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The You Testament Mod Apk

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The You Testament Mod Apk

the you testament mod apk

Looking for an interesting Android game that you’ve never played before? We’ve got something unique for you if you’re tired of the common repetition in many mobile games. It’s called The You Testament.

The You Testament is an exciting action game developed by MDickie. It follows a similar game style as several other games released by the developer. What’s unique about The You Testament is that it allows you to travel back in time, go to biblical periods, and relieve the lives of two dozen biblical characters.

The game’s design, graphics, and controls are often called clumsy and low-quality, but honestly, they only make it a lot more easygoing and fun. The game supplies better performance thanks to simple graphics, allowing it to cross many boundaries and gain world fame.

If a biblical-themed mobile game sounds odd yet exciting, you can download The You Testament MOD APK from this link.

More About The You Testament

The You Testament is probably one of the most specific games you’ll ever play. Mat Dickie, a North Lincolnshire game developer, decided to unleash its unique creativity, developing a concept you won’t find elsewhere. He created a game to help you roam biblical events without fear. 

Many people were outraged by the boldness of the developer. While some consider the game earnest preaching, others believe it to be a biblical comedy. However you put it, the game is a lot of fun.

In The You Testament, you can go face to face with spiritual principles and have to decide how you would like to interpret them. The idea of the game revolves around the relationship between body and soul, with an overt exploration of their correlation. While helping your character understand the sense of his existence, you might experience an epiphany.


The scenery has considerably evolved past the clumsy graphics to match the improvised characterization. The You Testament gameplay takes place in ancient Palestine. The entire plot is broken down into 32 extremely sophisticated locations. There are sprawling outdoor terrains, excellent indoor architecture, and some in-betweens with a perfect mix of both.

To navigate the different locations, you’ll need to complete the current scene and move on to the next. Although it might be slightly limited, the process can be pretty simplified if you use the map that charts your entire journey. The map is customized with many appropriate segments that pop up during important events, like approaching an exit that’ll give you further direction.


If you’re looking for a simple mobile game to help you get some action in your spare time, The You Testament might be precisely what you need. The game is straightforward, with the primary objective being to navigate sceneries without getting in trouble or killed.

But what kind of trouble can you get to while roaming biblical scenes? Your character could get arrested, become hungry, or even go completely mad that he’ll collapse to the ground or start beating up people.

In the game display, you’ll get to track your brain meter. Once your brain meter runs out, you’ll start losing control over the character. That means he will probably run around the map beating up people without any reason.

To make the objective harder, someone dropped a Rage virus before you arrived at the game, so you can expect fights to occur constantly. Make sure you don’t get caught up in the middle of the battle because you’re probably going to die, which is the only thing you need to avoid in the game.

If you die, the game erases your entire character, forcing you to start the whole game from scratch.


Playing The You Testament is incredibly easy. On the main game screen, which doubles as your joystick, you’ll find all the virtual keys that allow you to control the character. You’ll use a virtual joystick to move the character in the right direction. If you need to start running, all you have to do is double-tap the desired direction.

The available controls will pop up on the screen according to the scenery that you’re currently at. The A button stands for attack, while the G ring is used for throwing or holding objects. When you’re near an object, the key P will pop up, allowing you to pick up the item. Using the object is done by pressing U, and when you want to go to sleep or meditate, you’ll need to press or hold the eye icon.

Playing the game shouldn’t be too difficult with only a few keys as game controls.

Fun activities

Although the game seems pretty straightforward, there are many fun things to do. Your game character is like a normal human being, meaning he’ll often get hungry. Living in a biblical age, your only resort is to help him catch animals so he can feed himself. There are chickens, rabbits, geese, and other animals running around the map, so if you help him catch them, he can settle his hunger. However, you should be very careful because if you allow your character to eat once his food bar is empty, he might get sick and start vomiting, significantly lowering his health.

Sleep is required for your character to get the energy he needs to continue his journey. While sleeping, you’ll get to recover the health you’ve spent during the day. For a faster recovery, you’ll need to find a warmer place or a warm bed since sleeping on the floor won’t provide you with too much health, and it may reduce your energy bar.

While on the journey, you’ll encounter different types of people. Some will need your help, and you’ll have the opportunity to save a person’s life by simply holding them in your arms. What you choose to do in such a situation is entirely up to you to decide and will steer the entire direction of your adventure.

Why Install The You Testament MOD?

If The You Testament game sounds like a lot of fun, you should skip the original game version and get the modded version. With the modded game version, you’ll unlock access to many exciting features that make the gaming experience much more fun.

How to Install The You Testament MOD?

If you’re interested in the modded version of the game, you’ll need to download and install The You Testament MOD APK manually. Since the modded version offers extra features, you won’t be able to install it from the Google Play Store, but installing an APK file isn’t that complicated either. Still, if you’ve never installed an APK file before, you’ll need to complete the following steps precisely.

Step 1: Download the APK file

APK or Android Package Kit files are intended for distributing and installing Android applications. Therefore, you will need a proper APK file to install The You Testament MOD. Be careful when downloading APK files, as not all sources are reliable. Follow this link if you’re looking for a safe and reliable APK download for The You Testament MOD.

Step 2: Set up your device for installation

With the APK file downloaded, you won’t be able to start the installation just yet. Before you attempt to install an APK file, you’ll need to ensure that you’ve set up your device for installing apps coming from unknown sources.

A specific setting called ‘Unknown Sources’ is designed to allow or disable the installation of APK files. The setting is turned off by default, so you’ll have to turn it on before installing the game.

On Android versions older than 8.0, you can find the setting following this path: Security > Unknown Sources. If you’re running on Android 8.0 or higher, you’ll need to go to Apps > *App Name* > Advanced Settings, replacing the *App Name* with the name of the app you will use for the installation. 

Step 3: Start the installation

With your Android device set up for installing APK files, you can initiate the installation process. Click on the APK file you downloaded earlier, and the installation should run automatically.


If you’d be interested in experiencing biblical events and rewriting history according to your beliefs, The You Testament is a game you shouldn’t pass. It’ll take you across 50 bible stories, giving you the freedom to act according to your beliefs and ethics. With many random characters, you can create your values and allegiances. You can choose whether you’ll be the devil that tempts people or the disciple that enlightens the masses. Unlock the history of creation and use various superpowers however you please.

To unlock all the game’s premium features and enjoy it to the maximum, we recommend you download The You Testament MOD APK using this safe and virus-free link. If you were looking for a reliable download link, this article offers just that. Follow the above steps, and you’ll be able to start playing in minutes.

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