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Touch VPN Mod APK [Premium Unlocked]

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Touch VPN Mod APK [Premium Unlocked]

touch vpn mod apk

Are you unable to visit some websites? Concerned about using wi-fi hotspots that aren’t password protected? Do you wish to remain private and use websites without being observed? Get the most satisfactory free VPN service available now.

The most effective method for anonymous web surfing is using Touch VPN, which serves as a secure VPN proxy. Touch VPN mod apk, the free limitless VPN service, enables users to surf the web freely while maintaining their privacy and providing a secure connection. Keep reading to find out more.

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What Is Touch VPN Mod APK?


App Name  Touch VPN 
Genre Tools
Developer  TouchVPN Inc.
Mod Premium Unlocked 
Price  Free

Download Now


You may surf the Internet in complete secrecy and anonymity from the convenience of your device by using an application called TouchVPN. To make matters even better, all it takes to activate your Virtual Private Network (VPN) and get started browsing the web in complete safety is a single tap on your screen.

When you’re surfing the web with Touch VPN Mod APK turned on, you have access to services that otherwise wouldn’t be accessible, such as those that offer regional safeguards. You might, for instance, view movies on YouTube that wouldn’t ordinarily be accessible in your region, listen to radio from any location in the world, or browse a website that wouldn’t be accessible in your nation. Also, nobody can see what you are doing, which is a huge benefit.

Touch VPN supports Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Firefox, Edge, and Chrome. More than a dozen countries are represented among the 27 server locations, mainly in Europe and North America, but there are a few others.

There is no cost associated with using any of the applications, and users are not required to register. The mobile versions have advertisements, but upgrading removes them. Additionally, the Android app states that users who upgrade receive a “faster connection,” “high-quality assistance,” and coverage for up to five devices at once.

Touch VPN Mod APK Features


Using a Touch virtual private network (VPN) enables you to conceal your IP address, preventing websites and your Internet Service Provider (ISP) from following your online movements and snooping on your online activities. While you are using the Internet in any way, this protects your privacy to the highest possible level.


The traffic created by your device is encrypted by the encryption algorithms, making it impossible for anybody to “sneak” at the data you send or receive through a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

OpenVPN and HydraVPN are included in the list of encryption protocols that Touch VPN Mod APK supports. It is essential to point out that, at present, OpenVPN is the protocol that is both the most widely used and the easiest to use. Because it is open-source, people worldwide can investigate it and inform the creators of any errors or problems they may find.

No Activity Logs

There are no activity records stored on TouchVPN’s servers. But, they do commit to collecting personal information such as your email address and username; however, you are not required to register or disclose such information to use their service.

Premium Subscription

You can connect to the VPN servers much more quickly with the premium subscription, gaining access to all of the accessible server locations, having ads removed from the applications, and receiving superior customer service. You may use the premium membership on up to five different devices at once, and it functions most effectively when used in conjunction with the Touch VPN Chrome extension and the mobile app.


One of the most significant aspects that has contributed to the phenomenal success of Touch VPN in the expansive VPN industry is the service’s lightning-fast connection speeds. The organization has gone to tremendous lengths to ensure that this objective is accomplished.


This free service gives you the ability to connect safely to up to 40 servers, all of which are located in different locations. In addition to that, it gives you the option of connecting to a network in any one of thirty different countries. It does not automatically disconnect users or retain a record of the data they enter, nor does it keep records of the data they enter.


Touch VPN is a free service that provides users with a wide range of options in terms of customer apps and extensions that are compatible with a variety of operating systems. It is downloadable for use on Apple’s mac in addition to iOS. In addition to being downloadable for Android and Microsoft Windows, it is also compatible with the Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome web browsers.


The program can be easily installed because it can be downloaded straight from the App Store, the Microsoft Store, or Google Play and then added as an extension to browsers based on Chromium, such as Edge, Firefox, and Chrome. If you install Windows manually instead, you may download the MSI file and follow the instructions.

Customer Support

Email support and access to various online resources are available to customers of Touch VPN.

The Frequently Asked Questions part of their website is organized like a drop-down menu, yet, each query leads to the same useless answer. Even if Touch VPN claims that its programs are so simple to install that it doesn’t need to give any setup guidance, it still ought to provide accessible methods of downloading for people who are just starting.

Email is another method for contacting the organization; however, many customers have complained that the replies they receive are too slow, too ambiguous, and lacking in depth.


A remarkable virtual private network (VPN) application, TouchVPN distinguishes out for how easy it is to use while maintaining its high level of performance. The best part is that you don’t have to configure anything; all you have to do is tap the screen once, and you can immediately begin using the Internet without any concerns.

Why Choose Touch VPN Mod APK?

Touch VPN is free to use, has no bandwidth or storage limits, employs military-grade encryption, and is incredibly simple to operate.

Access any website you want, located in any country. Get beyond geographical limitations to access any website from anywhere in the world! Gain access to websites that the government, your school, or your place of employment has restricted or censored access.

Keep hackers from accessing your data by taking appropriate precautions. If you connect your device to a public wi-fi Hotspot, the security of your identity, including your username, password, and other personal information, might be at risk. Your data is protected most optimally by Touch VPN, which encrypts it and offers you security on a level.

Touch VPN is an easy-to-use VPN proxy service that requires just one click. The Touch VPN app features a single button. The button establishes a connection between you and one of several anonymous servers at speeds far higher than a web proxy. It is a free VPN service that has no bandwidth or data limits!

Surf the Internet in Anonymous Mode. Stop your internet service provider (ISP) from spying on you, and stop websites from tracking and targeting your online activities. A virtual private network (VPN) is a service that encrypts your online activity and hides your identity from eavesdroppers.

Pros Of Using Touch VPN Mod APK

Free To Use

There are no subscription fees associated with using Touch VPN, which is why this service is so popular. There are no costs associated with downloading or signing up for the service. After downloading the program to your computer or other devices, you may immediately begin utilizing it after it has been successfully installed.

Easy To Use

Touch VPN stands out in addition to its intuitive operation because of how simple it is to use. Downloading the appropriate file for your computer or other device is all you need to do. When you first open the file, you will be prompted to create an account for yourself. After completing the account creation process, you will immediately access a virtual private network connection.

Cons Of Using Touch VPN Mod APK

Does Not Have A Kill Switch

The fact that Touch VPN does not come equipped with a kill switch is another one of the most critical issues with the service. A kill switch protects the data you have entered into a website or application if your internet connection is lost while you are using it.


After doing several speed tests, we found that the performance of this service was less than satisfactory: it severely slows down connection speeds. The results are pretty poor compared to competing VPNs now available on the market.

Does Not Work With Streaming Websites

You should give some thought to the fact that you won’t be able to access streaming websites like Netflix or torrenting websites if you use Touch VPN. This is one of the additional crucial elements you’ll want to consider. However, given that the service in question does not provide access to the websites mentioned above, its capacity to bypass geo-restriction constraints is almost entirely rendered useless.

Benefits Of Using Touch VPN Mod APK


Virtual private networks, more often known as VPNs, are utilized primarily to conceal one’s location when surfing the web. Your device will be connected to a VPN server located elsewhere in the world when you use a VPN. This gives you access to the server’s internet connection and its IP address for the duration of your session.

If your Internet Protocol address is blocked, it will be impossible to track or target you with advertisements. Your Internet service provider will not be able to access any of your personally identifiable information or passwords. It protects the confidentiality of your online activity.

Encrypts Your Internet Traffic

When you connect to a virtual private network (VPN), your Internet traffic is encrypted with sophisticated algorithms when sent and received. Because of this, nobody, not even hackers, the authorities, or even your Internet service provider, will be able to access your data or even understand it.

Bypass Censorship

Censorship of internet content is prevalent in nations such as China. By directing all of your Internet traffic through the VPN server, you may use a virtual private network to get around any restrictions that may be in place. The fact that you are connected to the VPN server is the only thing that censorship systems can see; they cannot tell which websites you are trying to access. Because of this, you may surf the open web without compromising your privacy.

In addition to circumventing censorship implemented nationally, virtual private networks (VPNs) make it possible to access websites that are generally restricted in public places like schools and workplaces.

Escape Data-Throttling

The practice of “data throttling” occurs when a user has consumed a predetermined quantity of their allotted data and, consequently, their internet service provider reduces the speed of their connection. Not only will your data be shielded from the prying eyes of ISPs and other parties when you connect to the Internet using a virtual private network (VPN), but you also won’t be subject to a data cap under these circumstances. Internet service providers can impose data limits on their clients to improve internet speeds for some consumers.

Safe Use Of Public Wi-fi

The security of public wi-fi is not exceptionally high. Because it lacks the security protection standard in residential wi-fi networks, public wi-fi is favored by hackers. When you and a hacker are both linked to the very same public wi-fi network, the hacker has the opportunity to steal your personal information.

When you use a Virtual Private Network (VPN), hackers using public wi-fi won’t be able to access the information transmitted over your connection. Your data is encrypted by the virtual private network (VPN), which effectively creates a private connection for you when using public wi-fi. If there is an additional wall, it will be extremely tough for hackers to penetrate the system.

Access Region-Blocked Services Like Netflix

There is a possibility that users of specific virtual private networks (VPNs) would be able to access geo-blocked material from providers like Netflix and others. Your Internet Protocol (IP) address can be altered through a virtual private network (VPN), giving the impression to a content provider that you are accessing the web from a different country or area in which access is permitted.

Compatible On All Devices

Most VPN providers allow their services to be utilized on various platforms.

Tablets, computers, and telephones are all included. When it comes to VPN services, you’ll have no problem finding one that works on both PCs and Macs. While some VPN services need different devices, this is not always the case when you first join up.

If you use both a Mac and a PC, the best VPN for Mac will likely also function on your iPhone. The best virtual private network (VPN) services may protect your online privacy no matter what method you choose to surf.

Free Of Cost

This feature is included in every Mod App, so there is no reason to discuss it further. Nonetheless, we will discuss it with you since using this VPN might help you save money and provide you with a premium version of Touch VPN at no additional cost. 


The fact that you are not restricted in any way in your usage of this software is undoubtedly the standout feature of this product. Touch VPN is superior to other Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) because it provides users unrestricted access to the VPN service within the app. If you were seeking a fantastic VPN app, your quest is over since you can download Touch VPN mod APK on your android phone. This will ensure you have access to a secure connection whenever needed. You can only use the modified version of this app on Android smartphones. The modified version of this app is not accessible here for iOS phones.

The Premium Subscription Is Free

The primary motivation for altering Touch VPN MOD APK is making all of the app’s premium features freely available to users. Using this VPN’s cracking capabilities, the developer could unlock all of the app’s premium features and make them available to customers at no additional cost. You will have access to all of the capabilities available within this VPN without paying for them.

Fast Speed

Within the premium or paid servers, Touch VPN Premium Mod Apk can provide you with a browsing speed that is at the very top of the industry. This incredible speed will astound you because it is a premium function that typically costs 4700.00 INR per month, but we give it to you free of charge. Simply download it, and you may immediately begin using features that usually cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

No Tracking Possible

Because of the very stringent security procedures utilized in Touch VPN Mod Apk, there is no possibility that you will be traced in any manner, shape, or form. Your location will never be revealed to anybody, and the place from where you do business will never be able to be traced back to you. The history of your location will be kept confidential and won’t be shown to anybody.

How To Download Touch VPN MOD APK?

Downloading the modified version of Touch VPN is a fairly straightforward process. You will be required to follow the instructions that have been given, and that will be all. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes for you to download and install this software on your Android device. You may also download this VPN on your computer using an Android emulator.

  1. Go to Settings > Apps & Security > Enable the “Unknown Sources” option.
  2. The next thing that needs to be done is for you to click on the download button above.
  3. After you have chosen to download the file and clicked the button, the downloading process will begin immediately. 
  4. Go to your files and look for the APK file.
  5. Now, select the APK file of Touch VPN APK that you downloaded and tap on it. After you have tapped on it, the program will be saved to your phone.
  6. Your phone should now display an icon for the app. Simply selecting that button will launch the program.

Conclusion : Touch VPN Mod APK

It may be possible to use Touch VPN mod APK as an external tool to boost the endurance of security layers to defeat online attackers. In other words, data thieves have fewer opportunities to steal.

Other than that, there are several options open to you. To name just a few, you may remain anonymous online, keep your data safe from prying eyes, and use public wi-fi without fear of being tracked. Then why don’t you get started? It’s time to get it now!

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