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VivaTV APK Download Latest Version | Watch Movies & Shows on Android [2022]

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VivaTV APK Download Latest Version | Watch Movies & Shows on Android [2022]

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Life can be boring without entertainment. After a tiring day at the office, we all want to do something we love and enjoy. Watching your favorite TV shows or movies can be a good way to feel relaxed. Well, you won’t have to turn on your TV if you don’t want to, as everything can be done on smartphones these days.

VivaTV APK is a great option for Android users, as they can download the app on their smartphones in minutes and enjoy their favorite shows and movies. In this article, we will discuss the VIVA Tv APK download process to help you do the job without facing any issues, and we will also review the app and discuss what it has to offer. Let’s discuss what VivaTV APK is and who can use it.

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What is VivaTV APK?

Category  Entertainment
Size 14 M
Requires  Android 4.4

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VivaTv APK is a popular and reliable app, and it can help you turn any boring day into an exciting one in minutes. Users can turn their smartphones into a TV with this app, and it’s free to use.

This app comes with awesome features, and it’s worth downloading. You can get this app by clicking on the VIVATv APK download link from reliable websites. Now, let’s discuss this app’s features in detail.

Features Of VivaTv APK


Finding the download link for a good movie can be a challenging task if you don’t know the right way. Many unreliable websites provide fake, unsafe, or fake download links. They often lead to annoying ads, and the VivaTV app can help you avoid such issues.

You can watch hundreds of movies online using this app, and you won’t have to waste time searching for the right download link. Many free streaming apps are available out there, but most of them don’t offer popular movies. This isn’t the case with VivaTV, as the app has many award-winning movies listed on it. You can find options in several categories, including comedy, romance, action, and drama. New movies get listed on the platform from time to time, so you are unlikely to run out of options while using this app.

TV shows

Finding a safe download link for your favorite TV shows can be as difficult as finding one for movies. But if you have VivaTV, you will have access to tons of TV shows, and you can enjoy watching them whenever you want. 

Popular shows are also available on the platform, and lists are also updated from time to time to help users catch up with the latest episodes. WWE and UFC PPV sections are also available on the platform, and you can enjoy the matches of your favorite wrestlers.

Multiple languages

Most apps available online support English but only a few support multiple languages. Apps that support only English may not be suitable for some users, but the developers of the VivaTV app have taken every required step to make the platform suitable for a wide range of users. The app supports multiple languages, including English, Bulgarian, Dutch, French, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Bengali, Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese.


There is no point in watching a movie if you don’t understand the language properly, as you won’t understand what anyone is saying. Well, this is where subtitles come in, as you can select the right language and enjoy the movie. If you like to turn on subtitles while watching a movie or TV show, the VivaTV app is a great option for you.

You can also adjust the font size according to your needs, which is an added benefit. This feature isn’t commonly available on free streaming apps.


The VivaTV app comes with a search function that allows users to find their favorite shows and movies without wasting any time. You will just need to type the name of the show you want to watch in the search bar and click enter to get search results. However, if you don’t have a movie or series in mind, you can just check out the available options on the list and pick the one you find interesting.

Different categories are available on the app, and you can jump directly to the section of your choice. It can help you narrow down options based on your interest. If you aren’t familiar with the app’s interface, you can take advantage of the discover feature and look for options on the homepage.


You can also create a watchlist on this app. If you find a good movie or show while checking out different categories, you can add it to this list and watch it whenever you get time. This feature is helpful for users who usually forget the names of movies. Also, people who get overwhelmed after seeing plenty of options to choose from can use this list. A ‘Recent’ section is also available on the app, and you can find the movies/shows you have already watched in it.

Download manager

If you don’t want to watch movies or TV shows online, you can download and watch them on your device whenever you want. The app has an inbuilt download manager, and you can use it to check the progress of the ongoing download. 

The app also supports Advanced Download Manager, so you will have options in this field. Using the download feature, you can add movies to your device’s storage and watch them when you want to save data or don’t have an active internet connection.

Supports Chromecast

Even if you like watching movies on your smartphone, you may want to enjoy them on a bigger screen at some point. You may also want to watch a movie on your TV when your friends come over. Well, this app won’t disappoint you in such a situation, as you can simply mirror your Android smartphone or tablet to your television if it supports Chromecast. You can also download this app on your Firestick device.

Well, these are the main features of this app. It has a lot to offer, and if we look at its features, it’s worth downloading. It can keep you covered in almost every situation, as its developers have done a fantastic job in every field. 

In the following section, we will discuss the benefits of downloading/using this app.

Benefits of Using the VivaTV APK

All-in-one platform

Entertainment is one of the top priorities for most people. People like watching movies/TV shows after coming home from work, and they also enjoy doing it on weekends with friends or family. Well, if you have this app, you will never get bored, as you will have a large number of movies and TV shows to choose from.

You won’t have to look for something to watch on different platforms, which will save you time and effort. As mentioned above, new movies and shows get listed on the platform from time to time, so you are unlikely to feel the need to get a subscription plan on some other streaming app.

No need to worry about budget

Many streaming apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu offer quality services, but you will have to spend money to enjoy their services. They charge a subscription fee, and it’s not a one-time fee; you will need to pay them every month/year. If you have a tight budget, such options may not be suitable for you.

Well, Viva Tv is an excellent option to go for if you don’t want to spend money. You can download and use it for free, and it also offers quality services like other pay-to-use streaming apps. Since the app doesn’t charge a weekly/monthly/yearly subscription fee, you can pause/stop using it whenever you want.

Appealing User-Interface

You can find many free-to-use apps and websites, but most of them don’t have a user-friendly interface. Most free apps waste users’ valuable time by running multiple apps at every step, and the user experience gets ruined because of it. Things are different when we talk about the Viva TV app. You can expect a smooth and lag-free experience with this app, as it doesn’t keep crashing like several other free apps. Also, it won’t take up a lot of space on your device, which means you won’t have to delete other apps to make room for it.

The app is well designed and offers a user-friendly interface, which makes it easy to use. Everything is divided into categories, so users won’t get confused while using the app. Even new users are unlikely to face any issues while using this app and watching their favorite shows. The app’s visual appearance is also good, and it comes with a pre-designed dark mode.

No need to root your device

It is compatible with a wide range of Android devices, including smartphones and tablets, and the VIVA Tv APK download process is also simple. You won’t have to root your device to download or use this app, which is a good thing, as the process will run smoothly. Also, you won’t have to worry about time-consuming registration processes after downloading it. After installing it, you can start searching/downloading shows and movies in minutes.

24/7 services

When we talk about live TV, viewers have to watch a show or movie at the time chosen by the broadcaster. You will be happy to know that VivaTV offers 24/7 services, and you can enjoy your favorite shows at any time of the day. You won’t have to follow a schedule chosen by broadcasters, which will prove even more beneficial if you have a busy schedule.

People who don’t go to bed at 11 pm and watch movies every night will also find this app appealing. Another benefit of this app is that you can pause a movie/show if you are busy and resume it whenever you get time.

Ad-free streaming

Ads can be a great support for free-to-use app developers, but they can ruin the streaming experience if they are placed in the wrong place. Many paid apps also display ads to generate extra revenue. You will be happy to know that VivaTV doesn’t run an ad after every 5-10 minutes during streaming. You can enjoy an ad-free streaming experience while using this app.

Outstanding performance

The app has gained a lot of popularity over time, and its user base has also grown. But the app still does an outstanding job in the field of performance, as the developers have worked hard to handle the traffic. It’s always fast and responsive, and all features work without any issues.

Well, these are the benefits of using the VivaTV app. There are many features and advantages that make it stand out in the crowd. It’s one of the best free apps for streaming and downloading movies and TV shows. 

Now, we will share some tips that you can follow to avoid issues while watching movies.

VivaTv APK Download/Installation For Android

Step 1: Download the APK

The first step is to download the APK, and you should do it from a reliable site, as unreliable sites often add misleading links. You can use our list to download the Viva TV APK app. If you are connected to a WiFi network, this step won’t take long; however, you may face delays if your internet speed isn’t good.

Step 2: Allow unknown sources

We don’t have to do anything special while downloading an app from the Google Play Store, but things are different when we talk about third-party sites/stores. You will need to enable the ‘Unknown Sources’ option. You can do it by visiting the ‘Security’ section in ‘Settings’ on your smartphone.

Step 3: Locate the APK

After enabling the unknown sources option, you will have to locate the APK to install it. You are likely to find it in the ‘Downloads’ section of your device (file manager) or browser.

Step 4: Install the app and start enjoying its features

After locating the file, open it and install it. This step should take a few seconds. After installing the app, open it and allow storage permissions. When the ‘Terms and Conditions’ window pops up, click on ‘Agree’. Now, pick the preferred language from the available options and start enjoying the app’s features.

So, these are the simple steps that you will need to follow to download the Viva TV app. The entire process won’t take more than five minutes. Once everything is done, you can check out the available categories on the app. You can tap on a video’s thumbnail if you want to play it.


Q: Is the VivaTV app safe to download/use?

Yes, the Viva TV app is completely safe to download and use. You can download it by using our link. But as mentioned above, you should stay away from links mentioned on unreliable sites. If you click on such a link, you can end up signing up for a free subscription plan (trial period) without even realizing it. You can also accidentally download an app harmful to your device.

Q: Can I download the VivaTV app from Google Play Store?

No, you can’t download the VivaTV app from Google Play Store. But you won’t face any issues while downloading it if you follow the steps mentioned above. Just click on the VIVATv APK download link and start using the app.

Q: Is this app free to use?

Yes, this app is free for all users. You won’t have to spend money while downloading or using this app. The content available in the app is also free, which makes it a suitable option for people having a tight budget. 

Q: What can you do on the VivaTV apK?

The VivaTV app has a lot to offer, which is one of the biggest reasons for its growing popularity. You can watch hundreds of movies and series using this app. It can also help you watch WWE matches and support your favorite superstar.

Q: How can I update the VivaTV apk?

If an update has been rolled out, you will be notified. You may get a notification in the app. You will also get an option to update the app in such a case. However, if you don’t get the option to do it, you can uninstall the app and download its latest version.

Conclusion – VivaTV APK

Well, there are no doubts about the fact that the VivaTV app has a lot to offer to users, and the developers have put in a lot of effort to make this app flawless. It has the potential to become the number one free streaming app, as it has a user-friendly interface and offers hundreds of movies and TV shows worth watching.

Also, anyone who owns an Android smartphone or tablet can download and use this app anytime he wants, as it doesn’t come with any subscription fee. Why spend money on paid streaming apps when you can get such an amazing app today.

We hope you understood the VIVA Tv APK download/installation process properly. You should follow the tips we have shared above, as they will help you have a hassle-free streaming experience.

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