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Ullu Mod APK

ullu mod apk

The Indian on-demand streaming platform has recently gained a lot of popularity, thanks to the incredible range of movies and shows it offers to its customers. With the help of the Ullu MOD APK, you can now enjoy the perks of Ullu on your smartphone without paying a subscription. The Ullu MOD unlocks many exciting features for its customers, so downloading it is a must.

Are you ready to transform your smartphone into the ultimate home cinema? Then click on this link to download the Ullu APK and continue reading to learn more about what it offers. Other than this you can also try other entertainment APK such as HBO MAX APK on this site for more entertainment. 

More About The Ullu MOD APK


Requires  Android
Category  Entertainment
Size  27MB

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The Ullu MOD is a new and improved release of Ullu – the most popular Indian streaming app. The app allows you to enjoy the explicit content that made the service gain world fame. The variety of movies and TV shows on the app is now enhanced with a variety of premium features available for free with the MOD. Therefore, the Ullu MOD may significantly enhance your watching experience without needing monthly subscriptions or other fees.

Although Ullu initially started as an Indian streaming platform, the app quickly gained international fame. It offers various content for the entertainment of its users. However, the most popular thing about the app is the 18+ content. There’s a broad range of adult movies and shows, making the streaming app one of the hottest on the web.

Ullu MOD APK Features

As we already mentioned, the Ullu MOD is here to enhance the user experience of the Ullu app. If you thought that Ullu was exciting on its own, wait until you give the MOD a try. The Ullu MOD offers a broad range of the app’s original features and some new and exciting ones. Here are some of the most attractive features you’ll get with the Ullu MOD.

A comprehensive library of movies and series

With the help of the Ullu MOD, you’ll unlock a vast library of video content. The app offers thousands of exciting series, shows, and movies for you to watch online. The variety is impeccable, so you can easily find your favorite movie on the app.

Among the most popular web series, you can find Halala, The Bull of Dalal Street, Kasak, Mirasan, Peshawar, Ishq Kills, Virgin Boys, Woodpecker, Paper, etc. There are also many short films available, but you should consider watching Smartphone first.

Adult content

Adult content is undoubtedly the main reason why many people turn to Ullu. With the Ullu MOD, you can watch unlimited adult content without restrictions. If you’re tired of paying subscriptions for such exciting content, you can download the Ullu MOD APK with our link and get a viewing immediately.

The adult content is initially censored to help prevent family inconveniences. You can unlock the full excitement of the explicit content by stating that you’re at least 18 years old, allowing you to watch all the fun and action directly on your phone.


The Ullu MOD allows you to watch your favorite shows and movies with subtitles. If you’re a fan of foreign cinematography, you’ll enjoy the features. Subtitles are also an excellent feature for viewers outside of India, as many of the movies on Ullu are Indian.

For the ultimate convenience, the Ullu MOD offers several subtitle languages for you to choose from and make your cinema experience even better.

Offline streaming

One of the main advantages of the Ullu MOD over the original app is the chance to stream your favorite movies offline. Watching shows and movies with limited internet access is a dream come true for many Ullu users. The Ullu MOD allows you to download video content when you have internet access, and watch them later, even if you aren’t online.

With the incredible feature, you can watch your favorite movies and shows whenever and wherever you want, without being dependent on a continuous internet connection.

No annoying ads

With the Ullu MOD APK, you can say goodbye to annoying ads. The modified version of the app ditches all the ads that ruin the user experience, providing a much better overall experience with the app. With the MOD, you won’t have to bother closing off ads during the plot twist, which was a common issue with the original Ullu app.

The best part is that you don’t have to pay fees or even log in. All you have to do is download the Ullu MOD APK using this link, and you can start watching right away.


The original Ullu app made it impossible for users to snapshot their favorite movie lines or events. With the Ullu MOD, that’s a thing of the past. The modified version of the app allows users to take screenshots without any problems. Simply click your phone’s hotkeys to take a snap, and you will immediately capture a screenshot of your favorite movie reference.

Simple use

The interface of the Ullu app is taken to another level with the Ullu MOD. The user experience is incredibly simplified, allowing you to browse between movies and find something good to watch, regardless of your preferences. You can filter movies from different genres and search using keywords to find your favorite movie or show.

Getting Started With the Ullu MOD APK

If you’re looking to get all the features we’ve listed above, you’ll need to download the Ullu MOD APK using this link. Although the Ullu app is available in the Play Store, it doesn’t offer all of the above features, so only the Ullu MOD can help you get a better viewing experience.

However, you should know that installing an APK file is slightly more complex than downloading an app from the Play Store. It is relatively simple, and once you do it a couple of times, you’ll get the hang of it. But if you haven’t done it before, follow our detailed guide about installing the Ullu MOD APK.

Download the APK file

As mentioned, you cannot download the Ullu MOD from the Play Store. You’ll need a safe and reliable source for downloading the Android package, which you can find right here. Using this link, you’ll find the latest version of the Ullu MOD APK and get to enjoy the most recent updates and new features.

The APK file weighs a bit over 25 MB so you can download it within seconds. There aren’t any restrictions about who can use the app, so all Android users should be able to install the app without any problems. However, there might be some exceptions.

Allow your device to install apps from unknown sources

The Play Store is usually the best source for your apps and games. However, due to many restrictions and criteria, not all apps and MODs can be found in the Play Store. All Android devices have a built-in safety feature called ‘Unknown Sources’ to protect the device from third-party apps.

The safety setting is used to enable or disable the installation of apps from unknown sources. To install the Ullu MOD, you’ll need to have it turned on.

Android users with older OS versions can find the setting under the main Security menu. For Android 8 and above, each app has an individual ‘Unknown Sources’ setting, which you can find along with the app’s permissions and other settings.

Run the installation file

With the installation of apps from unknown sources enabled and the MOD APK file downloaded to your phone, all that’s left to do is run the installation file and wait for the process to complete.

Installation is pretty fast, but depending on your phone’s performance and capacity, it might take several minutes before the Ullu MOD is installed and ready to use.

To prevent errors, we suggest you uninstall the original Ullu app before setting up the Ullu MOD on your phone.

What to Watch?

After successfully installing the Ullu MOD on your device, you can start enjoying top-level cinematography achievements on your phone. If you need suggestions about good movies you should watch, we recommend Melting cheese – a modern 2019 crime movie; Panchali – the dramatic story about a young woman with four husbands. We also recommend Khul Ja Sim Sim – an original Ullu series revolving around a newly married couple; and Shubhratri – a short drama about the relationship between a shy husband and his erotic wife.

Conclusion – Download Ullu Mod APK For Free

We hope this Ullu Mod APK guide was helpful in your search for a streaming platform to watch your favorite movies and shows. This app offers excellent features, so you can use our detailed guide to download it and enjoy it!

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