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Vidmate APK : HD Video Downloader

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Vidmate APK : HD Video Downloader

vidmate APK

Have you ever wanted to download some educational video or maybe the music video from your favorite band on your mobile phone, but you didn’t know how? Do you still want that but haven’t found a cost-efficient app? 

Because if that’s the case, this article will show you the perfect app to do those things. And the best part about that is that you can do all of that without spending a cent.

The app that’ll make downloading absolutely anything a piece of cake is Vidmate APK, and if you haven’t heard about it, now is the perfect chance to learn about it and use all its advantages. 

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What Is Vidmate APK?


App Name  Pocket FM 
Genre Video Player & Editors 
Publisher VidMate Studio 
Mod Features Premium Unlocked 
Price  Free


Download Now


Vidmate APK is a mobile app designed to make downloading all video formats effortless. You can watch live TV, download movies, videos, and music, and watch everything offline.

The unique and truly incredible features make this app one-of-a-kind, and simply put, this is a tiny app with enormous advantages that no other app offers.

Vidmate has a built-in browser and is suitable for installment on any Android device. This app’s simple and user-friendly interface will make things a lot easier. Its use is uncomplicated, and you’ll be done downloading your videos in no time. Even if you have never downloaded videos from an app, you’ll get the hang of Vidmate in no time.

Vidmate is an app that doesn’t take up much space in your mobile device’s storage. Its size is small, so its installation will take up a little space, so you won’t even notice that you have installed something on your phone.

Vidmate APK Features

Vidmate is an excellent app that’ll provide you with lots of exciting features and possibilities. The excellent options Vidmate offers you are why this app is loved by so many Android users worldwide. 

You won’t have any difficulties learning how to use it because even though it’ll provide you with many things, using this app is very undemanding. You’ll know every option and how to use the maximum out of it in just a few minutes after starting to use it. 

Now, let’s look at and explain its advantages one by one.


Many people are afraid to download apps because of viruses, but that’s not the case with Vidmate. You must remember that this app is safe to download and install. 

Even more, thousands of people use this app and are delighted with everything they’re getting. Not one of them has ever encountered some safety problems with this app, or this application has ever endangered their device. 

The important thing is to get the app using the link provided in this article, which is a 100% safe and secure way to download Vidmate.


If you’re someone who values their privacy and wants to keep their online activity private, don’t worry because this app allows you that too. You can protect everything by setting up a code, so no one can ever get access to your app or your content. 

No one will ever know what videos you’re downloading and what you want to watch or listen to in your free time, so you can rest assured that your privacy is and will always be highly protected.

Variety Of Content

You can find anything using Vidmate APK. You can find everything if you’re searching for a music video, TV show, movie, or audio in MP3 format. 

As soon as you finish installing it, you can start searching and downloading everything you’ve ever wanted to have on your phone. From the app, you’ll even get direct access to TV and too many different TV channels, making it easy to watch online anything you wish.

Download Multiple Videos At Once

Another amazing feature of the Vidmate app is the fact that not only you can easily download any kind of video, but you can download more than one video at the same time. 

To be more precise, you can download up to 100 videos at once effortlessly. And the downloading process will go smoothly and quickly, mainly depending on your internet connection. 

So, if you ever thought that so many videos couldn’t be downloaded at the same time, now you can do that easily, saving a lot of time.

Unlimited Videos

If you thought this app offers a limited number of videos you can download for free, you couldn’t be more wrong. Believe it or not, there are no limits or rules on how many videos you can download, and that’s maybe the best thing this app provides to its users.

You can download videos from absolutely anywhere. YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Tumblr, 123movies, Metacafe, and Twitter are just a few of the countless sites supported by this application. 

Movies And TV Shows

This app is compatible with more than 1,000 websites, so if you thought that music videos were the only thing you could download with this app, you’re wrong. With Vidmate, absolutely anything is possible to get. 

You can find and quickly download any kind of movie that you like, making getting your favorite movie on your phone a trouble-free thing. You can even download your favorite TV shows and have them available for watching offline, wherever you are.

Video Quality

Aren’t you tired of getting terrible video quality every time you try to download something? Has the quality always been so poor that you’ve given up on watching the video and ended up deleting it? Vidmate will never give you such headaches because it’ll allow you to download videos in HD quality quickly and easily.

Before you start with the download, make sure to select the quality in which you want the chosen video to be downloaded. You can select 1080P, 2K, 4K, and more. Do that and enjoy the preferred quality you’ll get.

Music Downloader

Downloading videos is not everything the Vidmate can do. With its help, you can also easily find, download, and enjoy your favorite songs from YouTube in MP3 video format. 

Just open the music channel tab, choose the genre, find the song you’re looking for, choose the audio quality, and press the download button. It’s truly that easy. The music will get immediately downloaded to your device.

Resume Feature

Another exciting feature is the resuming option that Vidmate has. It probably has happened to you to be in the middle of downloading a movie, and something important occurs, so you must stop the downloading process. But with this app, you won’t encounter this problem ever again, thanks to its resuming option.

You can see the downloading progress of the selected video in your mobile’s notification bar, so if something urgent occurs and you must go, the resume feature will allow you to stop or pause the downloading easily. Then, you can effortlessly continue the downloading process right from where you’ve stopped it.

Free Streaming And Live TV Channels

The primary purpose of Vidmate is downloading all kinds of videos from all sorts of different platforms and websites for free, but that’s not everything you’ll get. 

Another unique thing this app provides is that you can also stream movies or TV shows online if you don’t want to download them or don’t have enough space on your phone storage for them.

And if you love watching TV, you can watch many TV channels for free because Vidmate supports countless different ones, so this app will transform your phone and allow you to use it in ways you never imagined.


Besides being able to watch and download the videos on your phone, Vidmate comes with a share button. A share button is an option that allows you to share your favorite videos on Facebook, Twitter, and other similar social networks. 

Just press the share button, select the website on which you want to attach the video, and enjoy this chance to share the things you love with your friends. 

No Ads

Ads can be one of the most irritating things that applications bring with them. No one wants to watch ads while doing something, but that’s an inevitable thing using different apps. 

But wait! That’s not the case with Vidmate, only if you download it from the link below. Thanks to it, you won’t ever be shown any kind of ads, so you can use this app without any boring and unnecessary distractions. Again, you won’t have to pay anything to get rid of the advertisements.

Free Of Charge

It might be hard to believe that an app with such incredible features and fast service is free from any costs. But it’s true. And that’s why it doesn’t sit well with the Google Play Store policy, so you can’t find Vidmate there. But, that’s why this article is where you can find the most relevant download link.

You won’t face even the tiniest charge for using Vidmate services, and you won’t be offered any kind of subscription plan. There aren’t any hidden tricks, everything about this amazing app is pretty transparent, and that’s what makes it one of the best, if not the best existing video downloading app!

What Makes Vidmate APK The Best?

Among so many apps available, Vidmate APK is the right choice because it’s free, so you won’t have to spend your money on anything, and at the same, you’ll get so many advantages that are hard to believe that you won’t have to spend a cent on them.

Now you can have every informational, instructional, or music video on your phone, accessible to you even when you’re offline. For example, if you love to watch movies or TV shows, you can download them and watch them offline, let’s say while driving the bus to your workplace. 

Or you can watch them sitting on the beach, enjoying your summer. The possibility to watch them offline when you don’t have access to the internet is the most significant advantage of Vidmate APK.

Another reason why you should choose the Vidmate app is that it’s the most user-friendly app that everyone can use. This excellent app is available to everyone, everywhere, so your location doesn’t matter at all. 

Last but not least, you’ll never be asked to subscribe or pay to be able to use some of its functions. Everything this app brings is and will stay 100% free.

Downloading Vidmate APK

First of all, Vidmate is an app suitable for any kind of Android device because, at the moment, the version suitable for iOS still is unavailable. 

Just use the download link provided in this article to get the latest Android Vidmate version, which is also free from viruses and completely safe to install on your phone.

Your phone might warn you when you’re downloading this app because you’re not downloading it from the Google Play Store but a source unknown to your device. If that kind of warning pops up, here’s what you need to do.

Go into the settings of your phone, and enter the security section. Search for the “unknown sources,” and when you find them, check them. After doing this, the downloading of the Vidmate APK will start.

How To Use Vidmate APK?

As previously mentioned, everyone can use this amazing downloading app. Thanks to the built-in browser, you can do everything through this app. You don’t even have to waste time copying and pasting the link into the app. The built-in search tab will save you time and quickly allow you to find the video you want.

So, its use is very simple. Write the name of the video you want to find in the app’s search bar. Next to this bar, you’ll see a red button arrow. Tap that button and select the quality you want the video to be downloaded. And that’s all you need to do. The video will quickly download, and you can enjoy watching it whenever you want.

Also, everything is so simply laid out in front of you, so as soon as you open the app, you’ll find exactly the option you want. You can apply different filters to your search to make the whole process even more straightforward.

How To Download A YouTube Video?

Everyone at least once in their life has asked themselves how they can download some YouTube video into their phone quickly, effortlessly, and without that video consuming much storage. And now, thanks to Vidmate APK, you have no idea how easy and undemanding that is. 

Everything is done through the app, so open it and search for YouTube in the search bar. Then, find your video, choose whether you want to download just the sound or the whole video, and select the preferred quality of the video. Find the download button, tap it, and you’ll have it on your phone in a few minutes.

How To Download A Movie?

Downloading a movie via Vidmate APK is a straightforward process, as easy as downloading a YouTube video. 

Open Vidmate, and tap the Movies tab on the app. You’ll see many different search options, such as finding the movies based on popularity, genres, language, etc. You can use them to ease your search, or you can simply enter the name of the movie you want to get, and you’ll instantly be presented with many streaming sites from which you can download your movie. 

Choose one of them, select the preferred quality, and the download will immediately start. Remember that you can stream the movie instead of downloading it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Download With Vidmate APK?

With Vidmate, you can download absolutely anything you want! You can download your favorite music videos and you can download any video you like, regardless if it’s from YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, etc. You can select the quality in which you want your video to be downloaded, and all of this for free. 

And by videos, we don’t mean only music videos. You can even download TV shows and movies that you can effortlessly watch from your phone on the go.

Why Can’t I Find Vidmate APK In The Google Play Store?

The Google Play Store wasn’t happy with the goal of this application, which was downloading videos from YouTube and other similar platforms free of charge. That’s because of the policies of the Google Play Store, not because the app isn’t safe. 

The app has been downloaded by so many people, and not one of them has ever encountered privacy or a virus problem.

And that’s the only reason why you can find it on Google Play Store. This is the safest video downloading app that you can ever find, with countless users testifying that.

Why Should I Download Music With Vidmate APK?

Well, one of the many reasons to choose Vidmate to download the songs from your favorite artists is because the downloading process is and has always been free of any charges. You’ll never need to spend a cent to get all the high-quality songs downloaded on your device, so why not do it?

Another important reason why Vidmate is the ideal app for downloading music is that you can select the quality of the song you’re downloading and have easy access to absolutely any kind of song you might want.

Can I Download Videos From Facebook?

Of course, you can also download videos from Facebook and many other social platforms. And this is also pretty easy. All you need is to open Vidmate and find Facebook. 

The next step is to sign up to Facebook and search for the video that you want to get on your phone. When you find it, just press the download button, and the video will immediately start downloading on your device. And as easy as it seems, you’ll have the Facebook video on your mobile device in no time.

Is Downloading Vidmate APK Safe?

Downloading, installing, and using this video app is safe, as long as you download it from the link given in this article. This is the most reliable source that’ll provide you with the latest version of the Vidmate application. 

Countless users have downloaded this app and still use it, which speaks volumes and confirms the safety and reliability of this source. 

Don’t ever click on sites with suspicious links, but use trustworthy sources like this one, and safely enjoy all of the benefits that this excellent app will bring you.

Will I Ever Be Asked To Pay Anything For Using Vidmate Services?

No, and that’s the beauty of this app. Once you start using Vidmate, you’ll never be bored with ads and never be asked to pay or subscribe for them to stop showing. 

You don’t have a limit on how many videos can be downloaded and then asked to pay something to be able to continue using its services. You can download as many videos as you want from any website you want and never pay anything.

Conclusion : Vidmate APK

So, this is the very end of this article. We hope you have discovered everything you need about the fantastic app. 

Vidmate APK is the best video downloading Android app that’s 100% free and will give you access to every video you wish to transfer to your phone and watch it whenever you like, which can save you a lot of time. Now, downloading your favorite videos on your phone is easier than ever. 

This one-of-a-kind app allows you to download almost anything from everywhere. And all of this is for free, so what are you waiting for? 

The link provided to you in this article is safe, and through it, you can immediately download it and enjoy all of the advantages it’ll bring you.

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