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YoWhatsApp APK V 19.60.1 Download (Official) Latest Version In Android [2022]

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YoWhatsApp APK V 19.60.1 Download (Official) Latest Version In Android [2022]


Today, you do not need to use an application with limited features in the era of advanced technology. You can always opt for better and improved versions of the applications that provide extra features to enhance productivity. Such modified versions are usually time-saving and more efficient.

However, the problem is that there are many versions of a single application, and some of them are scams. You cannot be sure about the authenticity of an application without experiencing it firsthand, but it involves considerable risk. So, if you are wondering about the credibility of YoWhatsApp, we are going to help you with that.

YoWhatsApp was created by an intelligent developer named Yousaf al Badsha. He understood the need for some essential features in WhatsApp and created his version by combining the best features. These features help increase productivity and save a user’s time, making it fun at the same time.

Since the developer was new, there were a few shortcomings in YoWhatsApp, but with the updated versions, those issues have been resolved. The latest version is free from viruses, bugs, and crashes.

Let’s begin with our review of YoWhatsApp to see whether or not it is worth downloading.

YoWhatsApp APK Information

Details YoWhatsApp
Version 19.60.1
Developer YoWa
Size 53 MB
Type WhatsApp Mods
Updated Version Recently

YoWhatsApp Better Than Official WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a user-friendly social media application that helps you keep in touch with friends and family. It provides all the basic features that you need in a messaging application like it allows you to share pictures, videos, locations, documents, and even make a call. WhatsApp is an excellent application for connecting people, but some features are still missing.

Those extra features are a part of YoWhatsApp, making it one of the best-modded versions of WhatsApp. These features are exciting, so YoWhatsApp surpasses the official WhatsApp application. To better understand YoWhatsApp, you should download it and see how different it is from the official WhatsApp application.

You will be delighted to see the number of extra features YoWhatsApp provides to improve its user’s chatting experience.

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Features of YoWhatsApp APK

YoWhatsApp has many different features compared with the official WhatsApp application. The extra features of YoWhatsApp persuade WhatsApp users to download this modded version to have a better user experience. After thorough research, we have shortlisted the list of additional features that make YoWhatsApp a great choice for everyone.

Here is an overview of all the features that YoWhatsApp provides. Also, if you like it download Whatsapp Plus from here:

Privacy Control

The most critical factor that bugged the YoWhatsApp creator was the lack of privacy control in the official WhatsApp application. He thought that the users needed extra protection and privacy from other people to keep their life secret and data secured. Some people might not feel uncomfortable when their lives are overshared and do not care about privacy.

However, many people want to keep their life secure and private without letting anyone sneak out into their personal affairs. For such people, YoWhatsApp is an excellent option that allows them to control their privacy and information. It provides complete control of privacy to the users that they can pick and choose according to their preferences. Let’s discuss some of the privacy features of YoWhatsApp.

Control Last Seen

If you are uncomfortable sharing your last seen with your contacts and want to hide it, YoWhatsApp is your solution. Some of your contacts might act nosy and keep an eye on your last seen, and this can be an alarming situation for your privacy. So, YoWhatsApp came up with a solution by giving you complete control of your last seen.

It allows you to control your last seen and secure your privacy from other users. You decide whether or not you are comfortable sharing your last seen with your contacts. So by activating the last seen option, you can enjoy enhanced privacy, and nobody can judge your WhatsApp activity.

Who Can Call Me?

Are you afraid of getting unnecessary phone calls from random people? YoWhatsApp provides a feature that allows you to control incoming calls. You can select a few people to get their calls and disable others.

The feature is super simple to set up. All you have to do is choose the friends or family you want to hear from. It will limit your incoming calls and only allow those you choose. However, you should avoid using this feature unnecessarily because you might miss out on emergency calls. Turn on this feature during your leisure hour and enjoy quiet private time.

Hide View Status

If you want to view a status while keeping the other person unaware, YoWhatsApp also provides a solution. You can view the status by enabling the hide view status, but your friend won’t know that you have seen their status. Your name would not appear in his “Status View” tab. Otherwise, your name will be shown, and your friend will know that you have seen their status update.

Anti-Delete Messages

The official WhatsApp application allows users to delete a message after sending it. When this sneaky feature is used, it builds a lot of curiosity in the receiver’s mind. Such users often become impatient and want to know the contents of the deleted message. 

Unfortunately, with the official version of WhatsApp, it is not possible to retrieve such deleted messages. Hence, YoWhatsApp came up with a solution for their anti-delete messages feature. When you enable the anti-delete message feature, you can still view the message that your sender has deleted after sending it.

Anti-Delete Status

Whatsapp also allows its users to delete their status if they change their mind after uploading it. If you do not want to miss out on your friend’s statuses even if they delete them, download YoWhatsApp. The anti-delete status feature of YoWhatsApp allows you to view your friend’s status even after he deletes it.


YoWhatsApp is an anti-ban app which means there is no risk of getting your WhatsApp account banned. Your account can get banned on the official app if you perform any illegal activity. Luckily, in YoWhatsApp, you can enjoy using the application however you want without being worried about getting banned.

Show Blue Ticks After Reply

Sometimes you read a message but forget to reply due to your busy schedule. It might make your friends angry that you did not reply even after reading the message. To save yourself from such situations, you should use the “Show blue ticks after reply” feature. You will be able to read the message without showing a blue tick to your friend. The blue tick will appear once you reply to your friend. This will save you from accusations that you did not want to reply to while also keeping your friend happy.


WhatsApp allows basic customization features to its users. You can use these features or opt for YoWhatsApp to get a few more customization options. There are several customization options in YoWhatsApp that you do not get in the original WhatsApp. These include:

Your Theme Store

If you are fed up with the boring outlook of regular WhatsApp, YoWhatsApp provides a theme store with up to 4000 themes. The regular WhatsApp application does not allow a wide theme option, which disadvantages people who easily get bored. When you want to change the look of your WhatsApp, download YoWhatsApp and get thousands of theme options.

You can select the theme of your choice and mood from the store and use it for a better user experience. Since there are so many options, you can change your app theme several times a day.

Customize Home and Conversation Screen

For anyone fussy about setting up his home and conversation screens, YoWhatsApp is an excellent choice for him. Here, you can customize the settings according to your likes and dislikes and have an amazing experience. The application allows you to customize every aspect according to your mood. It is a lifesaving feature for people who find it difficult to adjust to the generic settings of an application.


YoWhatsApp is available in more than a hundred languages, an impressive number of languages. Since the application is used worldwide, it was necessary to have as many languages in it as possible. The creators played smartly and added many languages to the application to reach and cater to a broader audience. So, you will find almost all the common languages in the app. You can choose the language according to your preference.

Universal Mods

YoWhatsApp is an all-rounder that provides limitless features. Here are some more features that it provides:

Conversation Cards

Life becomes easy when you can find a specific chat from recent tabs. The recent memory feature needs a compatible device of Android 5.0 to function. It is an important feature for people who use this app for business, and they need to keep track of various chats simultaneously. YoWhatsApp is truly lifting the bar high for the official WhatsApp application. If you have to find specific chats throughout the day, YoWhatsApp is an excellent solution.

Closing the Screen by Swiping Left or Right

YoWhatsApp focuses on making the application as easy for the users as possible. You can close a conversation by swiping left or right. Even if it appears to be a small feature, it still plays an important role in saving your time and enhancing your experience. You will be much more comfortable while closing the screen with a single swipe. Once you experience this feature, you will understand its true value. So, download YoWhatsApp and check this feature out. 

Enable or Disable Message Counter Badge

Notifications can be irritating sometimes. When receiving several messages simultaneously, you have to move the notifications away every time to clear your screen. If you get tired of repeatedly closing the message counter badge for each notification, download YoWhatsApp and enable or disable the message counter badge according to your preference and mood.

Disable Audio Playing Notifications

If you find audio play notifications annoying, you can control them through YoWhatsApp. You can disable audio playing notifications by selecting the settings’ disable mode.

Home Screen Mods

For some people, it is extremely important to have a personal touch on each application. They want everything customized according to their likes and are always on the hunt to find tools that help with the customization of apps. YoWhatsApp is the answer to their prayers, as it provides several tools for enhanced customization of the app. Each individual using the app can change it according to their mood.

Set Your Name on App Home Screen

To have a personal touch on your WhatsApp application, you can download YoWhatsApp and change the name of your WhatsApp. You can keep the name of your application as you like. Moreover, you can also customize the text size. This is a fun feature if you are creative and love making your own designs.

Change Text Size of Home Screen

Through the settings, you can change the text size of YoWhatsApp according to your choice. You may also hide the grey line chat divider that divides all chats. This feature is not available in official WhatsApp, but you can use YoWhatsApp to enjoy it. If your eyesight is weaker than normal and you are unable to see the messages clearly, just go to settings and increase the text size and read the messages without wearing glasses.

Hide Chat Divider

The chat divider is a line that appears between two of your chats. You can hide this divider if it bothers you and irritates you. The hide chat divider allows you to hide it and merge all your chats. Even though it is a minute feature, it can be quite important for detail-oriented people. So, if you are one of them, use YoWhatsApp to customize your application.

Contact Online Notification

Do you want to send a special message to someone but only when they are online? You have to keep their chat open to see their online status using the official WhatsApp application. But through YoWhatsApp, you can get a notification whenever that special someone comes online. You will receive the notification instantly so that you do not miss a chance to chat with them instantly.

Conversation Screen Mods

The list of YoWhatsApp’s features does not end here; there is still a long way to go. YoWhatsApp also allows you to customize the conversation screen settings. You can decide the settings according to your mood or the person you are chatting with. Such a level of customization is not possible in the official WhatsApp application. Hence, if you want to have full control over your WhatsApp settings, download YoWhatsApp and enjoy the new experience of chatting.

Here is a detailed overview of the conversation screen customization options of YoWhatsApp.

Custom Wallpaper Per Contact

The official WhatsApp application allows you to have a wallpaper of your choice similar for each chat which gets quite irritating sometimes. With YoWhatsApp, you can set different wallpapers for each chat. Since the same wallpaper for every chat can become boring, YoWhatsApp provides an exceptional feature that official WhatsApp lacks. Set a different type of wallpaper for your different types of friends and enjoy chatting.

Hide Contact Profile Picture

If you do not want to see profile pictures of your contacts, YoWhatsApp provides a feature that you can use. You can activate the “hide contact profile picture” feature to stop seeing other people’s profile pictures.

Hide Contact Name and Call Button

YoWhatsApp provides another feature named “Hide contact name and call button,” allowing you to have complete control over the things you want to see. You can activate this feature if you talk to someone but do not want to see his name and call button.

Hide Date and Time of Copy Messages

In the official WhatsApp application, it gets copied along with the date and time when you copy a message. It is super frustrating because it tells the other person that you have copied a message. Whereas YoWhatsApp has given you its solution, you can hide the date and time of the copied message.

Other Features

Send Images in Full Resolution

The biggest drawback of WhatsApp is that it ruins the image quality when you send images to other devices. YoWhatsApp took care of this problem and allowed its users to adjust the picture resolution. So, you can see images in your desired resolution by increasing or decreasing them. You do not need to worry about picture quality once you send it to anyone.

Send More Than 10 Images

The official WhatsApp application previously did not allow you to send more than ten images at a time. On the other hand, YoWhatsApp gives full freedom to the users and provides them an opportunity to send as many pictures as possible. However, it is now possible to send more than ten images in an official application.

Send Videos Up to 700 MB

YoWhatsApp allows its users to send large and high-quality videos of up to 700 MB. It was not possible previously on any social media app, but now with YoWhatsApp, you can send any high-quality video (up to 700 MB) to anyone.

Whatsapp Locker

You also get an in-built WhatsApp locker that you can use to secure your app. Even if someone uses your phone, they will not be able to open WhatsApp. There will be a lock password, fingerprint, or pattern lock to open your app. So, now your message record is safer than ever before.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What is YoWhatsApp?

YoWhatsApp is a modified version of the WhatsApp application that provides several additional features missing in the original app. Using this app, you can customize WhatsApp according to your preference.

In addition to customizations, YoWhatsApp also provides some extra features that help save time and enhance user experience. The basic features are exactly similar to the original WhatsApp. YoWhatsApp is compatible with Android devices, and anyone can download it easily.

Q: Is YoWhatsApp safe for download?

Yes, YoWhatsApp is safe for download. Initially, it had several bugs and issues that required immediate attention. The creators finally heard the users and came up with the latest version of the app, which is now free from viruses and bugs. The new version is completely safe for downloading on your mobile phone. Now you can trust the company and download it without any worry.

Q: How to update YoWhatsApp?

You can safely download YoWhatsApp from online platforms since it is not available on the Play Store. The company releases updates to this app regularly to ensure that it is free from any bugs. To download the updated version of YoWhatsApp, you should delete the older version and re-download it from the same websites.


Despite being one of the most popular messaging apps, WhatsApp still lacks some of the most important features. There is room for additional features that would enhance the user experience. Several modded versions of WhatsApp are available on the online market to fill that gap.

All modded versions are not up to the mark as some of them might be scams or frauds. YoWhatsApp is one such version, but it is certainly not a scam. YoWhatsApp is truly amazing and provides beneficial features among all the other WhatsApp apps.

It is an excellent application that offers many additional benefits that the original WhatsApp app lacks. These features improve the user experience and save the user time. The user gets to decide the theme, color, size of the text, backgrounds, and several other features according to the preference.

If you want to experience the extra features of WhatsApp, then YoWhatsApp is a great fit for you. It is a legit application that you can download for a customizable WhatsApp application. We recommend you try this application out and share your reviews with us. We would love to hear whether you prefer YoWhatsApp over official WhatsApp.

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