once enabled, you can look for the downloaded file using your device’s File Manager app. It should be located in a dedicated “Downloads” folder. The entire game is around 1.6GB, so be patient as it may take some time to download. Also, ensure you have enough space on your device before downloading the file.


Not many people are fans of survival-horror games since you would need a strong stomach and a lot of patience to play through a scary experience. But for those in love with this genre, especially when you don’t know what will happen next and patience is your only reliable source of courage, playing The School White Day APK will be an excellent choice.

Even if you played this game in 2001, playing it again now in its remastered version for Android will bring you many nostalgic puzzle-solving memories.

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