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Youtube Pink Download For Android [Latest Version 2022]

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Youtube Pink Download For Android [Latest Version 2022]

YouTube Pink apk

The Internet has provided us with countless opportunities to improve our lives. Therefore, we can access various websites and apps that offer multiple services.

With the previous version of YouTube Pink, you can use the app without the restrictions that come with the free version. Today, you will be able to watch any video without dealing with bothersome advertisements—all that through our YouTube Pink download link on this platform.

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About YouTube Pink APK


App Name  YouTube Pink 
Genre Video Player & Editor 
Version Latest 
Mod  Free 

Download Now


In addition to the helpful and entertaining apps, we can access on our phones, there are many other websites and programs. We may access movies, games, apps, websites, and many other media with an internet connection. So, here comes the fantastic YouTube Pink app. 

YouTube Pink is a free app that gives you access to your favorite videos and music. The app is designed to be a gateway for the young generation to enjoy their favorite content. 

You can share what you like on Facebook, Twitter, or WhatsApp, which will be added immediately. If a friend sings along with one of the songs or favorite videos and you want to share it with them, you can do so easily by just dragging them over to YouTube Pink, which will give you the option of sharing.

Are you annoyed by the frequent ads that YouTube inserts into your videos? If so, then get YouTube Pink download from this platform today. This app is designed to replace annoying ads with enjoyable content.

No more waiting for videos to load. This app removes all advertisements, so you won’t have to wait seconds or minutes to watch videos. You can use the dark mode and choose a different theme than the default one.

New Interface

Discover what people worldwide are watching, including music, videos, entertainment, news, and the most famous music video trends in over 50 countries. Transmit the channels you love and share them with family and friends; watch these on every device.

With the brand new interface, you can search for your top videos more easily and quickly. Just swipe or tap an icon and switch to suggested movies, your subscriber, and your account. 

You can join your most-loved channels, make playlists or playlists, edit and upload videos, express yourself with sharing or comments, display videos on your TV, and more. Android is available for download at a low cost and has reached many people.

YouTube is a great place to watch videos, but like any other app, it has limitations. You can change the size and color of the app, which will make playing videos much more fun but not when some users want to watch videos in black and white.

Features Of YouTube Pink APK

Video Can Be Played In The Background

When you first get the program, the least complex and well-known way to utilize it is to play recordings behind the scenes. You can still hear your game or application from television shows to radio broadcasts and on YouTube. You won’t be capable of doing this through any regular YouTube application.

The ability to record audio while using another application or music player is now available on your mobile phone. You can now use and partake in this component by playing recordings behind the scenes and switching to another program.

Pink Theme

Young ladies can now utilize their YouTube application in pink, which is fascinating to watch. The pink subject of this application is one of the most intriguing things that has drawn in the clients. You will cherish this tone and have loads of tomfoolery utilizing this excellent bright youtube.

Casting With Television

Pink YouTube lets you visit any YouTube video and tumble over links, pictures, and other information. You can send off your Pink YouTube application on a smart TV to watch comparative YouTube recordings on the big screen. 

Watching the entire film on the telephone screen isn’t fun, so the TV can give you a choice to watch comparative recordings in large mode. For this reason, Pink YouTube is viewed as a genuine and valuable application for web-based video.

There Are No Regional Restrictions

You can now watch all recordings in your frame of mind and enjoy them everywhere you go. Except if you are from a particular country, territorial authorizations will apply. 

You will never again dislike YouTube Pink. You can watch recordings from different nations that were recently hindered because they couldn’t be played in your space.


The advantages you are searching for are among the best comparative recordings to be found by you. Ideas that circle a particular subject and theme will be on your rundown of suggestions. For example, if you like watching comedy films, your rundown of recommendations will show recordings with extreme comedy thoughts and subjects.

The Website Theme

The website is pink. The entire subject of the application will be in pink. There are warnings, search bars, and suggestions shown in pink color. 

It is designed with a user-friendly interface where people can read and understand the information on the web using their voice and imagination. The help button at the top right side of the screen shows how to use this application.

This application is called Pink YouTube after the toned look that it has. The pink is alluring, so women love it. This tone will not irritate you in any way whatsoever.

Whatever you decide, remember that you don’t have to watch the video and utilize just the pink application. You can switch to an alternate topic depending upon your requirements.

Dark Mode

You can easily change the dull topic of the application whenever in the app settings. You can empower the dim method of the application whenever in the application settings.

Background Mode

When watching a video, you can use one more application while it plays. Similarly, as with different adaptations of YouTube, this feature allows the video to step by step quit playing when you change to another application.

Youtube Pink APK is one added thing to your videos that can make your YouTube experience much more fun and entertaining. The YouTube Pink APK will not only give you the ability to do split-screen viewing, but it also adds another dimension of fun to this age-old basic feature.

The video screen won’t ever stop. Regardless of which video application you use, your video will never be interrupted or delayed.

The Brightness Of The Screen

The screen’s brightness can influence you and your eyes, and changing the brilliant warning region is difficult. However, you can control the brilliance of your playback video by simply sliding the video screen. You can adjust brightness at any point you need.

Full Media Experience

The standard YouTube application does not give you the full media experience. Like other media player applications, you cannot control volume and brilliance straight from the screen.

The Pink YouTube APK has the option to limit the application while the video is playing. With this feature, you will not have the option to eliminate promotions or play recordings, but this choice has been included in a user-friendly parent application. You can use them for education, entertainment, and other things.

Additional Features

Get the best video-watching experience with these new features in the YouTube for Android application: you can replay it on the video (not available in the standard YouTube application). A dark theme has been developed. 

YouTube Pink plays videos in pip mode (you can now watch videos while chatting with someone or using another application, etc.). Slider setting to adjust the brightness of the video screen.”

YouTube Pink can be used to watch limited recordings. It will eliminate all promotions from YouTube recordings, so you do not need to bother about any promotion campaigns with ads or anything else. This YouTube Pink APK is taken from the YouTube Wensed app, which a similar designer created.


  • Get YouTube Pink download link for free to play offline on your Android devices 
  • You will have entrance to the game archives for most performances and may share them as required 
  • Unlike the Google Play Store, downloading is quick 
  • You don’t have to wait for the support process and so forth 


  • Even if your apps are downloaded from third-party sources, they may not always be verified by Google.
  • Because you don’t always have access to the Google Play Store, you should install updates when they are available

YouTube Pink Without Limits

The Internet is exploding with awesome new projects you can now take advantage of without paying. With the web and these applications, it is simple to access the latest music, videos, and amazing visuals. 

One of the most well-known applications is YouTube, which allows you to share different videos with your friends and family. But like many other applications, YouTube has this policy where you cannot download a video from the site unless it is from the creator.

You can break each cutoff on YouTube’s video site when downloading this application. We will look at the ideal YouTube experience that each client should have now. One of the most eminent components here is the non-existent publicizing.

New Features

  • An improved version of the app for your mobile device. 
  • It is a beautiful, simple, and user-friendly UI. 
  • The design makes it easy to find what you are looking for on the platform.

Suppose you like downloading and installing YouTube Pink APK on your Android device, download from here fast. 

The latest version of the YouTube APK is the best video search engine that can help you search for your favorite videos, movies, music, and much more stuff from around the world. It has many features, making it handy and easy to use on YouTube.

YouTube Pink APK is a great application you will love. It has incredible features you will not find in any other app. You can seamlessly run YouTube Pink APK on your Android phone and enjoy the video media on this free app. 

To install and run this application, you must have free storage space available on the device. Moreover, users can get convenient access to APK by clicking the ‘Download’ button mentioned on this page.

Now you can easily download YouTube Pink APK on your Android device. You just need to follow the link below, download the APK file and install this app on your mobile phone. But before that, configure some settings in your mobile device, as mentioned.

How To Download And Install Youtube Pink APK On Android Devices?

Click Here

The Youtube Pink APK is a free and unlimited app for Android devices. It is also ad-free and has an extensive collection of YouTube videos that you can enjoy for free. As soon as the ‘Download’ button is clicked, the YouTube Pink download will automatically start and be on your device once it is done. 

Accept Unknown Sources

Third-party apps installed through App Installer and other unknown source apps must be activated to work. Follow these steps to enable third-party apps. Select Attitude, Security, and then find Unknown sources after enabling Unknown Sources.

Click On Install

Installing YouTube Pink is as easy as downloading the mobile application. Click on the APK file on your Android smartphone and follow the simple steps below.

You Can Start Using It Immediately

Once all the downloads and installations have been finished, click on ‘Open’ to open the screen on your phone. Your application should open up on your phone. Use the application after it has been seated.

How Do I Install An APK From Unknown Sources?

You should go to Security & privacy > More settings. Click on it, then install apps from external sources.

On Android Devices

  • Go to your phone’s Settings, Biometrics and Security, and Install unknown apps.
  • Choose the web browser you wish to use to download APK files, and the Toggle Allow app installs ON.

This is one of the few web apps that provide the user with a fast and simple browsing experience. In addition, the app offers many features not found in other apps. It has a responsive UI with easy-to-use navigation, as well as easily accessible buttons located on its toolbar.

YouTube Pink APK is an app that provides many features to access YouTube. It features a live preview of videos, a search bar, and a clean interface. 

The app will not be available to download from the Google Play Store since it does not follow Google’s guidelines. Use the link below to get the YouTube Pink download and install it on your phone.

Additional Feature

You may add an infinite amount of in-app or game cash (for games), and you have access to more support choices. Unlock all the features and functionalities you wish to utilize.

Compared to other apps, Twisted apps are characterized by their diminutive size and numerous features. You won’t have to deal with ads or promotions popping up while playing online games.

However, there are many apps available to Internet users, but this one stands out because of its unique features. For example, its response time compares favorably to other web apps.

Additionally, it has been made incredibly user-friendly with straightforward navigation features and buttons that are simple to reach, making it simple for people to learn how to use and operate the app.

YouTube Pink Safety

We only offer APK files that are safe, improved, and compatible with your Android version. Our engineers test every single app before uploading it to our website. The latest tests have proven that this APK file is safe for installation. 

You can download it over the Internet if you have a rooted Android device or an original Android phone that has been updated already after installing previous versions of APK files from other websites.

Youtube Pink APK is a lightweight and safe app to download. Our anti-malware engine scanned the application and found no viruses that may harm your device. Several antivirus solutions are available, including AVG and Clam Antivirus, among others.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is An APK File?

APK files are typically used to install the Android application for smartphones, tablets, and wearables. The APK attachment is used for the Android package kit, and the file format is used to install the Android application. If you want to install an APK, you must manually download and run a file.

Where Can I Find APK Files On Android?

If you want to discover APK files on your android phone, you can locate the APK in the / data/application directory under the user-installed app. At the same time, pre-installed files are in the system/application folder using the ES File Manager application. This is a very intuitive and efficient way to manage files and folders from the phone.

How Can I Locate APK Files That Are Hidden On My Android Phone?

To consider hidden files on your child’s Android device, you should go to the My Documents folder, then the storage folder you can review – either the SD card or the device storage. In the Google Folder’s top right corner, click once to reveal the “More” link, and a prompt will appear. You can then check to see if there are any hidden files.

How Much Does The Youtube Pink APK App Cost?

The app is free, with no subscription fees. Users don’t need to sign up ahead of time. Once they download the app and open it, they will get immediate access to all the features and content in the app, including movies, TV shows, series, live sports, and some music videos.

Can I Update Youtube Pink APK On My Phone?

Since a third party develops YouTube Pink APK, it is not possible to automatically update the app. You must manually update the app by pulling the old version and installing the latest version.

Does YoutTube Pink APK Work Perfectly? 

This application is designed to provide a very smooth and easy browsing experience. However, sometimes you may encounter server downtime errors, lags, and buffering issues. If the solution doesn’t work, you may have alternative apps installed.

Is Youtube Pink APK HD Safe To Use?

Note that this APK is 100% safe to download and use. Our anti-virus software tools have detected no malicious or dangerous elements in it, so there is no way for the users to get harmed by downloading and using it.

How Risky Is It To Use This App?

We don’t believe that this app will have any legal issues. We will notify you if there is a risk associated with this application. Most apps have legal issues, so it is best to avoid them.


Well, this is the very end of this article, and we hope we have provided all the necessary information about this fantastic app. 

If you are looking for a YouTube Pink download app link that allows you to use dark themes, use the option on this platform. It gives you control over the video’s brightness and even lets you play videos on repeat or speed them up. The app plays nicely with other media apps, too, and does quick work of downloading videos from the web.

This is the latest version of YouTube Pink, where there will be no restrictions or advertising. The application can be used by smartphone version 4.4 or higher users. 

We hope this review will help you. Enjoy!

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