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WhatsApp Plus APK Download Latest Version For Android In 2022

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WhatsApp Plus APK Download Latest Version For Android In 2022

whatsapp plus

Are you bored of the old WhatsApp version and looking for something exciting that spices up your social media texting experience? Well, you made the right decision in choosing the WhatsApp Plus version. The original version of WhatsApp lacks a few features, which compels people to download and start using the modified versions. 

Since the WhatsApp Plus application is not available directly on the play and apple stores, many people should be worried about getting scammed, which happens quite frequently. Therefore, we have written this article for you. It is a guide to address all the issues and queries you may want answers to before installing the new WhatsApp Plus on your device.

What is New About the WhatsApp Plus (Latest Version)

File  Name WhatsApp  Plus Apk
Version Latest
Android Requires 5.0+
Size 52.3 MB
License Type Freeware

Download Now

WhatsApp Plus distinguishes itself from regular WhatsApp in several ways. With thousands of existing users and more joining each day, requests for better productivity features and communication are increasing. However, since it is not officially available on AppStores, people may fall prey to getting unusable or potentially harmful apps. 

Meeting user needs is essential. Even with this unofficial version of the application, the developers have been doing their best to meet users’ demands. They roll out updates with new features. According to them, that is how people discover and develop new versions. Therefore, each version update brings something exciting to the world of messaging. We cannot ignore these features.

The current version of WhatsApp Plus has several new features to keep you busy chatting. In particular, we like the latest version released in 2022.

We all love emojis. A chat seems boring without expressing emotions in a fun way, which is what emojis are there for. Hence, WhatsApp Plus’s latest version considered the emoji as a primary feature most users like and added a few more emoji options you can use to express your feelings creatively.

In addition, most users complain about receiving queries from bosses or family members because they seem always to be online. You do not need to make any more excuses for spending time on WhatsApp. With this new app, you can hide your status from the public. This way, no one would know whether you are using the application or sleeping peacefully in your cozy bed.

Another great feature is that you do not need to update your phone numbers to communicate with different contacts. This feature is specifically for those who use more than one account. Now you can log into more than one account on WhatsApp Plus and chat using any registered numbers whenever you want.

Overview of WhatsApp Plus 

WhatsApp Plus Privacy Features

So, we have discussed a few significant updates to the latest version. Let us now see a list of features that relate to privacy with this newest version. 

Here’s what is new. Now you can:

  • Hide your status and stay anonymous online
  • Read messages anonymously
  • Hide the status report that shows when you are typing a message
  • Record audio anonymously
  • Hide your visibility status when you listen to a voice note you received from someone
  • Disable the anti-revoke feature
  • Hide views from the 24-hours status

WhatsApp Plus Settings

  • In-built cleaner available
  • Offers sticker-making tools
  • More wallpaper options
  • More home screen widget options
  • Customizable notification bar settings
  • Downloadable status
  • Auto-reply to messages
  • Set video status to last 7 minutes 
  • Brand new theme settings
  • High-quality images

General Settings

  • Add more participants in group chats
  • Set your online status to DND (Do Not Disturb) mode
  • Customize features according to your needs
  • Advanced file-sharing options are available
  • Keep track of your activity and logs

Benefits of Using WhatsApp Plus 

We have seen what features WhatsApp Plus is famous for and what makes it a different option and a good alternative. According to many reviews online, the users who have tested this version did not switch back to the original version. Many of them are more than impressed with the customizable features.

WhatsApp Plus offers its users exciting features that make the app match your unique style. You might have noticed some people having different fonts and themes, but you cannot find the same option on your phone. This is an excellent reason to consider making the switch. 

All those new exciting and additional fonts, wallpapers, and theme types are available on WhatsApp Plus, and there’s more good news, you can use them for free.

There are no limitations on the improved app. From stickers to GIFs and emoticons, now you can express your feelings in a better way. So, let us look at a few significant and most liked features the app offers that you do not want to miss out on. 

Added Sticker Packs

If you are a sticker lover, we have great news for you. You do not need to go to the play store to get your stickers, as the new app has them all available in one place. You can spice up your chats with stylish sticker packs that you download right from the application. Moreover, there is no limit to the number of packages you can install.

Writing Status

We often decide to respond to someone and then change our minds, but the writing status shows you have already started typing the text. It gives you away. Also, during an argument or group chat, several people can see that the particular person is typing, and they become curious about what is coming next. Not only that, several people joke around, teasing people about their typing speed.

However, you do not have to worry about such a level of exposure anymore. With WhatsApp Plus, you can keep everything to yourself and forget who is watching. The application offers complete privacy to its users and fills the void that the original WhatsApp could not.

Recording Status

Whenever you proceed to record an audio message, the other person sees the ‘recording an audio’ message displayed. People often find it embarrassing and wish they could hide it somehow. However, do not stress as WhatsApp Plus has your back because no one sees your actions until you decide to send the message.

Online Status Visibility

One of the best features of WhatsApp Plus involves the status hiding part. Although the original WhatsApp version offered to turn off read receipts, the ‘online status’ was still annoying. So, with WhatsApp Plus now, you can choose to hide and use the application whenever you want without letting anyone know.

Automated Message Replies

Afraid you would miss wishing your friend a birthday at midnight? They would never know you were asleep while they received the message at the perfect timing. With WhatsApp Plus, you can schedule a message by setting it earlier and mentioning when you want it to get delivered. Go to the message scheduling option and schedule a birthday wish message.

Themes and Wallpapers

When it comes to personalization, nothing suits more than themes and wallpapers. The people who love pets have them as their wallpaper, and those who are all about themselves prefer using their pictures. No matter the category you fall in now, you can customize it according to your taste and many different styles.

In-Built Cleaner

Are you tired of the cache and keeping separate cleaners for clearing the useless GIFs and messages that people send. Well, the newest version of WhatsApp Plus does it all for you. The application comes with an in-built cleaner that you may use to clear all the stored texts and message information with a single tap.

DND Mode

Avoid unnecessary chats and calls when at work and build your focus. Several people feel annoyed getting to open the WhatsApp application to respond to essential chats or calls, but they encounter several group texts to answer. So, no more worrying in this regard when you can set your status to ‘Do Not Disturb mode’ with a single click.

High-Resolution Image Sharing

Since WhatsApp Plus offers more memory and storage options, you can also share high-quality images. The pixels would not seem distorted like in the original version, and the idea would be easily downloadable by anyone who receives it.

Drawbacks of Using WhatsApp Plus APK

WhatsApp, the original application, has conquered the world, and you would not find a single human who is not on WhatsApp. However, with fame come competitors. Several unofficial applications use WhatsApp messenger but with added features. Even though it is beneficial for people, the owner and developers do not want this; hence, they have banned all those phone numbers found using alternative apps.

Although we saw several advantages associated with WhatsApp Plus, there are a few drawbacks you should not ignore. After going through them, you can compare and make a decision according to your needs and choose if you would want to continue using it or not.

Slow Updates

Although the application has regular updates, you can not expect them to be fast. Also, you would have to check the APK store where you downloaded the app for new versions. If you find a new one available for installation, you would need to download it manually using the installation guide described below.

Third-Party Application

One of the significant disadvantages of being not officially available is it. Since the application is a complete package, users rarely need to switch to the original WhatsApp. Therefore, it is not available openly for installation from app stores.

However, another essential point to note here is using a temporary number for the WhatsApp Plus application. Since WhatsApp Plus is not legal and banned from the App store, try to stay on the safe side. So, in case it gets denied, you will not have much to lose.

Installation Guide of WhatsApp Plus MOD

The following section contains an installation guide you can follow if you are not already familiar with the manual installation process. Moreover, this would also prevent you from getting stuck. So, make sure you follow step by step without skipping any part.

Many people face issues when downloading from third-party sources, and since it is not an official WhatsApp version, you will need to install the APK file. Our devices usually have this feature disabled as default since unknown installations may harm the software. So, the first step is to toggle installation from unspecified services using settings.

After turning it on, you can now download all kinds of applications from third-party sources. So, choose the version of WhatsApp Plus you wish to install and click on the download button. That would initiate the APK file installation, and you can view it in your notifications bar.

Next, your mobile device would display a dialog box confirming whether you want to continue with the installation or not. Click install and allow the APK to download the application. After you finish doing so, you can navigate to your home screen, and a new icon similar to WhatsApp will now be visible. That is all, and there you have your WhatsApp Plus app with exciting features for you to enjoy.

However, if you already use a previous version or have GBWhatsApp installed on your phone, you need to uninstall them first. Usually, these applications may interfere with the installation process and prevent your phone from fully downloading applications. WhatsApp Plus has frequent updates every time with newer features. So, the next time you wish to update it, you need to repeat the same steps for the latest version.

Conclusion – WhatsApp Plus 

Whatsapp is undoubtedly the most used application for chatting and free calls these days as we rely on it entirely. The dependence is so much that we can hardly imagine a day without the Whatsapp Messenger app. However, the original application versions lack some tips and tricks, and we can find them in the Plus version. You can also download Instagram Plus Download.  

This new addition is getting popular every passing day, and more people have started installing the app. Therefore, our article guide contains all the information from the installation to what features it provides. Moreover, we have also mentioned the benefits and drawbacks of the current version in the market.

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