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Videoder Video Downloader App APK

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Videoder Video Downloader App APK

videoder apk

A common habit among many people is downloading videos from various websites and applications. However, many programs do not grant access to download videos from their sites, and some sites display warnings when downloading films.

That is when Videoder APK comes in helpful, allowing you to stream and download videos on a variety of platforms at the same time. The video can be downloaded in both the lowest and highest resolutions. The app offers many cool features that we will go through in this guide. 

You can also try PLAYit Mod APK on this site if you enjoy editing the video.

About Videoder APK


App Name  Videoder
Genre Video Player & Editors
Mod Features Premium Unlocked 
Price  Free 

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Videoder APK is an Android APK app that allows you to download music and videos from YouTube, Instagram, Dailymotion, Facebook, and many other sites to view later. The app will enable you to stream, download, and manage your favorite songs and videos.

It is being used by over 30 million users globally, and we can confidently claim that they are all entertainment enthusiasts. 

The app was created by an Indian teenager named Rahul Verma during his final year of high school. Three people are now working on this project and earning money through advertisements and an unlock app.

It enables downloading from more than a thousand social networking sites and a few commercial video streaming services. It is an excellent program for obtaining video content from the Internet. This is the app that is entirely ad-free and provides you with a hassle-free experience.

Simple to use Videoder APK

Videoder’s interface is simpler than that of other downloading programs. When you run the software, a vast list of compatible websites appears. You can also look at mostly all the popular YouTube videos. 

In the search bar at the top of the main window, you can select a website or enter a URL. Furthermore, you can save ‘favorites’ for rapid access, which saves you time in the long run. You can access a website’s page by clicking its symbol in the main window. 

You won’t need to open your laptop’s regular browser separately because Videoder serves as the browser for searching videos. Simply click the thumbnail of the video you want to download, then wait for ‘Videoder Video Downloader’ to take you to the “preview” page. 

Within seconds, a download button will appear on the screen. When you click it, download links will be produced instantly. You should select the video format and quality before beginning the download. 

Once the video downloads, you can monitor its progress using the ‘Downloads’ page. You may also view the download history in this section, which includes finished, paused, and current downloads. All downloaded videos are saved in the device’s media library by Videoder.

Safe to use Videoder APK

Yes, it is entirely safe, and it is also not an unlawful application. Videoder APK is a completely legal and secure platform. This app follows all international norms, regulations, and processes and is simple to use.

Videoder APK is utterly safe if downloaded from a secure site like ours. The virus does not contain any malicious malware or viruses that could harm or affect your device. Daily updates to resolve problems and keep the platform clean and simple. 

Furthermore, this entertaining program satisfies all legal standards for installation and usage. You can now install it without difficulty.

Free Videoder APK

Videoder APK is a free application that does not provide any paid services. After downloading the tool, you can use it to download content from a few online sources. It may, however, crash abruptly when downloading a huge file.

Simply said, it is a piece of software that allows users to download movies, programs, videos, and music from numerous websites. The application is well-known and includes all of the functionality customers would expect from a video downloader.

Why Doesn’t Google Play Have the APK Version?

Hundreds of games are available in the Google Play store, and apps must follow a set of standards established by Google to be there.

Videoder MOD does not comply with Google’s guidelines because the Google Play Store does not offer modded or premium versions of any application. This is why Videoder MOD does not appear in the Google Play Store. Now, let’s discover the best features of this amazing app. 

Features Of Videoder APK

Download 4K videos

Users may easily download 4K videos with the Videoder APK program, and large files are also quickly downloaded. 4K videos are preferable to watch since they allow you to see things more clearly. 

Users can watch and download 4K videos to watch on super HD devices. Other YouTube downloading programs do not allow users to simply download in 4K.

Download the recording from various websites

Click view all pages on the landing page. Videoder’s web browsing interface will display bookmarks for well-known websites. By tapping the add site, you can add or hide it. Videoder’s program is simple but has two key features: promotion blocking and in disguise mode.

Push the menu button three times to turn it on and use it. Videoder’s location bar is also a search tool for various online indexes. The download option will appear on the left when you open and play web material with sound and video. Before downloading, click to give it a name and choose a location. If you need to return to the landing page, simply press the home button.

Download booster

You receive a quick download tool that helps increase download speeds, allowing you to download all of your preferred videos and music in the shortest possible time, i.e., more than ten times faster. And the option for speedy downloading appears, from which you can download videos in your selected video resolution.

Convert & download into MP3

It provides video download links and the opportunity to download the item in MP3 format. You can download YouTube videos in audio format. 

We don’t always wish to listen solely to video tunes. We listen to MP3s the majority of the time. As a result, it is the ideal feature for downloading any video song into MP3.

Up to 10x faster downloading

Video content is typically downloaded directly from your recommended feeds, as well as from a remote server or many servers. The download speed increases with the number of servers you have. You can specify how many connections this program makes to each server to maximize download speeds for your individual network connection quality.

Download videos from over 50+ sites

Videoder APK lets you download videos from websites such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Hotstar, Voot, and Vk while giving you complete control over what and when you want to store them on your phone. With new download websites being added every week based on user requests, there is always something new to try out in Videoder.

No ad disturbance

You may use Videoder APK to download and watch videos in any resolution, SD or HD, without any commercial interruptions. This app also includes an autoplay mode that automatically plays videos one after the other, so you don’t have to continuously select videos to watch them.

Multiple downloads at the same time

Adding numerous videos to the collection bubble allows you to download them all at once by just pressing the download button for each one. This function lets you download hundreds of films and music files with a single click. That is incredible!


In the Videoder mobile application, you can choose from various color schemes. As a result, you can receive customization whenever you want. It also allows you to customize the network connection settings.

It assists you in increasing your downloading speed, which is dependent on the quality of your network. This application also includes a night mode, which is its best feature because it allows you to utilize the application at night without harming your eyes.

Multiple connections

When you download a video or music file, it gives you many high-speed connections to that file. This guarantees that your file downloads swiftly and efficiently. You can also define the number of connections while downloading media if you are sick of downloading media files. You can download many files at once.

Simply click the white dot that appears over a video to pick it, then click the button in the lower right corner. Then, choose the quality and click the download button. It will start downloading all of the videos you have selected. It is unnecessary to waste time downloading files one by one.

Tags for audio files

Do you want to give your audio songs a cover image, album name, and artist name? Then, you are in luck since it is possible right now. Videoder may add all of these to your audio songs. You have the option of doing it manually or obtaining this information online.

Videoder’s best feature is the Link Detection Tool. It recognizes copied links and displays downloading links in a window when you paste them. You do not need to come and open that video in the app using this function. You can download the videos from any other app or website by copying the link.

YouTube playlist download

Tap on the screen to access all available download playlists, regardless of whether or not the website or download is available. Save videos for downloading or sketching and selecting the many techniques you desire for yourself; you might download them all at once.

Night mode

If you use the app at night or in a dim environment, utilizing the built-in night mode option will make it easier on your eyes and increase overall usability.

Smart link detection

Videoder has a native link detection feature for when you are using an app like Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook and want to download the video or any other content being played. Simply press the share button, and the program will identify it and display a download popup.

Save mobile memory

You may also choose a download cap for any category of automatically downloaded files using the Videoder android app. If you set a restriction of 50 gigs per file type, it will stop downloading videos once they reach the limit set. You can also easily delete all files by clicking on the recycle bin icon without affecting subsequent downloads.

Built-in browser

Videoder consists of a browser that allows you to view various materials and websites. After browsing, you may choose which videos to download from the internet. It also includes an AdBlocker, so you may watch videos without interruption.

So, you are aware that the most recent Videoder APK is really useful. It is simple to obtain free premium videos. You do not have to pay anything to any website to download your favorite videos. 

If you are looking for a Videoder APK Download guide for Android, then follow the steps below. Videoder is not accessible on Google Play Store; thus, you must get it from the link provided in the guide. 

Videoder APK Download Guide For Android

Videoder APK includes simple installation instructions and may be used on Android smartphones. The installation method is as follows:

Step 1

Download the Videoder APK file from the link mentioned in this guide. 

Step 2

The next step is to locate the download icon in the notification panel. To finish the download, simply click the “Done” button in the notification area. The notification panel will then display the option to install the downloaded APK. You will be able to install the Videoder APK after selecting this option.

Step 3

Except for the Google Play Store, most devices’ settings prevent any application from being downloaded from the Internet. Changing the settings will be necessary for this scenario. If a popup displays, you must navigate to your phone’s Settings, where you will find the Settings menu.

Step 4

After navigating to the Settings menu, click on the Security option and then the Unknown sources option. You must enable it, which means that your device can download apps from sources other than the Google Play Store.

Step 5

Return to the Downloads menu after setting the unknown sources option in the Settings menu. Then, launch the downloaded Videoder APK program and finish the installation process. However, return to the Settings menu once the installation has been completed successfully. 

Return the unknown sources download option to off. Leaving it on can download a slew of unwanted things to your device, including malware. That’s all! 

After downloading and installing the Videoder APK, you can download or stream multiple videos. In addition, you can send the URLs to your most-loved videos to your loved ones.

Videoder APK Download Guide For PC

Through an emulator

Step 1

This is for you if you choose to use an Android emulator. Open a web browser and navigate to the official website of your favorite Android emulator.

Step 2

BlueStacks Emulator is recommended. You must download it via a Google search if you wish to use it, and once you find the link to the emulator and click on it, the download will begin without any interruption.

Step 3

Kindly note that the BlueStacks installer is about 400MB, so the download will take a bit of time if you have a slow internet connection.

Step 4

When the download is complete, look for the BlueStacks installation.

Step 5

To begin the installation, double-click on the installer.

Step 6

A new application is typically installed in the Windows Program Files folder. Even if the default disk is nearly full, you can always create a new folder on your second drive.

Step 7

The installation should just take one or two minutes. Double-click the BlueStacks app’s desktop icon to begin the first launch when the installation is complete.

Step 8

When you launch BlueStacks, you will be prompted with a brief tutorial on using the in-app controls. You will be brought to the main BlueStacks desktop window after the introduction.

Step 9

We have included a link to the most recent Videoder APK file. You can use it to immediately obtain a copy of the APK file.

Step 10

Double-click on the APK file or drag and drop it into the BlueStacks main window to install the app.

Step 11

After a few seconds, you now have a full Videoder for PC on your Android emulator. 

Installing app manually

Step 1

You can use whichever web browser you have to access the website.

Step 2

Download the Videoder installation file from the reliable link given in this guide.

Step 3

To download the app, choose Save or Save as. Most antivirus products, such as Windows Defender, will scan the program for the virus during the download.

Step 4

If you choose Save, the application file will be saved in your Downloads folder. Alternatively, if you pick Save as, you can specify a location for the file, such as your desktop.

Step 5

After downloading Videoder, double-click the.exe file to begin the installation procedure.

Step 6

Then, follow the steps for installing Windows until you are done.

Step 7

The Videoder icon should now appear on your desktop.

Step 8

Click on the icon to launch your Windows 10 computer or laptop application.

How To Use Videoder APK To Download YouTube Videos?

Step 1

Install the most recent version of the Videoder app from the link mentioned in this article, and then follow the instructions above to install the APK file on your device. This will install the app on your smartphone, and then you may launch it. This will open the Videoder app dashboard.

Step 2

A search function will be available on the Videoder app’s dashboard. Now input that URL to view the official YouTube page, or simply enter the name of your chosen video, and it will try to search it on various websites and display the results.

Step 3

After browsing YouTube, utilize the search feature to discover your desired video. Simply enter the title of the video and search for it. You will soon receive a list of videos linked to your search.

Step 4

Find your selected video in the list that appears, and then click on its thumbnail. This will direct you to the video play page, where you can see the video online.

Step 5

To download your video immediately, simply click the power button and select the quality from the available options. This is a handy way to download any video easily and quickly.

Step 6

If you want more download alternatives and want to know the size and other information before downloading, simply click the ‘Play’ button, and slide down when your video starts playing online. You will see several download options as well as download links. Click on any of the links to download your video in that quality and format.

Step 7

Then, it will give you a choice to rename the file, and after you have changed the name to your choice, click on the ‘tart Download’ button. This will immediately begin the video download procedure.

Step 8

If you want to check the download process and speed after you have added the desired video to the downloading process, first click on the download icon in the top right corner. This will take you to the downloading page, where you can find all the necessary information.

Conclusion – Download Videoder APK For Free!

So, this is the very end of this article. We hope our Videoder APK download guide for Android and PC was useful. If you have difficulty downloading videos from numerous websites, you should download and install Videoder APK on your device. 

Compared to other programs, we guarantee that this Videoder App will aid you in downloading recordings quickly and efficiently. 

Please remember that you should only download and install APK programs from reputable publishers and websites like ours to avoid viruses and malware.

So, do not procrastinate more; download this fantastic app and enjoy!

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