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If you possess an Android smartphone, you’ve probably heard of an APK file and may have wondered what it is. Our article will explain to you in detail what TubeMate APK is, its features, and how to download it quickly. It is critical if you want to start downloading leaked applications or customizing your Android experience beyond what the Play Store allows, but don’t worry; our website is a reliable and trusted source to download TubeMate APK safely. 

TubeMate is an app for Android that allows you to download videos from Youtube to watch them later, offline. Also, you can save them in the format of your choosing. 

TubeMate APK also enables users to encode audio and convert YouTube videos to MP3 format. It enables a more comfortable audio listening experience. TubeMate adds various capabilities to the standard YouTube offline video capability. It also solves some of the limits, making the experience more enjoyable.

App Name  TubeMate Youtube 
Requirement  Android
Genres  Tools

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How To Use TubeMate APK?

Few YouTube downloaders allow high-quality video downloads without requiring a paid add-on. This YouTube downloader is suitable for high-end and low-end devices and is cross-platform compatible. This software allows you to download YouTube videos to your Android smartphone securely. You must first obtain the official APK from the official website to begin the installation process.

Continue to get the TubeMate software from the official source; here, you will discover the opportunity to obtain the most recent APK and some previous releases. If you haven’t done so before, you’ll need to allow installation from unknown sources. When you start the installation by clicking on the APK link, you will be prompted to accept installation from unknown sources.

To complete installing the app on your smartphone, tap on the APK and follow the installation instructions. After installing the app, select the ‘Open’ option and provide the app with the required rights. Once you’ve installed it, follow the steps below to download videos using the TubeMate app for Android.

TubeMate APK download process

  • Go to the ‘Search’ option and locate the YouTube video you want to download.
  • Click on the ‘Three dots’ menu to the side and construct a playlist of the videos you want to download.
  • TubeMate will now offer you to choose the download quality and other options.
  • After selecting the video’s download quality, click the ‘Download’ button to save the movie for use in the various apps on your Android smartphone.
  • You may also queue up numerous videos to download and save them all at once. There is also the option to queue up the films and download them over a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Once the videos have been appropriately downloaded, you may play them using your preferred media players (VLC or MX Player).

How To Use Tubemate Without Advertisements?

If you are upset by so many advertisements when downloading a program, we must state that TubeMate APK is one of the applications with minimal advertising. Furthermore, the banners are neither intrusive nor obnoxious, so you do not need to worry. To be honest, this program does not allow you to utilize it without ads.

Everyone who works as an application developer or programmer wants to make money, and one of the easiest ways is through advertising. It also necessitates a lengthy investment in upgrades and upkeep, which is not free. Top applications have a mix of advertising and downloads that will likely earn a significant income to maintain the application and support themselves, although only the app’s makers know how much money it generates.

Anyway, what is the legality of it? Finding a loophole on the internet is simple, even though there is little difference between viewing videos via streaming and watching them when you want without using data. 

Another option would be to download the video and edit or post it in your name, blaming the video on the person who downloads it rather than the one who enables the download.

That is why Google does not allow this software in its store; nonetheless, Google imposes limits on programs when they are uploaded are becoming more stringent. However, we may always obtain your APK from different retailers like the Malavida website.

Features of TubeMate for Android

TubeMate APK can provide you with hours of fun with hot and unusual videos. Now that the formerly irritating moments have increased, please let us explore the entertainment globe using TubeMate. It is the most popular program for watching and downloading videos, with hundreds of millions of downloads. It constantly updates and upgrades new versions for users.

Updating movies and music videos

This program has excellent functions such as updating movies and music videos in HD quality rapidly, downloading your favorite videos quickly, and searching quickly and effortlessly. TubeMate 2.3.5 accessible is a lovely and user-friendly graphical interface. 

You can watch videos on YouTube and download them at high speeds and high quality. Choose TubeMate with a single step, and it will become your best friend. With all of the capabilities described above, it promises to provide you with the most spectacular moments that no other software can provide. The following list is what this APK features for Android:

  • Watch HD movies that load quickly and have a good resolution for each video or blockbuster 
  • This program features an ultra-smooth layout that is straightforward and quick to use
  • You can search for your favorite films with a single tap 
  • TubeMate APK allows you to watch videos on YouTube simple and high-quality 
  • It enables the appropriate video compression method without consuming excessive network traffic 
  • TubeMate allows you to download YouTube videos in various formats quickly 
  • It also has a background feature that disconnects automatically when the network is unavailable and reconnects automatically when the network connection is steady

How To Download Tubemate Apk On Iphone?

Many people want to download and install this software on their iOS devices; however, it is unavailable. But don’t worry. There’s a method for downloading and installing this software on your iPhone. However, to download this app on your smartphone, you must follow a step-by-step tutorial.

Although TubeMate can also be downloaded on all iOS devices, the software is not accessible on Apple’s official Play Store. TubeMate is not available in the app store due to a few limitations. However, you may get it on your Apple iPhone by following these instructions.

To begin, sign in to your iTunes account on your device. After successfully signing in, navigate to TubeMate’s main website. Once you enter the website, you will see a separate link for downloading. To start the download, simply click on the link. 

After the installation is finished, you may access the program with your iTunes credentials. TubeMate will then work perfectly on your iPhone. Following these easy steps will guarantee that the application runs well without issues.

Why Is The Tubemate Apk The Best Video Downloader For Your Iphone?

TubeMate for iOS is probably the best video downloader for your iPhone. Most people who see a video on YouTube will want to download it to their iPhone or iPad to store it for later use. You’ve come to the correct spot if you seek the finest video downloader for your Apple device.

Not only do we want to save it for later, but we also don’t want to be trapped on the buffering screen while viewing a video because we know how annoying it is for the individual. The downloaded videos save the hassle of a busy and slow internet connection and allow viewers to see the films in high definition. 

TubeMate is mainly built to allow users to download their favorite YouTube videos. While it is not an official software on the App Store, it operates remarkably well and meets customer expectations. 

Additional features

  • Quick video downloads from safe servers
  • The videos might be saved for later use
  • It is possible to download many videos simultaneously, so you will not be kept waiting
  • You provide the specifications for the downloaded video
  • You can choose the resolution, pixels, and whatever else you desire
  • Important characteristic: TubeMate can help you control the use of your data connection This saves you money monthly

TubeMate APK For PC

TubeMate for Windows is a desktop tool that allows you to download and transcode videos from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, and dozens of other video sites. It lets you simply download the audio stream from YouTube rather than the whole video file. 

Windows TubeMate allows you to download playlists. You may download a complete portion of a playlist with a few clicks. It lets you download numerous videos at once. You can also pause and restart downloading at any moment.

Drag-and-drop is supported. You may start a download by dragging and dropping a video link from your browser to the dropbox; you don’t need to copy and paste the video address manually. TubeMate converts audio and video files between MP4, FLV, AVI, WMV, MOV, MP3, and other device formats.

Windows TubeMate instantly optimizes downloaded videos for standard mobile devices, allowing you to watch them on your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, tablet, and other devices. It may optionally upload downloaded videos or music files to your iTunes library, allowing you to simply sync your films and music to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

Additional features

  • Video downloader online
  • The downloader of HD videos
  • Convert YouTube to MP3
  • Downloader of playlists
  • Accelerator for downloading
  • Downloading several videos at once
  • Downloads can be paused and resumed
  • Drag-and-drop functionality is supported
  • While downloading, you can preview the video or audio
  • Video enhancer
  • Convert video to MP3
  • Presets already created
  • Media player compatible with iTunes

How To Resolve Possible Installation Issues?

Since TubeMate is not installed through the Google Play Store, you may have installation challenges that you would not normally encounter. Inadequate storage is the most prevalent cause of the mistake. 

This is the most likely reason for the error message”App not installed.” Deleting files or uninstalling programs may help free up additional space.

It is also critical that you install the software on your phone’s internal memory rather than any external storage. While films and music files can be downloaded and stored on an external SD card, the TubeMate software will be installed on your phone’s storage.

Finally, installing a damaged APK file may result in a failed installation. It is advised only to download the APK from reputable places. TubeMate is top-rated software prone to scam websites attempting to take advantage of you.

Is Tubemate A Safe Youtube Downloader?

TubeMate is a secure app. No one has reported privacy risks while using it. It’s not on Google Play since it breaches the service rules, but it is safe. For some years, there has been a significant emphasis on-device security. Malware is getting more prevalent, and viruses are finding it simpler to infiltrate our gadgets. One of the benefits of downloading from the Google store is that it immediately does a security review. 

Nonetheless, it is always preferable to download the TubeMate Youtube Downloader software from Malavida since there is a security review team that does not permit any program that may damage the customers’ security.

There is no news of infection on the devices by downloading this program. Any unauthorized app will never appear in Google Play. TubeMate cannot be detected since videos are obtained from YouTube, a Google property. 

Additional useful information

Like TubeMate, other programs such as Vidmate or Snap Tube are unavailable in the Google Play store. Alternatives to official applications or guides that utilize the names of these applications, among others, will also be removed from Google Play due to infringement of intellectual property rights.

In conclusion, downloading the TubeMate Youtube downloader is safe if it is done from a secure site like Malavida. And it is safe to download movies from the program; what you do with them is up to you, but here is where user responsibility comes into play.

Other Similar Softwares To Tubemate

All APKs are obtained from the Google Play Store so that you can be sure of their security and safety. There’s also lots of information, like with the other sites on our list, so you may skip Google Play totally if you choose. 

If your Android smartphone does not have access to the Google Play Store, APK folders may be your only choice for installing apps. But be cautious; you don’t want to download stolen software. You may obtain pirated software from some APK services. This is against the law and should be avoided. 

Worse, rogue APK files may include malware, as many people who believed they were receiving early versions of Fortnite for Android learned to their chagrin. Before downloading, do some research to avoid breaking the law or contaminating your device. Below we present you some alternatives to TubeMate APK in case you want to have more options to explore.

Snap Tube

Snap Tube, which millions of users trust, allows you to freely view and download any type of video on your Android phone. Anyone can install it on their Android phones without rooting them, and it lets you simply download and watch all types of media material. It provides an ideal platform for downloading YouTube videos, supporting 4K, 2K, and 1080 HD formats and allowing you to download files in optimal forms such as 320p and 720p.


Dentex YouTube downloader is a terrific program for downloading videos that provides fast, easy, and seamless downloading by simply searching from the YouTube database and picking output quality and format. With three different tabs on its interface, the first allows you to download searched videos by offering you a list of answers in seconds, the moment allows you to choose the quality from 480p to 720p, and the format from MP3 to MP4 and so on, and the third tab displays the list of videos downloaded so far.


It is a video downloader device that is designed to meet the needs of iOS and Android users. This software program can be used for downloading YouTube videos and other HD videos. It comes with a search bar to look for your favorite videos. Because of its wide range of qualitative qualities, it is a well-known application. 

Vidmate also takes up very little of your time when you use it. You must press on the audiovisual’s title or the download icon. Vidmate, out of all the apps, should be considered because of its unique features, benefits, and capabilities.


KeepVid is a popular video downloader available online, ensuring faster download speeds than other video downloaders. It allows users to access and download videos from numerous video-sharing sites, such as Twitter, Tumbler, Facebook, and others, and YouTube.

Thanks to its user-friendly interface and built-in music and video player, users may download 4K quality HD films and MP3 files without an extra plug-in. 

Users may easily download YouTube videos by searching for them on the site, selecting the video, and clicking the blue ‘Download’ button. After selecting the movie’s quality, the video is instantly downloaded.

Conclusion – Download TubeMate APK For Free!

There was once just one way to receive amusement. Cinema is the name given to this approach. People must go to theaters to see movies and be entertained. It was, however, a highly time-consuming process. 

Because of new technology, patterns have shifted. Many new technologies, such as TubeMate, allow you to obtain free entertainment by using your cell phone. This video downloading tool allows you to save your favorite videos. You can download a single video file with the highest possible video quality.

Also, if you wish to have entertainment in certain ways dowload Prime video mod apk here.

Using a simple interface, all you have to do is choose the site, search for the movie, and begin downloading. It’s one of the simplest to use. It also allows us to select multiple download resolutions for the linked media player.

Now click on this link and download TubeMate APK for free. You will be able to quickly locate, access, download, or share anything you want, bringing the entire world of movies and music to your fingertips.

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